Are Ankle Weights Good For Soccer Players?

Ankle weights A woman exercising in the park

Ankle weights have long been a topic of debate in sports. They are essentially miniature bags filled with sand, steel shot, iron powder, or water that can be strapped to your ankles to … Read more

Is Blocking Allowed in Soccer? Tactical Play

Blocking in soccer bad tackle

Blocking is an important part of many American sports, including football and basketball. It is a predominantly defensive move that often goes under the radar to viewers. As one of the fastest-growing sports … Read more

Soccer Without a Goalkeeper: Game Changer

Goalkeeper holding a soccer ball

The goalkeeper is the most specialized position in soccer. Their unique role as the last line of defense means having a top goalie in your team is extremely important. It is widely agreed … Read more

How to Travel with a Soccer Ball

Soccer ball and goal on a beach

Whether you want to do some extra training during your vacation or your coach makes each player responsible for a ball during travel, there are times when you’ll have to travel with a … Read more

Do Soccer Players and Goalies Have Numbers?


Playing at the end of the field with their backs to the stands for most of the game, fans often wonder, do soccer goalies have numbers? While soccer players didn’t always display digits … Read more

How Much Does a Soccer Jersey Weigh

Soccer Jerseys Hanging Up

How much does a soccer jersey weigh? Well, soccer jerseys are made of 100% polyester. Therefore, they are lightweight, flexible, and comfortable, allowing for maximum mobility on the field. The average measurement for … Read more

Soccer Step Over vs Scissors

Female soccer player

Soccer Step Over vs Scissors, both have different uses, so it depends on what you are going for. Soccer step-over works well if your opponents have a tight marking scheme and are not … Read more

Does Soccer Make Your Thighs Big?

Brazil's Hulk helping a player off the ground

Soccer players come in all shapes and sizes. From Lionel Messi’s slight build to Zlatan Ibrahmoic’s 6’5”, 210 lb frame, size doesn’t dictate ability in the sport. Skill, agility, vision, and intelligence are … Read more

How To Stay Calm During A Soccer Game

Free kick in Soccer. Two defenders in a wall infront of the goalie

Planning what you are going to do in an upcoming soccer game is relatively easy. However, you cannot account for how the match plays out. Most people can stay calm during training even … Read more