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The Best Soccer Cleats

Top soccer cleats can improve your game. Having the wrong ones can cause you injuries. Different cleats are needed on different surfaces. I’ve used many over the years and here are my favorite ones.

Soccer Cleats and Playing Surface


Nike Mercurial Superfly 6 Elite FG fit like a glove! Just what you need on the field. The design fits the foot perfectly, they never feel loose like some do. Ideal for turf but they can be used on artificial turf.

These cleats have nice fabric that gives grip to the ball and allows for the foot to breath. The added ankle support is nice – it gives added support.

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Artificial Turf

Adidas Mundial is a classic soccer cleat. They were first designed 40 years ago and so popular that there still here today. It is for good reasons too.

They are so well designed with a leather strip around the toe – this helps to spin the ball and protect the area.

The leather is of high quality and the grip is perfect. These are my favorite of all and I have had them for many years now. I have used them on artificial turf and real turf and performed great for both. If you need specific ones with longer studs, they do variations.

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Hard Court

If you are playing indoors or out on a hard surface, the Nike Bombard grip like glue to the floor. You can’t go wrong with a pair of Nike.

The laces are offset to avoid influencing the strike of the ball. They’ve got a toe protecting raised sole.

They are great for soccer and futsal with the nice material, making a pass or shot feel sure.

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Why do soccer players use cleats?

Soccer cleats are designed for performance and durability when playing the game. Soles designed to grip the turf. Rims made for striking the ball and materials made for impact resistance.

Can I wear sneakers for soccer?

If you are playing soccer indoors or out, on a hard court, it is possible to play. Although you could damage your sneakers as they are not designed specifically for it and the performance won’t be at its highest.

How do you know when you need new cleats?

You will feel the padding becoming thin. The seams can tare or split and they feel loose. Ensure the studs are adequate for gripping. Buy new when slipping or there is any rip to ensure safety.