Are Soccer Kicks Legal In UFC?

Conor McGregor. One of the UFCs biggest stars

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the leading mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion on the planet. As the second-fastest growing sport in the world, MMA has gained millions of followers due to explosive … Read more

Play Soccer Without Getting Tired

Athletic Soccer Player

Soccer is a demanding game, both physically and mentally. You’re on the move for a full 90 minutes, which means you’ll need great physical conditioning. That’s not all, you’ll be making decisions and … Read more

Moving Without the Ball: Essential Tips

Kallang Singapore 26 Jul 2018 Sead Kolasinac 31 player of Arsenal in action during ICC 2018 Arsenal vs. Atletico de Madrid at National Stadium in Singapore

One of the most underrated skills in soccer is moving without the ball. In fact, you can even say that off-the-ball movement is what separates good players from great players – especially when … Read more

Do fans get to keep soccer balls?

Soccer Ball on Turf

We so often see throughout a soccer match that a player shoots at goal and the ball sails over or wide and goes into the crowd. More often than not we see fans … Read more

Practice Shooting Without a Soccer Goal

Soccer Player Shooting

In soccer, shooting is an important part of the game. You’ll want to practice your shooting whether you’re a defender, midfielder, or attacker. Don’t worry if you don’t have a soccer goal to … Read more

Playing Soccer Without a Toenail

Bad toenail

Throughout my soccer career, I’ve lost toenails many, many times. For soccer players, it’s a common side effect of the game we love. However, newer players or parents of players may be concerned … Read more

Aggression in Soccer Without Fouling

LONDON, ENGLAND FEBRUARY 26, 2020 Thiago Alcantara of Bayern and Ross Barkley of Chelsea pictured during the 2019.20 UEFA Champions League Round of 16 game Chelsea FC vs. Bayern Munich at Stamford Bridge

Soccer is a contact sport, so there’s room for some aggression. But if you go over the top, the referee will call a foul. The trick is to get to maximum aggression without … Read more

White soccer players – Are They Good

Barcelona Soccer Team Line-up - Messi with the Golden Ball Trophy

We see players from every corner of the globe and different races and different nationalities. This is what makes the sport of soccer so great, it includes everyone no matter who you are. … Read more

Soccer Teams Called Real (Why & Where)

Manchester City vs. Real Madrid Walking out onto the field

There are so many soccer teams with different names all over the globe. Names like City and United do dominate the landscape but another one is Real. The majority of the time, the … Read more