Are soccer camps worth it? Kickstart Your Career

Female soccer players training - Are soccer camps worth it?

There are many young people in the world who aspire to be professional soccer players as their idols and play on the best teams in the world as well as participate (and win). The most important team and personal trophies. It’s normal for a young person to dream to achieve these types of objectives, so …

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Advanced Soccer Moves: 23 Skills & Tricks Explained

Advanced soccer Moves FI Flick e1572031941631

Although simple soccer is straightforward, the skillset and moves of an advanced player are vast. Soccer is a little more complicated in the advanced stages. Here I will take you through 23 advanced moves, that not even the best pros can perform. If you can have some of these in your locker, you’ll be the …

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Why soccer players are the best athletes? Strong Shape

Cristiano Ronaldo

The debates go on, who are the best sportspeople and some will say argue, why soccer players are the best. Soccer players are some of the most fascinating athletes to analyze. They’re a combination of speed and strength, often having to deal with many different aspects during a game and becoming very refined and developed …

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Making it as a Pro Soccer Player: What You Need!

Youth female soccer player on the ball

Making is a pro in soccer is a dream for many. By doing your research, you’ve already shown that you have a strong desire to make it. One of the biggest setbacks for players is having the desire. Two players are going in for a challenge and the one who wins the ball is mostly …

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Private Soccer Coaching – For Players and Coaches (Be The Best)

Soccer coach preparing training practice

Growing up, I was never able to do private soccer lessons, and very few of my teammates did. Back then, there was limited information and opportunities for private soccer lessons.  Despite my experience as a professional soccer player, I still feel behind in some basic skills. As more and more families seek out private soccer …

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Soccer players with flat feet: Sure-Footed

○ Soccer players with flat feet: Sure-Footed ○ Soccer player standing with ball e1618774519798

When I say the words flat feet, it seems pretty self-explanatory. Of course, I know what the words “flat” and “feet” mean, but do I really know what the term means? Flat feet is the term used when the arch of your foot appears to be absent. This results in most of the bottom of …

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Can D3 Soccer Players Go Pro? Your Guide to The Top

○ Can D3 Soccer Players Go Pro? Your Guide to The Top ○ Youth soccer players down the line e1618154076599

Since middle school, I was certain I wanted to play college soccer. Furthermore, I was dead set on playing D1 soccer in a power-five conference. While I did accomplish this goal, I’ve gained a lot of valuable insight about college soccer and the different options from coaching club and D3 soccer.  There are many misconceptions …

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Soccer for 3 & 4-year-olds: Fun Games

A 3-4-year-old kid playing soccer with dad, running after a ball

When a child reaches the age of 3 or 4, their parents may seek some outlet to occupy their bustling energy stores and curious minds. Although some might not be ready for sports at that age, for many children, this is the perfect time to start playing.  There are many great options, but one fantastic …

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