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Playing Soccer

Soccer has been a passion of ours ever since we can remember. It was the number one thing that we wanted to do in our free time. 

Playing soccer is a great way to have fun with your friends, plus you meet so many people when you start playing for a team. 

We have played for teams at many levels from youth to senior. The same enjoyment is had no matter the competition.

Soccer players in a circle
Soccer play tactics strategy

Analyzing Soccer

When we are not playing soccer, We’re watching it. When we were younger we would watch a game like anybody else. Over the years we began to study the game. So instead of casual fans, we would be aware of all positions on the pitch and all the possibilities.

We have compared soccer to playing chess – but this is a chessboard that is constantly moving. Some players have abilities like a queen, that can win the game with one move if in the right place at the right time.

Coaching Soccer

We enjoy the game of soccer so much, we decided to coach. We wanted to put some of my many ideas into action so we took a coaching course. The course is required in order for you to coach soccer, but doing this was so much fun – we recommend it to anyone. 

Training players – First and foremost is the enjoyment of the game. Keeping the training sessions varied and interesting works very well with the players. Using variations will enhance players’ game in all aspects. Plus, the more games you introduce into the sessions, the more fun it can be, which always creates competition, which is healthy. 

We have had coaches that like to spend half of the time or more improving fitness. While this is important, it can be achieved whilst using the ball. Players can run more when they’ve got a ball to chase.

Tactics – It is important for the players to know where they should be at any given time on the field. Lining-up the players on the field and going through practical match play events make the team more united. 

We believe in spending most of the time in a training session with a ball. The only exception is when warming-up, cooling-down and tactics.

Soccer pitch coaching
soccer team center circle
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Coaching soccer

Soccer Life

Our interest in soccer is as strong as it has ever been. Using tactics in a game that out-foxes another coach is rewarding. The most important factor for a team is to work hard and enjoy the game.

Some players will be better than others in some situations, but as a coach, a player that gives 100% in a game is more than enough. The team factor is important, it builds a bond between the players and coach and can be a valuable lesson in life.

Soccer Blade is here to help you know more about the game so that you can enjoy it as much as we do.

Be creative – Have fun – Hit Goals


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