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The Best Soccer Balls

You know when you hit a good soccer ball, it can make a massive difference to the game. You want to hit the ball and know where it’s going.

A quality ball will have a slight weight to keep its course and a soft but strong coating.

Soccer Balls

EPL Ball

This a replica of the ball used in the English Premier League. Nike has made another solid ball that hits true.

The ball has a slight texture on the coating – this makes it easier to curl and swerve the ball.

Top ball for training and regular soccer.

See the availability over at Amazon.

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MLS Soccer Ball

The official Major League Soccer ball and it’s brilliant. The seams are tightly knit, giving it an even strike all around. It has been made to a very high standard and will be good for a long time.

The bladder is made of Butyl – which means that it keeps the air and shape for longer.

You can’t go wrong with this one. It is on the higher price, but well worth it.

Check the price over at Amazon now.

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ECL Soccer Ball

The Official European Champions League Finale soccer ball. The best ball on the market – made of the best materials and made for the best players.

The outer material is polyurethane, which is the highest quality used for soccer balls – it is stronger than most. Again the bladder is Butyl, so there will be little pumping with its strong air retention.

It is very expensive for a soccer ball. So it will be a treat if you get one of these. See the current price at Amazon here.

Any of the soccer balls on this list will be great for your game – stick with the top brands to ensure the quality.

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What is the official match ball size?

Size 5

Are expensive soccer balls worth it?

Like any product, the more you pay the better it is – it is best to spend upwards of $30 on a soccer ball.

How long does a soccer ball last?

If you are using it on the street it might last a few months. Playing on turf it will last for 2 + years depending on the amount of game time.