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Soccer can be a fierce and competitive game with so much competition that the players get overzealous. On the outside, two players running after a ball may seem absurd, but to us soccer fans we know the desire. Games between rivals can strike up some of the most heated duals, but what happens if soccer players fight?

There is an English saying that soccer is a gentleman’s game played by hooligans, and rugby is a hooligan’s game played by gentlemen.

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This is a reflection of what the nature of both sports represents for the English, the main precursors of both disciplines. The phrase comes from the fact that by regulation and its nature as a constant contact game,

Rugby should have a greater number of confrontations and problems between players, which is more common in soccer whose base is much thinner and, theoretically, it would require less contact and fights.

We can safely say that all of this is attributable to the popularity that soccer has gained worldwide throughout the years compared to rugby, which has led to the incorporation of bad habits.

In short, despite having less contact between the players, soccer turns out to have more fights than rugby, ironic as it may sound.

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Is Soccer Limited Contact?

Despite the fact that soccer is a limited-contact sport, that is, it is not completely necessary or mandatory that there be physical contact between the players.

it is normal that in certain situations such as they fight for possession of the divided ball, in the corners and free-kicks, or in the tackles, there is contact between the players.

To be within the rules, the clashes between the players must be a shoulder to shoulder, so if one pushes the other with another part of the arm, it is considered foul. In tackles, the foot must first contact the ball, if it touches the player’s leg first, it is considered foul.

For corners or free kicks, the defender can get very close to the attacker as long as he does not hug him or take him somewhere in the body that prevents the attacker from moving. Logically, any type of direct physical aggression is considered a foul.

Women competing for the soccer ball What happens if soccer players fight?

What happens if players fight?

In ice hockey, unlike the popular belief of those who are not fans of the sport, fights are punished, although not with the severity that is applied in other sports. Due to the competitiveness and aggressiveness that has accompanied hockey since its inception.

The fights were something that ended up becoming an additional attraction for the sport so it has become a part of hockey reaching the point of having its own rules, so as to set limits and protect players. It is one of the few sports, leaving aside those of fighting such as boxing, where this type of confrontation is allowed.

Rules for Fighting

In soccer, it is completely prohibited by the FIFA disciplinary code for expulsion for a red card and a penalty of 6 games without playing for fighting during a soccer game of any of the competitions that precede them. If a player tries to separate fighting players or is simply attacked without returning aggression, he is not penalized in any way.

However, each federation establishes its own sanctions in its competences as well as an evaluation of each case to define said sanctions. The regulation is not limited to confrontations between rivals; if two teammates fight during a match they each receive a red card.

One of the most famous antecedents of these cases is the fight between Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer of Newcastle during a match against Aston Villa for the Premier League in 2005, where both were expelled and received several matches of sanction in addition to an economic fine.

What happens if you punch a referee in soccer?

In the same way that assaults between rivals or teammates, an attack on a referee has also sanctioned with a red card in the match and a sanction that would lead to a prolonged suspension that would surely exceed the sanctions of the cases of aggressions mentioned

Since both the FIFA like the other federations tries to protect referees so in a case of assault on one, the sanction can be months without playing.

How many players can be sent off football soccer?

We have talked a lot about the topic of red cards and expulsions, however, if for reasons of aggression, double yellow card, or any other game circumstance, 5 players from the same team are sent off, the game would be ended.

In the event that the expulsion is from a player on the bench, it would not count for that case and the match could continue, the rule would only apply to players who are part of the 11 that are in the pitch at that time, therefore the minimum number of players that a team can have in the pitch is 7 players.

What happens if a soccer match is abandoned?

Although here we have explained as a possible cause of abandonment of a party, a high number of expulsions, the causes for this to happen may be up to climatic conditions or more recently, racism. A game is considered abandoned when the 90 minutes of play is not completed for some reason, and depending on the cause it can be repeated from the beginning.

The remaining time can be played as it happened, for example, in a match between Real Madrid and Real Sociedad (it was played from minute 84) in the same 2005, the result can also be kept until that moment or finally, the team that did not commit the offense is given as the winner, the latter case may be due to improper alignment.

Fair Play Rules in Soccer

Assaults in soccer are very frowned upon and sanctioned with great severity since the message of the federations is based on a sport that is governed by the principles of Fair Play and in this sense, these types of situations must be eradicated by treating them harshly to avoid recidivism and any feeling of contemplation.

In fact, the players who have been involved in this type of situation and have earned the “label” of being violent, in many cases, see their careers a bit affected since not all soccer clubs want that kind of image for himself especially in major clubs that try to uphold certain ideals.

One of the key aspects of soccer is to hold your nerve and keep your discipline. Soccer is a team game and relies on 11 players on one side – without one member it is an uphill struggle. For more useful guides, see the articles below or visit our home page.

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