Senior Pictures Soccer Ideas: Party Inspiration

Senior pictures soccer ideas are a great way to get the right senior pictures. Your senior pictures soccer ideas will be different than other seniors’ because everyone is unique and has their personality and style.

In this article, I will cover the following topics that you must know about senior pictures soccer ideas:

• Ideas for senior soccer pictures
• Clothing for the Senior Pictures Soccer
• Background Ideas for Senior Pictures Soccer Photography
• Things a Senior Portrait Studio Can Do

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What are Good Ideas For Senior Soccer

#1. Demonstrate Your Skills

If you are planning on playing soccer at your college, then why not show that in some of your senior pictures? You can showcase your soccer skills with friends and family.

Have them pass the ball to each other while one person takes a shot on goal. You will need to work with diffused natural light or get all of your lights off the camera (and off-camera).

#2. On The Field

You can also take pictures of yourself wearing your soccer uniform or even outside your field, like when they are waiting for their game. There are lots of opportunities to do senior pictures soccer ideas outside the field.


#3. With The Ball

It is also very popular for seniors, especially girls, to have their soccer balls in their senior pictures.

I wouldn’t recommend using the actual game ball because you don’t want it to get scuffed or ripped during these photos.

You can purchase a high-quality replica soccer ball online or ask your equipment manager if they have extras lying around from past seasons!

This is an easy prop that doesn’t require much posing because it speaks for itself. You are looking for something less traditional. Then you can always try to get creative with poses that incorporate soccer balls.

Soccer drill contest

#4. With The Soccer Equipment

It is also popular for seniors to pose with their full soccer equipment (helmet, cleats, shin guards, etc.). These props are typically found in a locker room or on a field and give you a unique backdrop.

It’s important to ensure that the lighting is good because this type of gear is usually dark in color and can blend into your background if it’s too bright.

You want the viewer eye going directly to your senior, not your entire locker room!

Focus on one piece at a time, so you don’t detract from the main focus of the picture.

Fancy dress soccer costume

How to Choose the Right Outfit

When choosing the right outfit for your senior pictures, the main thing to consider is what other people will think of it.

Unless you want to take a risk and go with something different from everyone else, you should choose an outfit that other people like.

Below are some ideas on how to choose the right outfit for your senior pictures:

#1. Choose an outfit that you like

One way to choose the right outfit is to pick one that you think looks good. This doesn’t mean that everyone else will necessarily agree, but it’s a good starting point.

If nobody likes your outfit, then there are other ways to make sure your senior pictures soccer ideas are unique.

#2. Choose an outfit that fits your personality

Another way to choose the right outfit for your senior pictures is to pick one that reflects your personality and style.

If you are a preppy girl, then it makes sense to wear a nice blouse, jeans, and either boots or dress shoes, for example.

If you’re more of a girly girl, then wearing something cute like this short red dress with matching accessories will show who you are as a person much better than simply wearing anything that doesn’t stand out in any way.

#3. Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

If you don’t want to go with the traditional look of doing all formal clothing all at once but rather want something less formal such as a nice dress and a casual top, then you can do that.

The only problem with this is that it could be seen as a bit too simple or boring, so you might have to mix it up with accessories.

Regardless of the occasion, if you have a unique personality, there’s something out there for everyone!

#4. Get creative

Another good idea for senior pictures soccer is to get creative with your outfit. This mainly applies if you’re going to take the picture yourself and not at a professional studio.

If this is your case, then I recommend checking out Pinterest for some inspiration.

There are a plethora of ideas on there about outfits that may or may not work well together depending on what type of person you are, but it’s worth checking out!

#5. Try a little bit of everything

Another good idea for senior pictures soccer is to try a mixture of formal and casual clothes.

This is mainly for those willing to take their senior pictures because it will require you to have another outfit ready to change into to do both.

But if you’re taking it at a studio, then this wouldn’t apply because there are professional teams that can do both for you.

Anyways, if you’re willing to try a mixture of formal and casual clothes, then what you could do is wear something nice like a blouse or dress for your senior pictures soccer in the studio.

Then bring in some casual clothes to take outside shots.

Once it’s over, this would be much more interesting than doing an all-out formal shoot which typically isn’t too fun!

Soccer party with flare

What are Some of The Excellent Background Ideas For Senior Pictures Soccer?

#1. Do your senior pictures at a park or something similar

One of the most common and best senior picture backdrops is to do it somewhere outside. This typically means doing it at a professional studio because outdoor locations are not easy to come by.

But if you are taking them yourself, there are plenty of parks you can take pictures in front of, but make sure it’s legal! You don’t want to get into trouble with the law for trespassing onto people’s property which would ruin your day.

Soccer photo shoot with a ball in a goal

#2. Pinterest for inspiration

Another great place to look for some excellent background ideas for your senior pictures soccer is Pinterest.

I will check it out if you haven’t already because there are so many creative ideas about senior pictures with different backgrounds.

You can even search up some hashtags like #seniorpictures or #seniorpictureideas if you don’t know where to begin!

#3. Do your own thing

Suppose none of the professional studios nor Pinterest has given you any good ideas about what to do for your senior pictures soccer. In that case, my last suggestion is to do whatever you feel most comfortable with.

This could be anything from doing it in front of your house, in a studio, outside a park, etc. If none of these options seem appealing to you and you still don’t know what to do, then it’s time to get creative.

But make sure you don’t do anything crazy like jumping off a cliff or standing in front of moving cars!

Soccer skill photo Scissor kick

#4. Look online for inspiration

Another good place to look for some excellent background ideas for your senior pictures soccer is on your favorite professional website, or general websites focused on photography.

If you are lost and have no idea what backgrounds would be best suited for your specific situation, I recommend checking out these websites because they can serve as great sources of inspiration.

The only problem with this is that if you’re looking at someone’s website, then there’s a possibility that they might run into copyright problems, so take all their images with a grain of salt and use them for inspiration!

What Can a Senior Portrait Studio Do Help With Senior Pictures Soccer?

If you are looking for what a senior portrait studio can do to help with your senior pictures soccer, I would say show them the kind of shots you want, and they should be good to go!

Nonetheless, there are also other things they can do to help you out with what you are interested in. Some examples of this are outlined below:

Teenager holding a ball and leaning against a goal

#1. Outfit changes

If you plan to do some senior soccer pictures, it would be good for the studio to provide different outfits for your shoot. This is because taking pictures outside typically means that your clothes will get dirty.

But the studio could offer specific clothing they want you to wear, or if not, they could give you a few options so that way, at least there would be no chance of random dirt getting all over your clothes!

#2. Different posing styles

Another good thing a senior studio could do to help with your shoot is offer different posing methods.

This can be as simple as offering the chance for some individual shots or couple poses.

But it would also be helpful if they had some group shots where you and your friends or even just the girls got together and took a few nice-looking pictures!

#3. Make-up for the shoot

Yet another good thing a senior portrait studio can do to help with your senior pictures soccer is providing some make-up.

Now, this isn’t necessary, but it would be nice to have nice-looking, bright eyes for all of your shots! So if you want this, then definitely let them know, and they will more than likely be willing to provide it!

#4. Offering different backdrops

If you plan to take pictures outside, it would be good if the studio considered what kind of backgrounds they wanted to use for your indoor shoots! This can also be applied for outdoor poses.

If there’s something specific you want in the background, let them know ahead of time so they can make sure to have it readily available before your shoot.

#5. Lighting enhancements

Another thing a senior portrait studio could do when considering senior pictures soccer is offer lighting enhancements.

Now, this is more of a last resort option because most people don’t like what extra lighting does to their skin.

But if you want some nice-looking shots to enhance glow under the sun, then definitely let the studio know so that way they can make sure to have all of the proper equipment.

#6. Tripods/Selfies Sticks

Finally, one other thing a senior portrait studio could do would be to try and find different props for you to use.

Now, this isn’t necessarily needed, but it’s always nice if they can provide some fun-looking props like cool sunglasses or even selfie sticks! So if you are interested in anything like that, then definitely bring it up beforehand!

#7. Facebook Cover Photo

If you are interested in getting a custom cover photo for Facebook, the studio can help with that too!

They will likely have some nice-looking options, so let them know if you want something similar to these examples!

Of course, they may not always have it on hand, but chances are they will get something even better, so there’s nothing to worry about!

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