Do fans get to keep soccer balls?

Soccer Ball on Turf

We so often see throughout a soccer match that a player shoots at goal and the ball sails over or wide and goes into the crowd. More often than not we see fans … Read more

Wearing Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually

○ Wearing Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually ○ Adidas Soccer Shoes

In high school, I had a teammate who would often wear a pair of Adidas indoor soccer shoes casually. She would pair them with “athleisure” outfits, and I remember thinking the combination looked … Read more

Do Soccer Balls Deflate?

○ Do Soccer Balls Deflate? ○ Soccer ball on a field

With the number of times, the ball is kicked, headed, and punched (by the goalkeeper) soccer balls certainly do see a lot of action throughout a game. Do soccer balls deflate? Soccer Balls … Read more

Why do soccer players tape their wrists?

Soccer player taping wrists

It is often seen by many players in today’s world. Soccer players taping their wrists and other body parts like knees, hands, and shoulders. But when we see this, it makes us think … Read more

Soccer Players Wear Metal Cleats

Soccer game in the rain

Before all of my youth soccer games, the referee would have us tap our shinguards, check for jewelry, and lift our shoes to show we did not have metal cleats. Showing our cleats … Read more

Best Soccer Cleats for Arch Support

adidas soccer cleats for arch pain

To support your arches when playing soccer, the best cleats to wear are Adidas Predator 19.3. They are lightweight, have extended arch support and the top pros wear them. Soccer cleats are notorious … Read more

Best Soccer Cleats For Reducing Foot Pain

best soccer cleats for foot pain - Cleats Images

To reduce your foot pain when playing soccer, the best cleats to wear are the Puma Evopower. They are made from Kangaroo leather, are soft, durable, comfortable. Every sport comes with a certain … Read more

Soccer Compression Socks: What, Why, Wear?

soccer players legs shorts socks and cleats e1577373385876

Keeping your feet and legs in good condition is vital for top performance in a soccer game. Gone are the days of loose socks that slide inside of your cleats. Newly developed compression … Read more