How Much Do Soccer Referees Get Paid? Salary Revealed!

soccer referee with two players e1571231005638

Soccer referees sometimes get a hard time on the field with 22 testosterone-fueled players. Is their salary enough for their role? Their job seems quite simple and enjoyable, although you do need to keep level-headed during the heated moments. Players, managers, and fans rarely give plaudits to the referee, is it worth it? How Much …

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What is Soccer? All You Need To Know!

Lionel Messi showing what is soccer e1574523600747

When I first played soccer, it was with friends at school and there were few rules to be concerned about. You had to get the ball from one end to another and kick the ball in the goal. It was simple, to begin with, but once I played for the school team, the rules changed! …

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40 Facts About Soccer: Interesting and Fun (Funny & True!)

faq questions - interesting facts about soccer/fun facts about soccer

I have some interesting and fun soccer facts to share with you. Questions that you will ask yourself or a friend will ask you. I’ve picked out the most important facts that give you that extra yard over your friends. Here is a complete list of 40 interesting and fun facts about soccer. Be ahead …

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How Far Do Soccer Players Run in a Game? Explosive Action

Lionel Messi Player of the Year 2011 running

There are not many breaks in a game of soccer, but do they run far?. Messi is one of the greatest players ever, he combines running and weaving to devastating effect. The UEFA Champions League is considered the world’s most prestigious soccer event. The European soccer activity displays the distance a player has covered wherever …

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A Soccer Summary: All You Need to Know!

Soccer fan in stadium

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. There are an estimated 3.5 to 4 billion fans worldwide. Soccer has origins dating back 2,000 years! The game we know today began to grow in prominence when the official Cambridge Rules were established in 1848. Since then, the game has exploded into a worldwide obsession.  …

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How Soccer Has Changed: Revolution or Evolution

how soccer has changed e1571230922616

The sport of soccer dates back over 2,000 years. FIFA’s “History of Football” chronicles documents that an early form of the game was played in China in the second and third centuries BC. Further evidence of similar games has been found throughout history all across the world. However, it wasn’t until 1848 that the official …

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How did Soccer Spread Globally? Popular History (Amazing Changes)

world cup

Soccer is played in over 200 countries and has spread globally to over 200 million people playing the sport in an organized fashion. These numbers are estimates and don’t consider every back garden match, every schoolyard clash, or showdowns at your local park. If casual, street games were included, these numbers would be undoubtedly higher.  …

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Soccer Cleats vs Other Cleats: Different Technology

Soccer cleats foot on ball

Most field sports require players to wear cleated footwear for grip, support, and to be able to perform the various movements that the sports involve. Beginning as necessary garments to perform. Footwear in sports is now a hot commodity, with countless endorsements in every sport worth billions of dollars. Strictly speaking, the cleats are the …

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The Personality Traits of a Soccer Player (Know-How)

Playing soccer on the beach

As both a high-level soccer player and soccer coach, I’ve encountered a wide range of personalities on the field. For example, some of my college teammates were outgoing and energetic, always dancing and singing during pregame. Then, other players (myself included) were a bit more serious, intense, and reserved.  So which personality traits are the …

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Why Do Soccer Players Slide on Their Knees? Memorable Moments

Soccer celebration

Soccer is a very low-scoring sport. Unlike basketball, football, baseball, or other sports like volleyball and handball, there are usually just a few goals scored in a single soccer match. To put this in perspective – a soccer game is considered exciting if four or more goals are scored in a game. Now, you can …

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