Soccer Shin Guards

Protect yourself from those mistimed tackles and challenges with good shin guards. Pick the right ones that are happy with and feel comfortable under your socks. A good pair of shin guards can last many years.

Slip-on Guards

soccer shin guards - slip on

Adidas Pro shin guards are top quality and they look cool. Compact and light, these guards feel comfortable and fit nicely around the shin

Awesome design with a choice of colors, you’ll be ready to tackle without any fear of getting injured.

They are flexible with lines on the molding – this also helps the shins breath and reduces sweat.

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Shin Guards + Ankle Protection

soccer shin guards with ankle protection

My favorite shin guards are Nike Charge. Maybe it was my ankles, but I prefer guards that support the ankles. After a number of ankle sprains, I always felt more comfortable wearing these.

There is extra protection with padding on the ankle bone. The guards themselves rap around the shin and cover a good area without being restricted.

The other bonus to this shin guard is the strap that goes underneath the foot – this keeps the guard in place and you rarely have to adjust them – unlike the slip-on ones.

Have a look at all of the cool designs over at Amazon.

Related Questions

Can sin guards be put in the washer?

Put the shin guards in a tight netting bag and keep to a low temperature of 30-40.

Do soccer shin guards go over socks?

Socks are there to support the shin guards, so you should always wear soccer socks.

How do you keep soccer shin-guards in place?

For slip-in shin guards, you can use tape that goes around the calf onto the guard. For reduced movement shin guards, buy ones with ankle support and a strap that goes under the foot.