Why soccer players are the best athletes? Strong Shape

Cristiano Ronaldo

The debates go on, who are the best sportspeople and some will say argue, why soccer players are the best. Soccer players are some of the most fascinating athletes to analyze. They’re a combination of speed and strength, often having to deal with many different aspects during a game and becoming very refined and developed …

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Making it as a Pro Soccer Player: What You Need!

Youth female soccer player on the ball

Making is a pro in soccer is a dream for many. By doing your research, you’ve already shown that you have a strong desire to make it. One of the biggest setbacks for players is having the desire. Two players are going in for a challenge and the one who wins the ball is mostly …

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40 Facts About Soccer: Interesting and Fun (Funny & True!)

faq questions - interesting facts about soccer/fun facts about soccer

I have some interesting and fun soccer facts to share with you. Questions that you will ask yourself or a friend will ask you. I’ve picked out the most important facts that give you that extra yard over your friends. Here is a complete list of 40 interesting and fun facts about soccer. Be ahead …

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What is a Penalty Kick in Soccer? Must-Know Rules

Messi penalty kick vs Argentina e1576487994417

Penalty kicks, also known as penalties or PKs, provide some of the most exciting and dramatic moments in soccer. The teams are tied with minutes to go in the game. The attacking team surges into the opposition penalty box, and one of their players is brought to the ground. The crowd roars, demanding a penalty. The …

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How Far Do Soccer Players Run in a Game? Explosive Action

Lionel Messi Player of the Year 2011 running

There are not many breaks in a game of soccer, but do they run far?. Messi is one of the greatest players ever, he combines running and weaving to devastating effect. The UEFA Champions League is considered the world’s most prestigious soccer event. The European soccer activity displays the distance a player has covered wherever …

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Soccer Numbering Systems: Positions & Responsibilities

Soccer players numbers pre match France World Cup e1573218874882

There are reasons behind squad numbers, where they came from, and why particular numbers hold a certain prestige. Here’s a look at where soccer numbering systems originated, the role that they played in the organization of soccer positions. The formations, and their relevance in the modern game. What are the soccer numbering systems and their …

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A Soccer Summary: All You Need to Know!

Soccer fan in stadium

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. There are an estimated 3.5 to 4 billion fans worldwide. Soccer has origins dating back 2,000 years! The game we know today began to grow in prominence when the official Cambridge Rules were established in 1848. Since then, the game has exploded into a worldwide obsession.  …

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Orange Card in Soccer – Interesting Twist!

orange card soccer e1581949762917

An orange card in soccer, Surely not! From a distance it would be difficult to tell if a card was yellow or orange – I guess that would make it interesting, or maybe just confusing! In soccer, there are currently two cards given out by referees, the yellow and red cards. So if there was …

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Soccer Rules for Beginners & Youth (Parents + Players Guide)

kids soccer e1571231578286

We want kids to enjoy soccer, but with many rules, it can be confusing. Teach them the basics with the useful list, so they can enjoy the game. What’s a foul? When do we have a corner kick? Just a couple of the many questions kids have when they are starting out. I’ll take you …

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