Soccer Blade is passionate about the game of soccer. We spend our spare time playing, coaching, and watching soccer games.

This website has been built for fans, players, coaches, parents, and anyone interested in soccer.

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What We Do


Prepare for a soccer match the best way you can. Train for fun and get the winning results. With our coaching and training tips, you’ll be one step ahead of the competition, and with drills and fitness sessions to get you ahead.


Know the rules – keep the respect, but keep on top. Maximize your potential with the latest laws. We bring you the official regulations in the game from FIFA and IFAB, making them easy to understand so you know as much as the officials.

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The life of a soccer player, official, and fan. The key questions answered – what everyone wants to know. Soccer is a way of life ad we bring insight into clubs and the latest news along with the money in the game.


Keep the team together with the best systems. Adapt and expose the opposition. With so many formations, it’s hard to know which is best.

We analyze the game so that you know what your team is capable of against the toughest of opponents,


Know the positions of your players and teammates. Form partnerships on the field to work as a unit.

Top players are hard to beat, but with a team working in unison, you’re sure to maximize your efforts on the field.

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Control the game with an analysis of your system in defense or attack. Game-ready.

With an ever-changing soccer field of positions, be ready for the next move. We provide analysis from games to get you ready.

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Be creative – Have fun – Hit Goals

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