How do soccer players communicate? Savvy Ways

Soccer games require communication from the players to operate. The top players direct the play without the opposition knowing. This can be done with a glance, hand signal, shout, or even a wink.


In soccer, this is part of the current day-to-day and for many years it has been part of the routine of the clubs that, in their quest to find the best players to reinforce themselves and be more competitive, have used all the resources they have at your disposal to carry out scouting to help you in the selection of players.

This movement of bringing players from different parts of the world had its greatest turning point with the “Bosman Law”, which allows players with the nationality of a European country to play in any other country of the European Community as a national, it is That is, without occupying a place among the quotas of foreigners that are limited in most soccer leagues.

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Foreign Players Cummunicating

A Portuguese player can play in Spain without being considered a foreigner, this has allowed the clubs to hire a larger number of non-national players than in some cases, they have a secondary role in the team.

Unlike what happened in the past, where foreigners were only players who made a difference with respect to the rest since they were selected very carefully because of the limited space that the clubs had.

In addition to a series of consequences at the level of soccer club academies and the impact it has had on the national teams of some of the main soccer leagues in the world.

This globalization of soccer leads to a team or during a party a large number of nationalities coincide and therefore a variety of first languages elevated.

Team Interaction

This is an issue that must be very well handled since poor communication can greatly affect personal and professional relationships between teammates, interaction with the manager or with referees as well as the daily life of the athlete and therefore, his or her adaptation to that new soccer league and the new country.

Soccer players in a circle talking - How do soccer players communicate?

How do soccer players communicate with referees?

The international referees of FIFA, those who direct in the international competitions of this organization such as the FIFA World Cup, must speak English which facilitates communication regardless of where they have to referee, works in the same way as in other jobs where English is used as the language for business issues.

This also applies to UEFA international referees, since a large number of languages are used on European territory, unlike other confederations such as CONMEBOL or CONCACAF where one or two languages predominate.

In local championships, communication with the referee is usually in the language of that country where players who do not speak the language completely usually use keywords such as foul or goal to convey their idea in addition to using gestures that are already considered universal.

Although it is common to have dialogues between any players on the pitch with the referee, what the regulations indicate is that in case of any complaint, the captain of the team that usually speaks the language must go.

Another important point that is worth mentioning is that the conversations that the referees start are based on the same points of any game, so the players already have a notion of what the message is.

How do soccer managers communicate with foreign players?

In the case of soccer managers, their message can be a little more varied and complex than that of a referee during a match, so the communication needs to be as fluid as possible as the language barrier can become a serious problem in a soccer team as exemplified by Unai Emery during his time at Arsenal.

To overcome these difficulties, clubs mainly use professional translators who are in charge of transmitting their message to the player as well as to a third party, who can be another player or a member of the staff, who helps in communication.

How do soccer players communicate with each other?

Within the pitch, there are previously trained movements and a tactic that the manager explained before the match so that during the match, communication is limited to short and concise messages that can be transmitted even with gestures and signals.

Outside the pitch, it is much easier since communication can be in different ways in the language with which they feel most comfortable or mixing words between several languages.

Soccer coach talking to players - How do soccer players communicate?

How do soccer players learn languages?

At the highest level, the clubs have language teachers or hire a city language academy to provide first language classes in that country to new players. This is a contractual obligation in some cases and in others it is only a suggestion from the club, although the practice has become increasingly common.

This also depends on the level of commitment and the attitude of the player since to a large extent his or her adaptation to the city and even his or her performance on the field can be affected by this factor.

There are cases that learn from day to day and although it is not the most reliable or efficient method, it is used, and sometimes it works. Some players learn several languages during childhood because of family reasons.

Education and Language

The language, despite not being part of the main skills that one usually looks for in a soccer player, can be a factor that ends up determining the future of the player in a certain club or country since it is directly related to the communication that.

The impact on the adaptation and on your daily life which ends up affecting your comfort and mental tranquility that can later be reflected in your performance on the pitch. For more useful guides, see the articles below or visit our home page.

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