5 Player Soccer Drills (Solo and Team Play)

If you’ve got five players and need some soccer drills, you’re in the right place! Here’s a mix of drills that you can do together. Some example images have a different number of players, but you just use 5.

I’ve added a couple of extra drills at the end of the page where you can select one person to go in goal and then change goalkeeper each round. Have fun!

Five Soccer Players
Five Soccer Players ○ Soccer Blade

5 Player Soccer Drills

Musical Balls: Soccer Drill

  • Age Range: 4-6
  • Length of Session: 10 mins 
  • Number of Players: any
  • Skills to Learn: awareness, speed, coordination 
  • Equipment: balls and cones 
  • Description: The number of balls decreases by one each round

Drill Set-up:

  • Create a large square based on the number of players you have. 
  • Give each player a ball.
  • Optional: set up a small side activity for kids to do once they are out of musical balls. 
Musical Balls Soccer Drill Soccerblade.com
Musical Balls Soccer Drill Soccerblade.com

Drill Instructions:

  1. Give each player a ball at first. 
  2. Instruct players to dribble around the area using different techniques. 
  3. When you stop playing music or blow your whistle, each kid must leave their ball and find a new one. 
  4. Take away one ball. 
  5. Repeat the steps, this time one player won’t have a ball in the end. 
  6. The player without a ball must perform a simple action, like 5 jumping jacks, or they are out. 
  7. You can repeat the activity this way or take away one more ball each time the same way you would with musical chairs. 

Hungry Hippos: Soccer Drill

  • Age Range: 4-6
  • Length of Session: 10 mins 
  • Number of Players: up to 20
  • Skills to Learn: dribbling at speed, keeping head up
  • Equipment: a lot of soccer balls, pinnies, and small goals are optional 
  • Description: Two teams compete to see who can bring the most balls back to their area. 

Drill Set-up: 

  • Split the kids into two even teams. 
  • Give each team pinnies to distinguish. 
  • Create a large rectangle with a small zone on each end. 
  • Place all of the balls in the center of the space. 
Hungry Hippos Soccer Drill Soccerblade.com
Hungry Hippos Soccer Drill Soccerblade.com ○ Soccer Blade

Drill Instructions:

  1. Place each team at either end of the rectangle. 
  2. Each team can send one player at a time to go retrieve a ball and dribble it back. 
  3. Optional: add a mini goal. The player must shoot the ball into the small goal to earn it for their team. 
  4. If a player goes out of bounds, they must put the ball back in the middle and go back to their team for a new player to go.
  5. Perform as a race until all the balls are gone. 

Dribble Through Gates: Soccer Drill

  • Age Range: 4-8
  • Length of Session: 10 mins
  • Number of Players:  3-10
  • Skills to Learn: Ball control, keeping the head up while dribbling
  • Equipment: enough balls for each player and cones

Description; Randomly place gates that are approximately 3 meters wide. Kids will aim to dribble through each gate once or as many gates as possible in the set time. 

Drill Set-up:

  • Set up a large area around 30 meters by 30 meters (use a larger space for more kids)
  • Randomly set up 6-10 3m wide gates using cones
  • Give each kid a ball. 
Dribble Through Gates Soccer Drill Soccerblade.com
Dribble Through Gates Soccer Drill Soccerblade.com

Drill Instructions:

  1. Kids 4-6 can have more gates and larger gates to minimize collisions. 
  2. Give kids a set time and goal. For example, you can see who can get through the most gates in 60 seconds, or who can get through every gate first. 
  3. Make the drill more challenging for older players with restrictions, like right or left foot only. You could also require older kids to complete a move before dribbling through the gate. 

Freeze Tag: Soccer Drill

  • Age Range: 6-10
  • Length of Session: 10 mins
  • Number of Players: 6+
  • Skills to Learn: dribbling, keeping head up, ball control
  • Equipment: ball for each player, cones, pinnies

Description: One or two taggers try to tag the players dribbling around with the ball. Once tagged, a player is frozen until another player passes the ball between their legs to unfreeze them.

Drill Set-up:

  • Create a large square roughly 30 m X 30 m. Adjust the size based on the number of players. 
  • Put all players in the square. 
  • Select 1-3 taggers (depending on the size of the group).
  • Give the taggers a pinny to differentiate them. 
  • Give all non-taggers a ball. 
Freeze Tag Soccer Drill
Freeze Tag Soccer Drill

Drill Instructions:

  1. When you say go, the taggers will run around trying to tag those who are dribbling. 
  2. If a player is tagged, they “freeze.” The frozen player stands with their feet a bit wider than shoulder-width apart. They should raise their ball above their head. 
  3. A teammate can “unfreeze” a player by passing their ball between that player’s legs. 
  4. Once unfrozen, the player puts the ball down and begins dribbling again. 
  5. Play until the taggers freeze everyone, or for up to 2 minutes. 
  6. Switch taggers each round. 
  7. For younger kids, you can start without the ball as a warmup. 
  8. Older, more advanced kids, require the tagger to steal the ball instead of just tag. 

Knock Out: Soccer Drill

  • Age Range: 7-10
  • Length of Session: 10-15 mins 
  • Number of Players: 10-12
  • Skills to Learn: dribbling, keeping head up, defending, decision making 
  • Equipment: cones and a ball for each player 

Description: Players all dribble around the space while trying to knock out the others’ balls. See who the last one standing is. 

Drill Set-up:

  • Create a large circle with cones. 
  • Give each player a ball inside the circle. 
  • Make multiple games if you have a large team. 
Knock Out Soccer Drill
Knock Out Soccer Drill

Drill Instructions:

  • Each player needs a ball inside the circle. 
  • Players must dribble around while trying to kick other players’ balls out of the circle. 
  • If your ball gets kicked out, you must do some small action to get back in (2 jiggles, 10 toe taps, etc).
  • When the knock-out round begins, there’s no re-entry. Players who are knocked out should work on a skill you provide while watching. 
  • As the number of players decreases, use the players who are out to block areas of the circle to shrink the space.
  • To increase difficulty, shrink the size of the circle or add specific dribbling challenges within the game. 

4 vs 1 possession circles: Soccer Drill

Drill Outline

  • Drill Name: 4 vs 1 possession circles
  • Session Length: 5 minutes
  • Age Group: All age groups
  • Number of players: 5-10 starting outfield players 
  • Skills learned: first touch, 1-touch passing, movement, interceptions
  • Equipment: multiple balls

Drill Setup

  • Divide the outfield 10 into 2 even groups. 
  • Designate 1 player in each group to begin as a defender (D1 & D2).
  • The 4 outfield players in each group form separate tight circles around the defenders. Ensure the distance between players is no more than 5 yards at all times. 
  • Each outfield group begins with 1 ball.
4 Vs 1 Possession Circles
4 Vs 1 Possession Circles

Drill Instructions

  • On the coach’s signal, the outfield players attempt to keep possession.
  • The defender’s press, tackle and attempt to intercept the ball.
  • When an outfield player loses possession, they switch roles with the defender. 
  • The coach should stand next to both circles with more balls, introducing them if the ball’s active balls stray from a circle. This keeps the intensity high and the games active. 
  • After 2 minutes, take a short rest. 
  • Restructure the groups then repeat the drill for another 2 minutes.
  • The main focus of this drill is to practice first-time, and sharp passes in tight spaces.

Drill Variations

  • Increase or reduce the size of the circle to practice passing within different distances.
  • Combine all players and play 8 vs 2 in a larger circle. 

2 v 2 Gate Games: Soccer Drill

Drill Outline

  • Drill Name: 2 v 2 Gate Games
  • Session Length: 10 minutes
  • Age Group: 10+
  • Number of players: 4 (minimum)
  • Skills learned: Passing, dribbling, finishing, tackling, defensive positioning 
  • Equipment: 8 cones, 1 ball(minimum), 2 mini goal

Drill Setup

  • Create a 15-yard square grid. 
  • Create 2-yard gates using cones in each corner.
  • Set up a mini goal between the 2 gates at one end, around 3 yards ahead of the end line.
  • Divide the team into pairs. Instruct half the pairs to line up behind one end, and a half to line up behind the other. 
  • P1 and P2 begin centrally behind the end line with the ball. 
  • P3 and P4 begin centrally behind the opposite end line.
2 V 2 Gate Games
2 V 2 Gate Games

Drill Instructions

  1. On the coach’s signal, the game is live. 
  2. P1 dribbles the ball through a gate to enter the field. P2 runs through the other gate. 
  3. P3 and P4 enter the field by running through both their gates. 
  4. P1 and P2 then try to score, while P3 and P4 defend their goal. 
  5. The attackers have a single opportunity to score. 
  6. The round is over when the attackers shoot, the defenders win the ball, or the ball goes out of play. 
  7. Repeat the drill for 5 rounds, then the attackers and defenders switch roles. 
  8. If there are multiple pairs, set up identical grids or rotate the pairs occasionally.

Drill Variations

  • Set a scoring time limit.
  • Create a minimum passes rule, forcing players to make a certain number of passes before they can shoot. 
  • Create competition by counting the number of goals each team scores. 

1 v 1 Relay: Soccer Drill

Drill Outline

  • Drill Name: 1 v 1 Relay
  • Session Length: 10 minutes
  • Age Group: All age groups
  • Number of players: 2+
  • Skills learned: Movement, quick feet, dribbling, tackling, blocking, finishing
  • Equipment: 6 cones, 1 ball, 1 goal, 8 agility poles

Drill Setup

  • Use the penalty box and the surrounding area for this drill. 
  • Place a cone, 5 to 10 yards from the corner of the penalty box toward the sideline. This indicates the starting position.
  • Place 4 agility poles 5 yards from the cone toward the end line in a weave formation. 
  • Place another cone 5 yards from the end of the weave. 
  • Position 1 more cone in line with the first cone and the edge of the penalty box. 
  • Set up an identical drill on the opposite side of the field. 
  • Place 1 in the center of the edge of the penalty box. 
  • P1 and P2 stand at the starting cones on either side of the field. 
1 V 1 Relay
1 V 1 Relay

Drill Instructions

  1. On the coach’s signal, P1 and P2 sprint to, then through the agility pole weave, moving laterally outside each pole. 
  2. After completing the weave, they spring too, then around the cone near the end line before sprinting toward the final cone next to the starting point. 
  3. After rounding the final cone, both players race to win possession of the ball. 
  4. The player who gets the ball first is the attacker, making the other player the defender. 
  5. From here, they compete in a 1 v 1, with the attacker trying to score. 
  6. If you have a goalkeeper, use a full-size goal. If not, set up a small goal or create a shooting gate using cones. 
  7. Players are awarded 2 points for a goal and 1 point for dispossessing or blocking their opponent. A foul results in a 1 point deduction. 
  8. No points are awarded to either player for a miss.
  9. Repeat the drill until 1 player reaches 5 points. 

Drill Variations

  • Get creative with the agility course by adding more obstacles or sections. 
  • If you want to focus on player conditioning, consider increasing the winning points tally to 10. 
  • To add a fun twist, award point for nutmegs (kicking the ball through the defender’s legs).
  • If 1 player consistently passes through the grid faster than the other, consider lengthening their route to create a more even contest. 

Soccer Blade has more than 100 drills – for more go to our soccer drills page. If you need equipment for your soccer drills, check out our soccer equipment page.

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