Playing Soccer FAQ: 16 Key Know Hows

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When I started out playing soccer, there was no internet at home! I know I must sound so old, it was only a few years ago, I think! The questions I had, were sometimes answered by my friends if they knew, but for you, you have the web and all you need to know about soccer. So if you want to make it like a pro, you sure can.

Here are 16 of the most asked questions that a player has when they are starting out as a beginner, plus there is information that many experienced players won’t know.

Once you’ve read this FAQ – head over to read our article on How To Play Soccer: 41 Cool Coach Tips This is where you find top technical information for each part of the game.

youth boys soccer team with arms linking (playing soccer FAQ)

Playing Soccer FAQ

Should I Start Playing Soccer?

You should definitely start playing soccer, it’s a great way to meet people, have fun, and get fit. Also being a team game it helps you work with a number of people, as you work as a team to try and win. 

Playing soccer can benefit you in a number of ways to improve yourself individually, so start as soon as you can. The main focus is to have fun, so enjoy yourself and you will improve over time. 

Never Played Soccer Before But I Want To?

It is never too late to start playing soccer, you can learn to play at any time in your life.  First, play with your friends at home or at school to see if you enjoy it. Then you can ask your local clubs or Facebook groups if they need any players.

Can I Learn Soccer?

Soccer is like anything else, if you practice for long enough you can learn it. Doing it for fun will help you learn the quickest way. If you have a good soccer coach they will guide you to learn the essential skills that are required.

It will take time to progress, but learn the basic passing skills with a ball you feel comfortable with and you’ll be fine.

What Are The Basics Of Soccer?

The aim of the game is to score more goals than the opponent. A goal is scored when the ball crosses the line and goes into the opponent’s goal. The game is normally split into two halves with a break in between.

The players will be positioned to cover certain areas and have a role depending on their position. Soccer is a team game and in order for you and your team to succeed, you must work for each other.

Outfield players kick, pass and dribble the ball to the opponents half and the gaolkeepers are the only ones who are able to handle the ball with their arms – this must be done in their own penalty box. 

soccer players stretching before a game with feet behind their backs (playing soccer FAQ)

What Are The Basic Soccer Rules?

The ball must cross over the line for it to be a throw-in, corner, or goal. Soccer is a contact sport but if you block, mistime a tackle, or are too aggressive the referee will blow the whistle for a foul or a penalty.

A penalty is given when a foul is committed inside your own penalty box, then the ball is placed on the spot for a free shot against the goalkeeper.

If a foul is serious the referee can give you a caution with a yellow card and for extreme fouls a referee will send you off with a red card, meaning you will have to leave the field for the rest of the game.

A red card can also be shown to a player if a second yellow card is given to a player. 

How To Play Soccer Positions?

There are four main positions in soccer:

  • Goalkeeper
  • Defender
  • Midfielder
  • Attacker
  • The goalkeeper will save or block the ball from going into the goal with any part of the body.
  • The defenders will do their best to stop the opponents shooting by tackling or blocking the ball.
  • The midfielders will be in front of the defense and they defend when your team does not have the ball and attack when in possession.
  • The attackers will mainly be attempting to score goals but will be required now and again to help the rest of the team. 

How To Be A Good Soccer Player?

To be a good soccer player you must work hard for the team. The top players like Messi and Ronaldo, both work hard by making runs and helping their teammates. A coach will demand from all players that they give 100% and if you do this on the field and in training you will be a good player. 

How To Play Soccer Better?

To play soccer better than you have done before, it is important to notice areas that let you down. Make a mental note of it when you’re playing, so that you can focus on that area when you are training.

It will take time to practice and strengthen in that area. Repeat the practice in training 10+ times, each time you play and you will get better. 

How To Play Soccer Well?

To play well you must be a team player and one who communicates well in order to work as a unit. When you playing in a team, play to each player’s strengths, this can be done by getting to know what your teammates are good at and not so good at.

This will help you decide what type of pass to make, slow/hard/in front/behind. Talking to your teammates throughout the game helps everybody, for example, warning a teammate of a player behind them. 

soccer training match with three players running (playing soccer FAQ)

How To Play Soccer For Kids?

If you’re a coach, kids enjoy games, so the more games you have in your training, the better. Vary the practice so that no one gets bored and you’ll know by the players’ reaction if they enjoy the session. Instead of doing running, incorporate it into a drill – it’s surprising how much more players run when there is a ball involved.

Kids, have fun and enjoy the interaction with other players. Try new skills and invite your friends over to play, you can even invent your own games/drills. 

How To Watch A Soccer Game?

I found that I appreciated watching a soccer match more the older I became. When you are young you don’t see the finer details of the game that makes it more of a study, for example, the formations and the tactics that are involved.

If a full match is too much for you, just watch the highlights and enjoy the best parts. For me, I now see the game as a fast-paced chess game. The top players can do special things in the right positions, some players are solid and dependable.

So it’s all about making moves at the right times to strike when you’re in position. Pass and move until your queen can say check-mate! 

How To Play As A Goalkeeper?

goalkeeper in a jump with the ball in hands (playing soccer FAQ)

Goalkeepers need to everything they can to stop the ball box, from m going in the net. Pro’s will even save the soccer ball with their faces! So they need to be brave and if the ball is coming towards your face, just turn your head to the side and it does not hurt flicking off of your cheek. 

When the ball is in the opponents’ half, stand on the edge of your penalty box, ready to intercept any long balls. When the ball is around the penalty box, stay on your line ready for shots. Stay on your tiptoes ready for any dives you need to make. Control the defense by giving instructions if there is an unmarked player.

How To Play As A Defender?

two soccer player jumping for a header (playing soccer FAQ)

Defenders you need to stop shots on your goal, blocking, tackling and clearing are your main duties. Like the GK you will need to be brave to stop the attackers from taking control of your box. Form a partnership with the players around you, so that you work as a team.

Keep ‘goalside’ of the attacker, so that they don’t have a head start if you get into a race. As a defender, safety is the best option, but if you have time, it is nice to start an attack by passing it forward.

How To Play As A Midfielder?

woman soccer player running (playing soccer FAQ)

Midfielders, you need to a bit of everything on the field. Protect your defense first and then support your attackers. Midfield players are good around players that have good energy to cover distances.

Be clever on the ball and pass and move to create space. When there is space in front of you, run into it until there is a defender. Set up your strikers will ‘balls to feet’, or balls in front of them to run on to.

How to Play As A Striker?

soccer player stretching to strike the ball (playing soccer FAQ)

Strikers, it can be a lonely job upfront, most times you are outnumbered by the defense, so watch every move and pounce like a tiger when you get your chance. Defenders will ‘go to sleep’ in games, just watch and wait for your moment.

Strikers will lose the ball more than any other player because of the position – don’t let that set you back, it’s just the way it is! Form a good partnership if you have another striker with you, so you can set each other up. A lot of the times you will have to be selfish and take risks to score as your team depends on goals. 

How To Play Soccer Like A Pro?

The top pro players rarely lose the ball – keep possession. The best players can beat another player to get past – this takes a player out of the game. Professional players are at the top of their game because they have worked hard for many years – it takes commitment and dedication. If you work hard in training and give it your all, you will do the same in a game. 

Listen to your coach and learn all that you can. Watch other players and see what they can do that you can’t and practice. Don’t give up and enjoy yourself at the same time. 

Top Soccer Pro Tips

  • Give it your all
  • Never give up
  • Play as a team
  • Learn every game
  • Warm-up + warm-down
  • Play in all weather conditions
  • Eat healthily
  • Keep hydrated with water
  • Listen to your coach
  • Respect everyone involved in the game
  • Train whenever possible

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Interesting and Fun Facts About Soccer: 42 Essential FAQ’s

faq questions - interesting facts about soccer/fun facts about soccer

I wanted to find some interesting soccer facts to share with you. Questions that you will ask yourself or a friend will ask you. I’ve picked out the most important facts that give you that extra yard over your friends. Here is a complete list of 42 interesting and fun facts about soccer.

What are the most interesting and fun facts about soccer?

Soccer was invented in China, Messi is the highest-paid sportsman and a player was sent off after 0 seconds!

Be ahead of the game with these facts and share your knowledge. There are so many soccer facts with all of the competitions over the world. Surprise your friends with things that they don’t know.

Popular soccer stadium many fans (interesting and fun facts about soccer)
Popular soccer stadium many fans

Interesting Facts About Soccer

These general soccer facts are ones that should be known by anyone who enjoys the game – or even if your a parent and you want to surprise your kids with things they don’t know!

Frequently asked questions that every soccer fan should know. They will always be asked by your friends and even some of the TV pundits won’t know.

When was soccer invented?

Soccer was invented between 206 B.C. – 220 A.D in China.

Who invented soccer?

Soccer was thought to be invented by the Chinese. A game called Tsu-Chu which means “kicking the ball”, with records dating back to the Han Dynasty.

How old is the modern game of soccer?

The English Football Association was formed in 1863.

When was the first professional league created?

The first league was created in 1888, in England.

What is the oldest soccer club?

The oldest club was Sheffield Football Club. There are now two clubs in Sheffield England – Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United.

What is the biggest soccer club in the world?

Real Madrid is currently the largest in 2019, then Barcelona and Manchester United. This changes every year between these three clubs and is based on their revenue and trophies won.

Which soccer club has the most fans?

Manchester United sell the most soccer jerseys, with an average of 2.85 million, 73 million followers on Facebook. Real Madrid are second and Barcelona third.

How many people play soccer around the world?

Soccer is played by more than 250 million people worldwide in over 200 countries.

When was the first soccer World Cup?

It happened in 1930 in Uruguay and France won the first ever soccer World Cup.

Which players have won the most trophies?

The top three are Andres Iniesta with 35 playing for Barcelona. Ryan Giggs with 34 playing for Manchester United and Lionel Messi with 34 playing for Barcelona. (Messi will surely be number one soon.)

Which soccer manager has won the most trophies?

Sir Alex Ferguson is top of the table and he won 38 trophies at Manchester United.

How long is a soccer field?

The length is between 100 yards and 130.

How wide is a soccer field?

The width is between 50 and 100 yards.

Has Zlatan Ibrahimovic ever won the European Champions League?

Although he played for 6 clubs that have won the competition, he has never won one himself.

What was an old soccer ball made from?

The inner, what we call a bladder was actually from a pig’s bladder before 1855.

How many people have scored a penalty with both feet – on different occasions!

Only two players have scored a penalty with the left and right foot, Bobby Zamora and Obafemi Martins – in the EPL.

Who has been the most substituted player?

The player that is in the top three for winning the most trophies, Ryan Giggs was substituted a total of 134 times.

Who has socred the most ever own goals?

Richard Dunne is top of the league for this with a total of 10 in the EPL.

Soccer Transfer Fees and Salary Facts

Money in the game has exploded over the years. I remember when I was younger, being amazed at a transfer going through for a couple of million, but now it’s through the roof.

The American football player Russell Wilson is the highest-paid sportsman in America. He gets a whopping $89.5 million a year! How does that compare with soccer players? let’s find out.

money - interesting facts about soccer
What is the highest transfer fee paid for a soccer player?

Neymar was sold to Paris Saint Germain from Barcelona for $244 in 2017.

Who was the first soccer player to be transfered?

In 1893 Jack Southworth was sold from Blackburn Rovers to Everton for $500.

Who is the most expensive soccer player in the MLS?

The transfer of Miguel Almiron from Atlanta to Newcastle is the highest at $27 million in 2019.

Which soccer player ears the highest salary?

Lionel Messi earned a total of $127 in 2018! Combined salary, image rights and sponsors.

Who earn the most amount of money as a soccer player in the MLS?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic earns the most amount of money in the MLS with a yearly salary of $7.2 million.

Who has the higgest salary in the EPL?

Kevin De Bruyne AT Manchester City with $418,000 a week, making it $8.0 million a year – not including sposors and image rights.

Soccer Stadium Facts

Going to the Nou Camp stadium, Barcelona’s home ground was an amazing experience. It was crazy on the way there with the fans nearly rocking the tram of the track.

The view from the top of the stands felt so close, even though I was that high up, but the stadium is so steep you feel like you’re over the pitch.

The capacity then was 90,000 and now they refitting it to bring the capacity up to 105,000. But what is the largest soccer stadium in the world?

soccer match - stadium soccer facts interesting and fun
Which soccer team has the largest capacity stadium?

The largest soccer stadium is in North Korea and it has a capacity of 114,000.

What is the largest attendance for a soccer match in the world ever?

The biggest attaendance for a soccer match was in 1950, for a match between Brazil and Paraguay – there were 199,854 spectators!

What was the highest attended soccer game in the United States?

Atlanta United played Portland Timbers in the MLS Cup final at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium with a crowd of 73,019.

Which club has the largest capacity in the MLS?

Toronto FC have the largest capacity, for a purpose bult soccer stadium with a capacity of 30,000 and Atlanta have a stadium capacity of 72,035.

What was the highest attended soccer game in the UK?

At Wembly stadium in 1923 there were 126,047 people. It was even higher in Scotland, for a game at Hampden Park in 1937 with the attendance at 149,415.

Which club has the largest capacity in the EPL?

Manchester United have a stadium capacity of 74,879.

Soccer Cup and Titles Facts

Watching the cup finals over the years, it is hard to remember all of the numbers. There are so many competitions that a refresh of the numbers is always good to do.

Who has the won the most over the years – see if you can get the correct answer. (no trophies on offer for this!)

Soccer trophos - fun and interesting facts about soccer
Which country has won the most soccer World Cups?

Brazil has the highest number of wins, 5 with Germany second with 4 and Argentina, France and Uraguay have 2 each.

Which soccer team has won the most European Champions Leagues?

Real Madrid have won the title 13 times, AC Milan 7 and Liverpool 6.

Which soccer team has won the EPL the most?

Manchester United has won the league 20 times, Liverpool 18 and Arsenal 13.

Which soccer team has won the most MLS finals?

Los Angles Galaxy has the record wins of 5 cup titles, D.C. United 4 and Houston Dynamo, Sporting Kansas City and San Jose Earthquakes have 2 each.

Which player has won the most World Cups?

Pelé is the only player to have won it 3 times.

Fun Facts About Soccer

Here are some fun soccer facts that you don’t normally hear. I’ve scouted around to find you the best ones.

kicking the Sun - fun and interesting facts about soccer
What was the quickest sending off with a red card?

In 2007 Keith Gillespie playing for Sheffield United vs Reading in 0 seconds! Yes 0 seconds – he was just brought on as a substitute and before a throw-in was taken he elbowed an opponant.

Who calls the game soccer or football?

Only Americans and Canadians call the game soccer.

Who has scored the most goals during a soccer match?

For World Cup and qualifying, Archie Thompson socered 13 in one game playing for Australia aginst American Somoa in 2002. The game ended 31-0.

Whicj team has been winning the game and never lost at half time?

Manchester United have never lost in the EPL when the have been winning at half time at Old Trafford Stadium.

Which goalkeepper has socred the most goals?

The most goals scored in soccer by a goalkeeper is Rogério Ceni playing for São Paulo Futebol Clube, in Brazil. He scored an amazing 132 goals – all but one from penalties and freekicks. This was from 1992 to 2015.

Who is the fastest ever soccer player?

The record in the EPL Shane Long was clocked at 21.94 mph. Usain Bolt record on a track is 27.8 mph.

What was the furthest goal ever socred in soccer?

Asmir Begovic, a goalkeeper scored 100 yards away from the goal in 2014 for Stoke City.

There are many interesting facts about soccer in this beautiful game. Share the fun facts about soccer with your friends.

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