39 Soccer Homecoming Ideas (Posters + Themes + Floats)

Homecoming is a time when the student body comes together as one. Students band together to promote their school and their home team. During homecoming week, they attend sports games, pep rallies, and other activities that may be planned for them.

After decorating the school and planning everything, now is a good time to plan for the soccer homecoming posters. It’s a great idea to start planning out now and making poster boards because there are normally several weeks leading up to the big dance when students want a fun activity while still being proud of homecoming.

There are lots of great ideas here for you to make your homecoming super special. Here is the collection of ideas we have;

  • Poster ideas
  • Theme ideas
  • Float ideas
  • Prep Ideas

Make a note of some of the homecoming ideas that inspire you and put your own unique spin on them,

White Posters On A Wall
White Posters On A Wall ○ Soccer Blade

Soccer Homecoming Poster Ideas

These posters will not only uplift the team’s overall spirit, but they will also make everything about the game much more fun and unforgettable! So, join us as we suggest our top 20 creative soccer homecoming posters ideas!

1. Draw ‘My …’

If you’re a proud mom and want to make a soccer homecoming poster that’s specially dedicated to your son or daughter, this one is for you. Draw a soccer ball on top of the poster, and write ‘pass it to my boy/girl underneath.

Then you’ll draw a heart beside this phrase and write the number of your son/daughter in the heart with a different color, like white, for example.

2. Popcorn

Want to add some heat to the game? Draw a popcorn box on your poster and write ‘get your popcorn, we are putting on a show!’ It’s better to write ‘popcorn’ with different colors than the rest of the words (preferably yellow and red).

To show that you really mean what you wrote on the poster, grab your own popcorn and enjoy it with one hand while showing your humorous poster with the other. 

3. Relative

Whether you’re a friend, a relative, or a parent of one of the players, get your poster and write ‘I can’t keep calm, #(player’s number) is my (your relationship with the player)’.

Simply put, let’s imagine your brother is player number 7. In that case, you’re going to write ‘I can’t keep calm, #7 is my brother!’ 

This is a great way to boost the confidence of the player you have a close relationship with and to also boost your enviable relationship in front of the entire audience!  

4. Opposition

If you’re bold enough and don’t care about hurting the other team’s feelings, you can draw a boot symbol on your poster and write ‘give the (opposing team’s name) the boot.’

5. Wheels

If you like the idea of taunting the opposing team with your poster, then you’re probably going to like this next one.

On top of the poster, write: ‘which wheels will be taking you home?’ Draw a wheel symbol, and write ‘buckle up’ under it. 

6. Heat

Another taunting poster idea is to write ‘learn to take the heat’ with the word ‘heat’ in red flames, and then write ‘ cuz you’re about to get beat’, with the word ‘beat’ bigger than the others. 

7. Defeat

You can also draw tombstones at the bottom of the poster and write each team name that your team defeated on each tombstone.

Then, write ‘rest in defeat’ on top and ‘you’re next’ under it in big red font. 

8. No-Fear

If one of the players is dear to you, like a best friend, a sibling, or a boyfriend/girlfriend, you can raise their self-esteem sky-high by writing ‘have no fear (number of the player) is here!’

You can get a little creative and write the word ‘no’ in red or make the player’s name really big for extra emphasis. 

9. Watch

Did you like the rhyme in the last poster? Here’s another idea that also rhymes.

Write ‘watch the door’, write the number of the player or their name under it with big font, and write ‘is about to score’ under it.

Make sure to write ‘door’ and ‘score’ with a different color to the rest of the words so everyone can quickly get it.

Fancy Dress Soccer Costume
Fancy Dress Soccer Costume ○ Soccer Blade

10. I Love …

Another way to show your love to a certain soccer player is to draw their number in the middle of the poster in large font. Then, write ‘I love the game’ on top of the number, and ‘but I love the player’ under it. 

11. Play With

In the heat of the game, players sometimes forget to keep it clean and spontaneous. So you can leave a friendly reminder to your team by writing ‘play with’ and drawing a big red heart under it.

You can play around with the same idea and make it more specific, for example, you can write the name of a certain player or their number in the heart or under it. 

12. Welcome …

There’s nothing too crazy about this one, but it still works wonders in boosting the team’s confidence.

Just write ‘welcome home champions’ and that’s it. You can surely add your personal touch to it by drawing muscular arms or even the team’s emblem. 

13. In This House

In an attempt to intimidate the opposing team and cheer up your team, you can write ‘in this house’, draw your team logo under it, and write ‘we all yell go (the team’s name)’ under it. Pretty cool, right?

14. Number

If you want to show support to a certain player on the team, here’s a magical phrase to write on your homecoming poster:

‘#(number of the player) on the count, but #1 in my heart.’ for example, if the player’s number in the team is 10, you’ll write ‘#10 on the count, but #1 in my heart.’

You also want to write ‘#1’ with big, bold font, preferably with a different color. 

15. Hustle

You can uplift the spirit of your team with the most simple yet effective phrase like ‘hustle hit, never quit.’ Don’t forget to put emphasis on the word ‘never’ by writing it in a big, red font.

16. Let’s Go

Another way to uplift their spirit, particularly one of them, is by writing ‘let’s go (player’s name)’ and then write ‘I’ under it in the poster, draw a heart that has a soccer ball pattern on the right of it, and then write this player’s jersey number next to the heart. 

17. Fired Up

The game should be already heated and everyone should be excited, but it doesn’t mean you can’t add more heat to the game.

A good idea would be to write ‘we are fired up’ and draw fire flames at the bottom of the poster.

18. Spiders

If the game is being held during the Halloween season, you can be funny and draw some spiders and spider nets on the poster and write ‘trick or treat, smell our bleats, jacket pride can’t be beaten.’

You can also ask the audience to repeat it as a lighthearted way to taunt the opposing team and excite your own team.

19. My …

Never underestimate a homecoming poster that is specifically made for one player, it makes them feel special, loved, and reliable.

If you have a special bond with a certain player on the team, express your love and support for them by writing ‘my’ and drawing a beautiful red heart next to it.

Now you want to write ‘is on that field’ under it while making sure to put emphasis on the word ‘field’ with a bold, big font.

Finally, write the name of the player at the end with a clear font and their number next to it. An example of this would be “My (Heart drawing) is on that field, Tyler 12”

20. May All …

And last but not least, there’s nothing more beautiful and supportive than wishing the best for your team. To put that into words, write ‘may all your’ on top of the poster, draw a soccer ball that is reaching the goal in the middle of the poster, and then write ‘kicks come true’ under it.

Soccer Party With Flare
Soccer Party With Flare ○ Soccer Blade

Homecoming Soccer Theme Ideas

Make your homecoming special by making it a soccer theme! Here are some inspirational ideas to make it extra special.

1. Decorate The School

One great idea is decorating your high school building with soccer balls, jerseys, cleats, etc.

Anything soccer-related! If you cannot find sports decorating supplies at arts and crafts stores, you can also make your own.

You should make anything possible to dress up the school with soccer-themed decorating, whether it’s putting posters on all of the lockers or creating a wall full of painted cleats.

2. Have A Photography Contest

Many universities hold photo competitions called “Beauty And The Beast.”

These live contests feature two individuals; one must perform several poses that the photographer tells them to get into. The other must then critique each pose, pointing out what could have been done better in terms of body position.

At the end of the rounds, a finalist usually has a photo taken that represents this person’s beauty and beast combined.

3. Sell Soccer Balls Or Memorabilia

One unique way to raise money for homecoming that you should think about is selling soccer balls or memorabilia at school before homecoming week begins.

Whether you’ve made a deal with a local soccer store or have friends and family members donate items to your cause, selling these items would be a great way to show school spirit prior to homecoming.

4. Make A Poster Board Of Your Soccer

If you do not already have it planned out, this is also a good idea because there are usually several weeks leading up to the big dance where students will need a fun activity but still pride themselves on homecoming.

You can let everyone take markers and write down their ideas for what should happen at the dance; some of them may be worth showcasing as well!

5. Have A Pep Rally

This idea is pretty self-explanatory; it is a pep rally that shows off your school spirit for the dance.

However, the only thing about this idea that may be different from other schools is that it would probably be better if you had some soccer game or activity beforehand so everyone could get excited about the team.

If there isn’t any interest in hosting a sporting event, try to put together several fun activities so students can let loose and enjoy themselves before the big dance night.

6. The Homecoming Dance

Finally, all that’s left to do is have the Homecoming dance! This is usually the biggest school spirit night that almost everyone looks forward to, but it can still be improved if you are know-how.

Of course, you should decorate the gym to make it look as good as possible because this will directly reflect your school. Come up with several fun activities for students during the night, so no one gets bored, and invite teachers to go all out for this night!

High School Students In School
High School Students In School ○ Soccer Blade

Soccer Homecoming Parade Float Ideas

Homecoming is a special occasion for many high schools in the United States, but not all of them can show this off properly, but you can with a soccer float.

The following are descriptions of six great ideas for homecoming floats for a parade celebration:

1. Use Your Team’s Soccer Theme

Although it may be tough at first thinking about what you could use as your theme, whether it be colors or mascots or even team uniforms;

soccer jerseys are probably one of the best options because they are easy to work with and will look great.

If you can’t find a decent jersey to use for your theme, try to borrow one from the soccer team or have a store make a custom jersey just for you so it will look as good as possible!

2. Have A Team Coach Lead The Float

If your school’s homecoming float ideas include anything sports at all, then it should revolve around having someone from the athletic department be in charge of it.

Not only does this mean students will have no trouble following orders and knowing exactly where they need to stand and when;

but also because these people already know everything about the school when it comes to sports, this is a great way for them to show off and become more involved.

3. Dress Up Everything To Do With Soccer

Another idea you may want to use when selecting soccer jerseys is deciding what things should be decorated with them.

Whether it’s the entire boat itself or just items such as cones, pom-poms, netting, or anything similar, try putting together all of these ideas because they will look great and give every student attending something fun to wear.

4. Decorate The Float With Soccer Balls

If you’re looking for any ideas for homecoming floats, specifically soccer-themed ones, one of the easiest ways to do this is by having plenty of soccer balls surrounding the entire parade.

Although few schools may not have enough real soccer balls to use, don’t hesitate to ask around because many people will probably lend you some if they know how important it is that everything goes smoothly.

5. Have The Soccer Team Carry The Float

If you already know that you’re going to use your school’s soccer jerseys for one of your ideas for homecoming floats, then it may be wise to try and get them involved in some way as well.

Although this could become difficult if they are not at the game or just don’t feel like participating, you should realize there must be someone willing enough to help with this by asking around and finding out who else is part of your team.

6. Have A Semi Truck At The End Of The Float

Once your student section realizes how much fun the homecoming float ideas themselves are, they will be interested in seeing the parade’s ending by getting a good look at all that has come before.

If you’re looking for any truck to use as part of this theme, consider trying to rent one just for these purposes because it’ll be worth it when students admire everything surrounding them.

Although you may not be able to put this idea into action if there aren’t any trucks available or no one wants to give you access, ask around and see what others have planned so you can at least try and work with it.

Young Women's Soccer Team
Young Womens Soccer Team ○ Soccer Blade

Homecoming Preparation Ideas

Here are some great ideas to help you prepare for what will be the best day of your school year, so you’ve got everything just right!

1. Order Everything

If you want everything to go smoothly, make sure that everyone involved knows what to do well in advance.

This means writing down exactly what needs to happen and who is responsible for every little detail, so it will all come together without any issues or problems whatsoever.

Although it might take a little time initially, you’ll see how easy they can be when done correctly by doing things ahead of time.

2. Get The Right People Involved

So, now that you know exactly what type of ideas for homecoming floats or decorations are needed to make your parade perfect, it’s time to find out who else is willing to participate alongside you.

Try asking around the student council first because they may already have some great suggestions for people involved. But, if everyone seems a little short on volunteers, then try thinking outside the box and see who else might be able to help!

Whatever you decide to do, though, don’t hesitate to contact anyone and everyone because no one ever knows until they ask.

3. Start Planning

Once you have a good idea about who will be involved with your parade, try and meet up with them as soon as possible.

This way, it’ll be easier to create ideas for homecoming floats or decorations that everyone will enjoy because the more input, the better!

Make sure to come prepared with all of your ideas to go over everything and find out if there’s a way everyone can contribute in some unique fashion.

4. Recruit A Decorating Group

You’re going to need some truck or wagon, but for everything else, everyone must be working together as a unit.

That is why making sure you have one central group to plan and coordinate all decorating efforts can be extremely beneficial for both short-term plans and long-term dreams.

5. Try To Get The Whole School Involved

No matter how big or small your school may be, there has got to be a way for anyone and everyone to contribute!

Last-minute ideas can be a little tough, but they’re not impossible because getting the entire student body involved is a great way to make your homecoming float even more special.

7. Make Sure To Practice

In between now and when it’s time to have the parade/game, be sure to keep practicing at every available opportunity.

This means meeting up during lunch periods or after school, so everyone is on the same page and knows exactly what needs to happen.

Remember though, perfect practice makes perfect, so try and keep everyone’s spirits up by making sure there are plenty of fun activities to go along with the hard work!

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