Is Soccer so boring? A Balanced View – How It’s Seen

Many fans around the world simply love soccer, hence why is it called the world game.

Millions and millions of people develop strong ties to their club, whether it be from family or simply because they like the club’s history, for many it is a way of life.

Is soccer boring?

Soccer can be considered boring because players will often pass sideways and backward for long periods of time. In addition, in some matches, no goals are scored by either team thus making the entertainment of the sport rather dull.

However, for others, the sport of soccer is simply boring. Perhaps because sometimes there is not enough action as teams pass the ball back and forth and there are not many goals scored in some games if any.

In this article, we will go through:

  • Why soccer is so boring
  • Is it the most boring sport on the planet
  • What is the most boring sport in the world

This article is a balanced view of the game of soccer. You’ll understand each view.


Why is soccer so boring?

As mentioned above, there are a whole host of reasons as to why many people across the globe feel soccer is boring. Some reasons why it is boring include:

  • Generally low scoring
  • The game is very inefficient 
  • Often a defensive struggle
  • It can be slow
  • Most games are not entertaining
  • For some the games are too long
  • Players faking injuries/timewasting

So, there are just a few reasons why people could find soccer boring.

When it comes to the low-scoring element, this is what turns people off the most. It that for the duration of a match, there could very well be no goals.

That is not what people want to see. They want to be entertained and see plenty of goals during a match.

Whereas the defense and manager do not want to concede any goals as it gives them a good chance to win the match if they don’t concede.

Soccer can be slow

This is because more often than not, a team will pass the ball backward and sideways waiting for an opportunity to pass forward with minimal risk.

Sometimes it only takes a couple of passes for a club like Manchester City.

For other teams lower in the league table, keeping the ball is a tactic, and can spend five to ten minutes just passing the ball around every time they get the ball back.

This makes for very somber viewing for fans.

Games are too long

This is another one that can turn people off. A normal soccer match will consist of two halves of 45 minutes with time added on at the end of the first half and second half for any stoppages that might occur.

What this means is that at a minimum, a soccer game will last for 90 minutes or an hour and a half.

People often think that is far too long, considering if the game is slow and there is not much entertainment, that time can drag on for what seems like an eternity.

Players faking injury/timewasting

Perhaps the number one reason people think soccer is boring. Players faking injuries.

So often we will see a player make a tackle on an opposition player who will then go to the ground and roll on the floor like they have been shot.

Then the team doctors come on and “treat” the player for several minutes. This infuriates some fans. The tough thing is you never know if the player is actually injured or not.

But if this is done four to five times during a game, the added time can add up.

Sometimes even seven or eight minutes are added onto the normal 45 minutes and make a half go for well over 50 minutes.

The same goes for timewasting as well. If a team has a one-goal lead, they will try and slow the game down.

From taking extra time for a goal kick, free kick, and throw in’s, it is all a ploy to slow the game down and waste as much time as possible to give the team the best chance at holding on to its lead and winning the match.

Often a chorus of boos will ring out around the stadium, particularly if the home side is behind.

Fans know what the opposition is doing, yet it is well within the rules to do. This makes the game boring for some and is a reason they do not like to watch soccer.

Is soccer the most boring sport?

Ultimately is it a personal decision? Some people love soccer and will do anything to watch it. Whereas others think that watching baseball for four to five hours or watching golf or cricket for an entire day is boring.

So, it is a matter of opinion, but all have valid points for calling each sport boring. It is just a matter of preference for most fans.

What is the most boring sport to watch?

Now this answer might actually surprise you. For many, it is soccer, while for others it is cricket but for UK people, 39% of them voted Golf as the most boring sport in the world to watch.

Beating out snooker, cricket, and bridge.

Is soccer getting boring?

For many, the answer is yes. As a rule, soccer is an extremely inefficient sport. This makes it incredibly tough to play and watch.

Unlike football (NFL) and basketball, it is hard to properly execute any set plays.

So, what ends up happening? More often than not, all 20 players on the pitch (GK aside) run around the pitch and try to make something happen which is why creative players are such a valued commodity.

How can I watch soccer without getting bored?

The main reason why people do not like soccer is that they think it is boring. Which is true in some respects but also because that person might not necessarily know what exactly is going on.

For example, why players pass sideways instead of forward and why certain players are not doing much on the pitch.

One way to watch soccer without getting bored is to do some research beforehand.

Read up on the teams, follow any breaking news, learn about the players and their positions.

Also watching with family and friends is another great way to enjoy soccer as well as picking a favorite team.

This is what brings a special bond to fans and their club.

They simply love it and are heavily invested emotionally and financially (memberships) in the club.

It brings so much joy and sorrow which makes soccer, one of the best games in the world.


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