How Many Soccer Teams are in London? The Best 13

London City view e1571304451498

It’s widely acknowledged that soccer is the most popular sport in the world. London is the capital city of soccer and Wembley is the national stadium. Arguably, the very home of soccer itself. So it would be logical to assume that London has a wide and rich soccer culture. And so it does.  How many …

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How and When Was Soccer Invented? Must-Read

old soccer ball e1571233587771

Soccer is the most passionate game on the planet. I still remember the overwhelming joy I felt when my beloved Barcelona overcame PSG 6-1 in the Champions League second leg in 2017 at the last minute. According to the World Atlas, soccer is the most popular sport, having a 3.5 billion audience. With such a widespread …

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Can a Soccer Game End in a Tie?

lineman assistant referee at the corner of a soccer field e1571233452193

The first soccer game I ever went to ended with the scores tied at 2 apiece after 90 minutes. As a soccer novice at the time, I had absolutely no idea what happened next. Fortunately, my older, wiser dad was there to explain to me that as it was a cup game, there would be …

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Soccer Tie Break + Overtime: Must Read!

soccer kick off e1571233275819

Just before a tournament, I need to check to see if there is a tie break or overtime in this soccer game. I’ve seen many systems end a game if both of the teams score the same. The rules have been changed many times by FIFA. Let’s see what the current rules are. Can soccer …

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Are Soccer Players Strong? Professional Lift Revealed

strong soccer player e1571233176563

As a soccer player do you need to be strong? What are the physical attributes that are needed to compete with your best ability? Let’s take a look at what makes the best soccer players. There are many ways that one can determine strength. Commonly how much can you bench press? There are a number …

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Are Soccer Players Contracts Guaranteed: Work Examples

soccer player silhouette e1571232980969

When a player gets transferred to another club, what guarantees do they have? I have looked at some examples, to see how it works. Are soccer players contracts guaranteed? Players’ contracts are guaranteed with the MLS for the number of years they are signed for unless they break the terms of the contract. The clubs …

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Is Soccer a Fall and Winter Sport? Bold or Chilling!

soccer pitch in snow (is soccer a fall or winter sport?)

It gets cold in the fall and winter, is it too cold to play soccer or is soccer a fall and winter sport? I often think so when the season comes around, but once I start playing, after five minutes I don’t notice the cold, but some conditions are too extreme. The fall brings winds, …

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Soccer Training Ball vs Match Ball: Here’s What You Need

training ball on soccer field e1571232664902

Soccer balls different, it takes the professionals weeks of training to get used to a type of soccer ball. Before a World Cup, the team uses the new ball in training to adapt. Soccer balls vary in weight and feel to touch. There have been many debates with top professionals when a new soccer ball …

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Soccer Rules for Yellow Cards – Official

yellow card 4496844 1280 e1576159629491

The rules for a yellow card in soccer are very much debated and can be a matter of opinion. Let’s look at the rules, to see what they actually say. When is a yellow card given? A yellow card is given as a caution when a player is “reckless”. For players, substitutes or substituted players. …

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