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The Best Soccer Apparel

Choosing the right soccer apparel can be hit and miss. I’ve used so many different brands and designs over the years – so I put this list together to help you make the right choice. Playing soccer, you need to be comfortable to perform well.

You can buy some cheaper versions of the apparel – but for that little bit more, quality pays itself back in the long run. With more enjoyment and extended life.



The Adidas Entrada18 is an essential jersey to play football in. For the low price that it’s sold, it is a must for training. Adidas are renown for their quality and this is no exception.

  • Climate fabric
  • Sweat-wicking fabric
  • Recycled material
  • Crew neck

Its cool classic Adidas style, with three stripes and so many colors that I love. Youth and men’s – click here to see the prices at Amazon

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Of course, the national jersey is a must-have for all US soccer fans. Brilliant red, white and blue design. You can’t beat a Nike jersey

The price is higher than a normal training jersey, but you’ll know why when you put it on. High quality all round here – Nike knows how to do it.

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Under Armor

Under Armor does make some quality gear. If you like the jersey to be more of a tight fit (stop the opponents from grabbing it!)

Check out the Challenger Training Top. It comes with all the performance-enhancing materials. Look at the prices at Amazon here.

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Top choice for the shorts is the Adidas Tastigo. They are always a nice fit with plenty of room to maneuver around the field.

Plenty of room for the legs to move without being restricted, as some shorts do. Tough material that will last time.

Check them out at Amazon here.

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My favorite socks are these Adidas Copa Zone. It is a must that you have cushioned socks – if you not tried them you won’t pick anything else afterward. Blisters are a pain, but with the fit and cushioning of these, you won’t have those problems again.

The fitting of these socks also helps them to last longer. When you buy a cheaper pair, they become loose and don’t fit how they should. They also wear out less because of the elasticated fit.

See the prices at Amazon here.

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In fall, winter and spring, you need a jacket to protect you from the wind and rain. Herewith the Nike Men’s Dry Academy 18, I find it ticks all the boxes.

You need a jacket to be a tight fit – I’ve had loose jackets and you notice when the winds pick-up – also it does slow you down if you don’t have a nice fitted jacket.

Don’t look for a waterproof jacket. They make you sweat and the fabrics cannot breathe. Another thing, the noise that comes from a waterproof.

Style, fitting, fabric, and full zip – it’s just right. Have a look at the price at Amazon here.

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Why are soccer jerseys called kits?

A soccer kit includes jersey, shorts, and socks as the uniform.

Why do soccer teams have a third kit?

Sometimes kits clash with the opponent’s colors – a third kit avoids this problem.

What do the British call soccer jerseys?

The Brits call soccer jerseys, shirts. They call the jersey, shorts, and cleats a kit.