Soccer Coaching Gear

Coaching tools to up the players’ game can be very effective. Getting the message across to the players is vitals when your giving instructions. Some players can switch off – keep them all alert with these tools.

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Portable Tactics Board

This coaching board great for the field. Give your players instructions before the game and update it for half time.

The players love to see where they should be on a diagram and where they should be covering.

Double-Sided board with places for names is a low price for understanding and unity on the field.

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Tactics Wall Board

If you have a locker room where you do the team talk, a wall tactics ball is a must. Or even if your son or daughter plays soccer and you want to improve their game – this is great.

The three sizes that are supplied give a variety of options – on the wall, on the table, for the changing room or office. Be one step ahead of your opponents with formations and tactics to blow them away.

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Possession Circles video
Soccer Coach App

Every coach needs to be ahead of the game with as many tools as possible. Over at Planet Training, they have every tool that a soccer coach needs.

With the app you have access to drills, session plans, tactics and more. You can use your mobile or iPad to give you the information you need during a session or game.

They have a free trial for you to try it out. Check it out at Planet Training.

The Coaching Tool -
What is a good soccer coach?

Good coaches will get the best out of their players and the players will want to please their coach. They will give clear instructions and improve the players’ ability and tactics.

Do soccer players use whistles?

Most soccer coaches prefer to use their voice when coaching. Although, if you are in a noisy environment, a soft whistle can get the players attention quickly. It can be effective when starting drills and competitions.

How do you beat a better team?

Knowing that the opposition has better skills can make some players raise their game and another fall. Pick the right players that are giving 100% – who like a challenge. Work as a team in defense and attack – be compact and keep battling.