Playing Soccer With a Nose Piercing – Guide

Nose Piercing

I’ve played with and against many soccer players with a wide range of tattoos and piercings, including nose piercings. However, if you’re a soccer player considering a new nose piercing you may wonder … Read more

Are Soccer Players Weak – Fouls or Feigns

Injury in Soccer a player on the ground with physio

Over time there has been a growing reputation that many soccer players are weak. Now the context in which this is said is extremely important. Often players who go down with minimal contact … Read more

Wearing Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually

○ Wearing Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually ○ Adidas Soccer Shoes

In high school, I had a teammate who would often wear a pair of Adidas indoor soccer shoes casually. She would pair them with “athleisure” outfits, and I remember thinking the combination looked … Read more

Do Soccer Balls Deflate?

○ Do Soccer Balls Deflate? ○ Soccer ball on a field

With the number of times, the ball is kicked, headed, and punched (by the goalkeeper) soccer balls certainly do see a lot of action throughout a game. Do soccer balls deflate? Soccer Balls … Read more

Can A Soccer Referee Change A Decision?

Soccer refferees on the pitch

So many times, during a soccer match we see the main referee give a decision one way or another and players jump up and down to remonstrate with the referee. Ultimately whether a … Read more