Can a Soccer Kill? The Game of Pains

Widely known as a tough sport, soccer was once known as a gentleman’s game. The competitiveness of the game has increased over the years, making it more dangerous.

Many players have died over the years playing the game of soccer – some as a result of what happened on the field.

The authorities of the game have taken action over recent years to prevent serious injury, by giving the officials the power to stop a game for a head injury.

Sadly, some players use this rule to their advantage, by gaining stoppage for their team, to break up the play.

Terminal Velocity of a Soccer Ball

A soccer ball can be a dangerous object when struck, due to the weight and mass. With only the air to slow the ball down, a soccer ball can reach a force that can cause serious damage.

The rate of terminal velocity can give us an indication of the force a soccer ball a produces. To give the figure some comparable here are two other rates;

The terminal velocity of a sky-diver is 53ms and a bullet is 90ms.

Terminal Velocity Calculator

Using the thermal velocity tool above with these figures;
Mass: 450g
Cross-section area: 1520cm2
Drag Coefficient: 0.25
Air Density: 1.225 kg/m3
Gravity: 1g

We can calculate that the thermal velocity of a soccer ball is
13.7696 m/s (49,570.6086 km/h) (metric)
45.1753 ft/s (30.8017 mph)

With a thermal velocity of 13.7, a soccer ball is nowhere near the rate of a bullet but it still packs a punch.
Like any object, it depends where the ball would strike a person, which would cause damage.

Getting hit in the face with a soccer ball

A soccer ball struck at full force into somebody’s face in pain. Normally when this happens, it is at close range, which gives you no time to move out of the way.

The majority of times, it is a funny event, because the player is caught off guard and they are not seriously hurt.

I have seen a player knocked out unconscious on the floor after the ball struck him. This was a moment of shock, then a while of concern.

A concussion can be a serious injury, that could lead to another injury. A player cannot focus properly and is unable to see assess a tackle, shot, or situation. It can take a few minutes to fully regain awareness or a number of days.

Have a look at this compilation of soccer balls in the face.

A goalkeeper is more likely to be ht in the face with a soccer ball. This is why it takes some bravery to be a goalkeeper – they put their body on the line.

The best goalkeepers don’t care which part of the body it hits – just as long as the ball does not go in the back of the net.

If a player does get hit in the face, it is important to check that their vision is not impaired and they can clearly function.

I got hit in the face with a soccer ball and my jaw hurts

A ball in the face can be like a hard punch on the jaw. If the ball is hit with enough power and it catches you in the right spot, it can hurt quite a bit.

You normally notice when you’re eating something that it is painful to do so. As soon as you stop playing the game it is best to put an ice pack on the painful area.

Like with many superficial injuries, it’s best to rest and your body will recover in a few days. If it troubles you to talk or eat, seek medical advice.

Most of the time it will be the joke for the next couple of weeks, but that’s part of the game.

Can a Soccer Ball Kill you?

A soccer ball alone is not likely to kill you, but under circumstances, it could be the final blow.

If a player is suffering from a brain hemorrhage or a blood clot, a ball to the head could be the fatal strike.

There are a number of circumstances where a soccer ball could kill you. Maybe not the ball itself, but the event that follows.

On a serious note, an accident like this occurred to a young woman in Alabama and she sadly lost her life. The young woman, Allie Brodie was only 18 years old.

Allie was born with a brain malformation and the strike to the head caused bleeding in the brain.

In respect of the tragic story of Allie, or health is the most important thing. Anyone with any serious injury is best playing it safe and take a supporter role.

Can Soccer Kill You?

As we a seen, soccer can kill you in the most unlikely situations. Soccer can even lead to a shortened life.

The more modern soccer balls have been designed to have to cushion to help with the imapct of the ball to the head when heading.

Players that have been retired a number of years are now reporting cases of dementia due to the impact of the older heavy soccer balls.

There are calls to reduce heading in the game and many youth leagues have introduced a no-heading policy. Which will protect the youth from injury while their head is developing.

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Soccer Goals For Schools: High-Mid-Youth

Soccer goal and ball

Bring a Premier League-feel to school with these amazing goal posts. Soccer goals come in different shapes and sizes and it’s important to know what you want out of one before you purchase one for schoolchildren. 

Though it may not seem it, selecting an ideal goal requires quite a bit of thought. You have to know which age groups are going to use it and what they’re using it for. 

What Are the Best Soccer Goals For Schools?

We’ve found that a great soccer goal for school use needs to fulfill three criteria:

  1. The goal should be adjustable 
  2. It should also be weather-resistant
  3. The goal should look and function like a professional-level goal

To help answer this question, we’ve compiled a list of the five best soccer goals for schools based on build-quality, size, performance, and price.

What to avoid

Anything primarily designed for home use.

There’s a big difference between a goal solely built for recreation and a goal that has hybrid qualities of both competition and recreation. 

Conversely, it makes little sense to purchase a full-size, steel, professional soccer goal used by adult players. Not only are these extremely expensive, but they are also not suitable for school-use due to their size and lack of portability. 

Below is a list of the five best soccer goals for school use. 

Whilst each one has its respective pros and cons, they are all a solid option in their own way. Every school has their own requirements dependant on use and age of student.

We have complied this list for all age types and school criteria.

Best Goals for Kindergarten

Franklin Sports Soccer Goal 36×24

Despite what people think, small soccer goals are extremely important for children. 

The reduced net size forces them to work on their finishing and shooting skills and develops precision in their passing.

Of course, such a small goal is only really suitable for training drills and would not be used for competitive games.

Franklin Sports Steel Goal - All Sport...
  • Durable steel construction: Durable steel construction with...
  • Fast setup: For all its durability, this franklin sports...
  • Play anywhere: Perfect for backyards, youth leagues and club...


  • Small and compact, the Frankling Sports goal is the easiest to transport
  • Its small size will help develop accuracy and precision 
  • The skills learned by using this goal will work wonders for players’ abilities 


  • Its tiny dimensions make it suitable for practice drills only
  • The goal is not sturdy and falls over when meeting a powerfully-struck ball

Overall, the Franklin Sports soccer goal is a welcome addition to a collection of training equipment. It is not, however, suitable as a main cornerstone of training. 

It fulfills one area of training extremely well – shooting. Apart from that, the Franklin Sports goal is very limited. 

Best Goals for Youth

Net World Sports Forza Backyard Soccer

The Net World Sports Forza goal is available in several different sizes making it ideal for different age groups and different training drills. 

For example, the smaller versions could either be used with younger children or for finishing/shooting drills depending on your needs.

FORZA Net World Sports Backyard Soccer Goals...
  • SOCCER NETS FOR BACKYARD – These high-quality FORZA Soccer...
  • PREMIUM PVC PORTABLE SOCCER GOALS – All of these soccer...
  • PRO GRADE SOCCER NETS – Each goal comes with a premium 2mm...


  • The Net World Soccer Goal is light, durable, and easy to assemble
  • Available in different sizes to suit different age ranges
  • Suitable for a variety of needs from games to practice drills to recreation 


  • The crossbar is known to sag due to the interlocking pillars
  • Its net does not stay in place for too long
  • Perhaps more suitable for inside use due to its plastic construction.

Overall, the Net World Sports Forza goal is a solid option as a soccer school goal. However, its cheap and flimsy build-quality rules it out as a serious option for competitive games. 

Best Goals on a Budget

AmazonBasics Soccer Goal Frame & Net

The Amazon soccer goal merges stability with convenience. 

Its steel base is easy to assemble and does not require any tools. A great option for a soccer goal for schools.

Amazon Basics Soccer Goal Frame With Net - 12...
  • Outdoor soccer goal for backyard soccer practice with family...
  • Weather-resistant powder-coated steel frame (1.25-inch...
  • Durable netting; Velcro straps make it easy to attach the...


  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Weather-resistant (mostly)
  • Durable netting

The AmazonBasics soccer goal does precisely what it says on the box. For the price, it’s a very good option for the repetitive use it will see in schools no matter what the time of year is. 


  • Not adjustable 
  • The velcro fastenings of the net tend to break off quite easily
  • Its light weight (31lbs) doesn’t hold up well in strong winds

Overall, the AmazonBasics soccer goal is a reliable option for school practices. However, its flimsy net and low weight do not lend themselves well to competitive games. 

Best Goals for High School

GOLME Pro Training Soccer Goal

The GOLME Pro Soccer goal brings Premier League quality to youth soccer goals. 

Available in three sizes depending on age level, the GOLME Pro goal has all bases covered with its sturdy, professional-quality build, easy transport, and solidly constructed net. 

GOLME PRO Training Soccer Goal 6.5x18.5 Ft. -...
  • Your own personal regulation-size goal to play anywhere
  • Patented one-piece design for quick 3-minute setup and...
  • Folds down to a tiny fraction of its size for easy transport...


  • Made with aircraft-like aluminum 
  • Easy assembly and takedown 
  • Available in different sizes
  • Impact-resistant net

The GOLME Pro Soccer goal is an excellent choice. It has all the hallmarks of a professional goal and requires minimal effort to assemble and transport. 


  • Expensive
  • Posts need to be secured down tightly to avoid them falling over

The GOLME Pro goal is a slightly more professional choice for school soccer goals. They make a great choice for competitive games and team training. However, they are an expensive choice for pure recreation. 

Best High Quality Goals for School/College

FORZA Alu60 Soccer Goal

FORZA’s Alu60 goal is another shining example of professional-level quality and design.

Available in ten different sizes from indoor futsal use all the way down to 11vs11 games, the FORZA goal truly has all bases covered.

FORZA Alu60 Soccer Goal - Club Spec Aluminum...
  • ELITE CONSTRUCTION – Suitable for year-round use, the...
  • PREMIUM SOCCER NETS – These soccer nets are crafted using...
  • FREESTANDING & PORTABLE – The lightweight & portable goals...


  • Made from solid aluminium, the FORZA goal is extremely well-built 
  • Holds up in extreme weather due to its secure hooks 
  • Its net is extremely secure, able to withstand constant, hard impact
  • Portable for transport between games and drills

As amazing as the FORZA soccer goal is, it’s not without its flaws.


  • A full-size goal will cost well over a grand
  • Assembly of the goal can take a long time and a lot of patience 

Overall, the FROZA Alu60 soccer goal is perfect for bringing a professional feel to the schoolyard. Its robust build is similar to Major League Soccer goals – just be ready to pay a large sum purchasing it.

Which One of These Soccer Goals Is Best For Schools?

There is no undisputed answer to this questions as there are many variables that need to be considered. 

The best soccer goal for long-term use and high quality match play are without doubt the Forza Alu60. If you have the budget for these goals they are a sure winner.

If you’re looking for a versatile, economical, resistant, and professional-feeling goal for competitive games – the GOLME Pro goal fulfills this criteria the best. 

If you’re on a low budget for older students, the GOLME Pro goal possess all the answers to your problems. The young players will love the professional look and feel of the goal and will appreciate its sturdy build-quality. 

However, if you’re looking to install a goalpost for youth and younger, the other options will be a perfect addition for your school. Any one of these goalposts will be a welcome addition in any school.

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Soccer Retirement: Young or Old Player’s Game

Soccer players retire from the game due to injury and age. The average age that an outfield player retires is 35 and for a goalkeeper, it’s 38. years old.

The career of a soccer player can be short in comparison to a normal person. Many of us that are working will expect to retire in their 60’s and some will continue in their 70’s.

With the age of retirement growing ever older, it’s a different game for sports professionals.

Soccer player retirement age?

Since there’s a lot more money in the game, soccer players that make it as pros can retire after they’ve played the game. It wasn’t always the case and it won’t be the same for those players in the lower leagues.

Many will have a break after soccer, but will eventually need to return to work in order to support themselves.

Early Retirement – Injury

The physical demands of a soccer game can take their toll on players. One bad injury can cause severe problems, enough to halt their career. The pain can be too much to continue or their body can’t rise to the level required.

There are fewer cases of early retirement with the advancement of science and surgery. Ligament, cartilage, and other debilitating injuries can be repaired by a surgeon.

Injury can cause retirement at any age, which can be down to luck, accident, incident, or even poor preparation. Injuries that have caused this group of players to retire are knee ligament, compound fracture, knee injury, double leg compound fracture, broken ankle, double leg break, and cruciate ligaments.

We can do our best to prevent injuries with training, diet, recuperation, and know-how. But, sometimes players are unlucky.

Retirement for Older Players

Some player’s key feature is their pace. Without that extra yard of pace to be able to beat a player, they lose what brought them to the top.

If a player has many attributes to their game, like passing, shooting, reading the game, they can prolong their career. So they can use their experience to carry on playing longer than others.

Wise soccer players that have a ‘soccer brain’ are a valuable asset. They can read the game quicker than the younger ones. Enabling them to make quicker decisions on the field, which can decide a game.

When a player reaches their 30’s, retirement is often not too far away. Depending on how they have looked after their body, will affect how much longer they can play.

Players can continue after they’ve dropped from their peak by playing in the lower leagues or to a different country where the competition is less.

Normal retirement for a soccer player is from 33 to 37 years old. The average age of retirement is 35 years old.

What age do goalkeepers retire?

Goalkeepers require different physical attributes to play soccer, they don’t need to sprint like the other outfield players. The sprinting aspect is normally one that halts a players’ career which allows them to continue on for a few more years.

There is a balance though, in comparison to outfield players, goalkeepers normally get a place in the side when they are 25 and over because there is one position and it takes years of experience to perform to the highest level.

The following chart, brought together by u/Its_Louis on Reddit, collected the data from FIFA to demonstrate when the goalkeepers retire. The majority of them play on till they’re 38 and then retire in the following years.

AgeGoalkeeper Percentage Of Retiring (%)
Goalkeeper Retirement Ages – By Percentage.

Goalkeepers often play on till their 40’s and their knowledge of the game is a valuable asset to the team. They can direct the backline to minimize the threat.

One legend of the game that is still playing is Gianluigi Buffon of Juventus, born in 1978 but still top of his game.


Soccer is a fundamental part of a player’s life, they sleep, eat, train soccer. So what do they do when they retire? For many professionals it’s a fear of the unknown – they lose their status and their routine.

Many players will continue on in the game as a coach, pundit, advisor, or anything related. Because of their love of the game and they feel they’ve got more to offer with the experience they have.

For others, they will be glad to put their feet up and rest those weary legs that have been drained for many years.

Related Questions

Why do soccer players retire so early?
Soccer at the professional level requires the best athletes and the human body performs the best in the ’20s and ’30s. At 40 onwards it’s difficult to maintain the speed.

What age do soccer players peak?

Soccer players mostly peak in their late 20s from 27 to 29. There are many players that hit their peak earlier and some into their 30s. It depends on the type of player and their development.

What age do female soccer players retire?

Female soccer players retire slightly earlier than males and from the chart below – taken from the playing age of females at the 2012 Olympics, there is a sharp drop-off at the age of 30, indicating the average retirement age of 30.

Female soccer player's age in London 2012 Olympic Games

Is 40 too old to play soccer?

If you in shape physically and you are still contributing to your team, it’s not too old to play. Many great players have been effective at 40 when playing soccer.

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Why are Soccer Players Skinny? Lean and Mean!

Soccer players running after the ball behind match official

Soccer involves a number of twists and turns in the game and this demands the players to be flexible. This flexibility often requires players to be skinny so they get to excel in the game.

Soccer players are professional athletes. There is minimal fat on a soccer player, so their Body Mass Index is super low. A soccer player can play three games in a week during the peak season. 

Training is for most players over 7 days, so for most of the season they won’t get a day off. Although some of these days will be spent doing recovery and recuperation work, to rest and repair their body. 

The majority of players are what we class as skinny but that is far from diminishing their strength and attributes. Although they look like they could benefit from a large meal, they are certainly stronger than most. 

Body Mass Index

The body mass calculation tells us the amount of fat a person has. Here is the image below, it shows us that a healthy person has between 18.5-25.

File:BMI chart.svg
BMI Chart

Anything less than 18.5 is unhealthy as our bodies need fat, because it’s our fuel. Low levels of BMI can lead to injuries, poor recovery and feeling faint.

Let’s take a look at one top player to see if they fall into the category of skinny or healthy.

BMI: 20.9 (Normal Body Weight), Height: 5’9″ (1.75 m), Weight: 141 lbs (64 kg)

Neymar BMI Calculation

Neymar is on the lower end of the BMI scale, but not too close to the unhealthy side.

Other Sports and Weight

In some sports, it requires the athlete to have substantial body weight/mass/fat to perform. Consider a boxer. A boxer can vary in weight, but this is used technically for the heavyweights. A heavyweight has no limits on what they weigh, so they can adjust it to prepare for a fight.

The weight will give them that extra punching power, but it will also slow them down. So it’s a trade-off between the two – power or speed. 

A shot-putter is generally heavy/fat for a reason – they need that force. I’m sure there are professional shot putters that are slim, but for the most part, they carry the weight in order to put their force behind the shot. 

Another example would be a sumo wrestler – I’ve never seen a skinny one, have you? When grappling a 300-pound sumo fighter, you need that weight that grounds you and stabilizes you to enforce your power. 

Demands of a Soccer Game

To be a top professional soccer player you need to be able to run miles, at a consistent speed. Not only long distances but also stopping, starting, turning, kicking, tackling, heading, and sliding.

You know if you play the game, it’s easy enough to run, but when you stop and start it takes the energy out of you. If you are a tall player carrying a few extra pounds, it won’t be long before you need to have a break. 

The Game

Soccer is an intesive game and require many attributes from players. If the players are not in top condition, their performance will start to shown on the field.

You might of noticed it yourself when you’ve been playing or watching a game, after 80 minutes, players make more mistakes are there are more goals during this time.

The desire and intensity builds up, with the final few minutes remaining, everthing is on the line. If you counter attack a team and they counter attack you, you can be out of breath soon enough.

Central Core

One of the biggest factors for a soccer player dbeing strong is that they need to strong in the core of their muscles. This is not an easy thing to build, it take many years of training and playing.

The core muscles allow players to have the strength, but without the wieght. That is why many soccer players use yoga to stregthen their core muscles.

Core muscles run down the center of a person. So it the small muscles along the center of the back and the chest. This allows them to twist and turn effectively without losing their breath.

Who is the skinniest soccer player?

Two of the most popular soccer stars that are skinny are Di Maria and Neymar. Di Maria is 5 foot 9 inches tall and weighs 165 pounds. Neymar is 5 foot 9 inches and weighs 150 pounds.

Take a look at both of them in action. And although they are skinny, they are strong enough to take on the biggest of opponents.

Di Maria Highlights
Neymar Highlights

For those two examples, they are shorter players, but what about tall players. One fine example of a soccer player who is tall but skinny is Peter Crouch – well known to the Premier League but now retired.

Peter crouch is 6 foot 7 inches and weighs 165 pounds. Using the formula that we used before, we can calculate that his BMI is 18.5! Making him the skinniest soccer player.

Skinny Soccer Players FAQ

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Most Expensive Soccer Balls In The Game: Everything You Need to Know

Soccer Ball-corner-flag-football-pitch-green-pixabay

Most of the expensive soccer balls have excellent material, lining, stitching, as well as the bladder. So, expensive soccer balls are definitely worth your time and money.

Your guide to finding out the most expensive soccer ball in the game.

Soccer balls are available today in different sizes and prices. Now, the question arises – should you go for expensive soccer balls or not? 

Still, is it worth it to spend your bucks on a costly soccer ball when you can simply get a cheap one? Read on to know more!

In a Hurry – The Top Three

How Can An Expensive Soccer Ball Help You?

There are certain reasons why expensive soccer balls are preferred over unknown, inexpensive ones such as: 

They Come With An Excellent Material 

One of the major differences between expensive and inexpensive soccer balls is the material. 

For example, inexpensive soccer balls are made up of PVC or a mix of PVC or a mix of PVC and Polyurethane to keep the cost within the budget. On the other hand, expensive soccer balls are made up of pure Polyurethane. 

Now, PVC is a durable option. Yet, it is not the best. The reason is that it may give you a hard touch and make it difficult for you to control the ball. 

When it comes to expensive soccer balls made up of Polyurethane, they last longer and also give you a soft touch to have a natural grip on the ball. 

They Retain Their Shape

Another important reason is the ball lining. It determines how long the ball will retain and what type of touch it will provide. 

The inner lining of inexpensive soccer balls is usually made of either cotton or polyester layers. There are just one to two layers. Due to this, inexpensive balls are harder to play with. They may also lose their shape and durability.

On the other hand, expensive soccer balls have multiple layers that consist of both cotton and polyester layers. Multiple layers offer more durability and they even retain their shape. 

They Are Stitched Properly

Before, soccer balls were stitched using water-resistant polyester material. So, they lasted in the wet climate too. 

However, now, many high-end brands, such as Adidas, have started using thermal bonding. This helps in giving more shape to your ball and making it durable. 

They Have Better Bladder

The center-most part of the soccer ball is known as the bladder. Now, there are two materials used here. One is Butyl and the other one is Latex. 

Inexpensive and medium-range soccer balls make use of butyl whereas expensive ones are made up of latex. Latex soccer balls offer better grip and touch. It also keeps the ball in shape. 

The bottom line is that butyl soccer balls aren’t as good as latex ones. 

Three Most Expensive Soccer Balls

If you’re interested in looking for the most expensive soccer ball in the game, here are the three most expensive ones. 

1. Adidas Men’s Soccer Champions Finale Official Match Ball

Brand: Adidas

Where to Buy: Amazon

Price: Around $200

With a price tag of $185, this is definitely one of the most expensive soccer balls out there. However, it provides you with great value that makes it worth the price. 

It is available in size five, which is the standard soccer ball size for adults. 

adidas Men's Soccer Champions Finale Official...
  • 100% polyurethane cover
  • Thermally bonded seamless construction for a more...
  • Butyl bladder for best air retention, UEFA Champions League...

Here are some of the key features: 

  • Eye-catching Design 

The design matches the price on this ball. It has a combination of bold colors. It is really pleasing to look at and play with. It will certainly be an attention grabber as well. 

  • High-end Materials

The cover of the ball is made out of 100% polyurethane. This material adds maximum durability to the ball. It is proof against tear, cut, abrasion, oil, grease, etc. 

  • Butyl Bladder

Some balls have latex bladders but this one has a high-quality butyl bladder. It allows the ball to have prolonged air and shape retention. You can play with it for as long as you can and it will not lose the air inside or get any kind of shape deformation. 

  • High Durability 

The panels on the ball are thermally bonded for extra strength. The polyurethane material on the cover ensures maximum durability as well. It will not break or tear down no matter how hard you kick it. 


  1. High-end materials
  2. FIFA Quality Pro certified
  3. Thermally bonded panels 
  4. Maximum durability 
  5. Excellent design 


  1. Very expensive price
  2. It delivers deflated, you need to have an air pump

2. Adidas Jabulani Official World Cup Match Ball 2010

Brand: Adidas

Where to Buy: Amazon

Price: Below $150

The Jabulani soccer ball is also one of the best yet most expensive soccer balls in the market. It offers you an amazing experience, thanks to the premium materials and excellent performance of the ball. 

It also comes in the standard five size. 

adidas World Cup 2010 Official Match Soccer...
  • This item will ship deflated to save on shipping costs
  • Official match ball of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
  • High-quality materials in the cover, backing, and bladder...

Here are some of the key features:

  • Great Performance

Since it is the official ball of the South Africa World Cup, it can guarantee you the best performance out.

This ball has passed FIFA’s tests on durability, air and shape retention, water-resistance, size, quality, and more. The best part? It has also received excellent ratings and will definitely give you a challenging play. 

  • Premium Materials 

This ball has received the highest ratings from FIFA. It has a cover fully made from polyurethane. This material is amazing when it comes to abrasion, tear, cut resistance. It can absolutely handle the strongest of kicks. 

  • Excellent Design

The design of this ball is simply beautiful. The combination of colors is well-chosen. The colors are very visible on any surface. Overall, the design is very pleasing and appealing. 

  • Shot Accuracy 

The aerodynamic grooves placed on the cover of the ball can allow the ball to fly in straight lines without deviating from its path. You should expect maximum strike precision with this ball. 


  1. 100% polyurethane
  2. Passed FIFA’s performance tests
  3. Beautiful design 
  4. Prolonged air and shape retention 
  5. Accurate shots
  6. Highest ratings from FIFA 


  1. It is very costly
  2. It is shipped deflated and requires an air pump

3. Nike Premier League Merlin Official Match Soccer Ball

Brand: Adidas 

Where to Buy: Amazon

Price: Around $150

This ball is another great option for an expensive ball with great value. It has all the features that make it a quality ball. The design is also very futuristic and cool-looking.  

Nike Premier League Merlin Official Match...
  • 4-panel construction enlarges the striking surface for a...
  • 3-D ink creates variations in texture for targeted control...
  • Nike Aerow Trac grooves allow consistency in ball spin.

Here are some of the key features:

  • Consistent Ball Spin

The ball is provided with Nike Arrow Track grooves. These grooves give great consistency in the spin of the ball. They also optimize the aerodynamics of the ball, giving you amazing shots every time. 

  • Amazing Performance 

This ball is designed for Premier League 2019-2020. It offers one of the best soccer ball performances out there. The designers have stated that they wanted to make a ball that is hyper-technical and precise in nature. The ball feels great and performs greater. 

  • Design 

It features a modern design with a combination of white, orange, and black. It has the Nike logo on top along with the familiar Premier League logo. It has a 4-panel construction which gives you a larger surface area for shooting. 

  • Durability

Durability is one of the features we love most about this ball. It features a latex bladder that allows the ball to maintain its shape and the air inside for the longest time possible. The material is also very good quality and it is able to withstand all the forces. 


  • High-performing aero-dynamism
  • Prolonged air and shape retention
  • Great feel
  • Great performance 
  • High durability 
  • Optimal consistency 
  • High-quality materials 


  • It is an expensive ball
  • You need to purchase an air pump since it comes deflated

Should You Buy An Expensive Soccer Ball or Not? 

To answer your question, yes, it is definitely worth buying the most expensive soccer ball in the game. However, if you can’t afford or find them overpriced, you can try to look out for similar ones, if available.

In the end, it is the good features that count, not the price. 

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The Best Soccer Ball for Footgolf: How to Find the Perfect Choice


For practicing Footgolf, all you need is a high-quality soccer ball that is lightweight, durable, and provides you with accurate shots to enjoy the sport. 

Footgolf is a newly introduced super fun sport. It is basically a combination of soccer and golf together. It allows you to get the best out of the two different sports. It is very easy to play and does not require anything but a good ball. 

Your complete guide for finding the best footgolf ball out there. 

When it comes to the ball choice, you will hardly find any ball designed especially for footgolf. Among the hundreds of soccer ball options available out there you might get confused and end up lost. 

However, in this blog post, we will help you find the best soccer ball for footgolf! 

Why Go For the Best Footgolf Ball?

There are plenty of soccer balls available today. However, this doesn’t mean you should go for any type. 

In fact, there are certain reasons why you should only go for the best footgolf ball. 

For Proper Weight

The best footgolf ball will have the proper weight to go for far distances. On the other hand, if you go for a heavy soccer ball, it won’t travel as much as a lightweight one. 

For Preventing Injury 

The wrong kind of soccer ball for your footgolf can definitely become a cause of injury. 

It is because the weight will get too much for you to kick for longer distances, as required in footgolf. 

For Handling the Hard Kicks 

During the game of footgolf, you need to kick the ball hard in order to score. Now, if you choose a ball that can’t handle very strong kicks, then it may get damaged easily and ruin your game. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Footgolf Ball

To overcome the above limitations, here are a few things to consider before buying a soccer ball for footgolf. 


Footgolf requires a lightweight ball that can travel for a long distance easily. A heavy stuffed ball will not travel far and it will hurt your feet after a strong kick. 


As mentioned earlier, playing footgolf requires you to give the ball very hard kicks to make it fly as far as possible. This means that you need a very durable ball that can handle all the kicks without tearing down or breaking. 


You need an accurate shot to deliver the ball to the golf cup. In order to do that, you need a ball that can fly in a straight line and not go off the flight path. Precision is the key to success in footgolf! 


You need a reliable ball that can give you the best performance. It must be water-resistant to not allow water uptake during a rainy day. It also needs some sort of friction to not keep moving endlessly on the grass. 

Best Soccer Balls for Footgolf

To help you find the perfect one, here are our three suggestions for the best soccer ball for footgolf out there. 

Senda FootGolf Match Soccer Ball

Brand: Senda

Where to Buy: Amazon

Price: Below $50

Senda has stepped their game up and designed a ball made especially for footgolf matches. It has a dimpled design that looks just like a golf ball. This is one of the perfect affordable balls you could purchase for a footgolf match. 

It is available in size five for adult playing. 

Senda FootGolf Match Soccer Ball, Fair Trade...
  • Designed with 32 panels sewn together, producing a near...
  • Each panel is made with 1.6 mm dimpled premium synthetic...
  • Features 4 layers of polyester/cotton hybrid linings placed...

Here are some of the key features: 

  • Textured Casing

The first noticeable difference between this ball and every other soccer ball is the texture of the outer casing. The ball has a micro-textured casing with dimples that resembles a real golf ball. 

The main function of the dimples is making the air move uniformly around the ball so it can move faster. This makes it perfect for footgolf since you get to shoot longer shots. 

  • High Durability 

Footgolf requires you to kick the ball very strongly to get long shots, which necessitate a very durable and strong ball that can withstand all the hard kicks. 

This ball is made out of 32 panels that are hand-stitched together to ensure high strength and durability. 

  • Suitable Material 

While a normal soccer ball should be soft to glide smoothly on any surface, a footgolf ball needs some sort of friction that can slow it down on the grass. Otherwise, it will keep rolling beyond the golf cup. 

This Senda footgolf is made of a material that provides adequate friction along with the dimples. The ball moves at a high speed in the air and slows down on the grass. 

  • Great Performance 

When you play footgolf you need a ball with high accuracy to deliver the ball to the cup. This ball does the job very well. If you shoot it straight, it will move in a straight line and does not deviate from the path. 


  1. Dimpled design 
  2. High accuracy 
  3. Excellent durability 
  4. Prolonged air and shape retention 
  5. Premium quality materials 
  6. Fair Trade certified 


  1. It does not travel very far unless you give it a strong kick


Brand: Adidas

Where to Buy: Amazon

Price: Below $80

Adidas is known for making premium quality balls, and this ball is no different. It is a great ball that can work well for footgolf. Distance-wise, it can travel for very long smoothly and accurately. 

It comes in size five, which is the standard soccer ball size for adults. 

adidas Speedcell 2011 Official Match Ball...
  • Thermally bonded seamless surface for a more predictable...
  • Micro-texture for perfect contact between foot and ball;...
  • High-end materials in the cover, backing, and bladder ensure...

Here are some of the key features: 

  • High-End Materials 

This is the official soccer ball of the 2011 World Cup for women, so you can expect nothing less than premium quality materials. It is covered with thermoplastic polyurethane. This material is resistant to abrasion, grease, oil, etc. 

  • Micro-Textured 

The casing of this ball is micro-textured to provide excellent contact between the ball and your feet. Additionally, there are grooves on the surface of the ball to make the ball fly accurately in a straight line. 

  • Amazing Performance 

When it comes to performance, this ball has the highest FIFA ratings. It has passed tests on durability, air retention, water-resistance, shape, size, weight, and more. It can definitely give you an amazing footgolf match experience. 

  • Elegant Design 

The design of this ball is very unique and found in no other ball. It has a modern and dynamic design that is very satisfying to look at. 


  1. Thermally bonded surface 
  2. Very durable 
  3. Micro-textured 
  4. High-end materials 
  5. Dynamic design
  6. Full roundness with 3D panels 


  1. It is an expensive ball, but you get a quality ball that will last for long in return. 
  2. It comes deflated, so you need to have an air pump. 

Adidas Jabulani Official World Cup Match Ball 2010

Brand: Adidas

Where to Buy: Amazon

Price: Below $150

The Jabulani soccer ball is one of the best balls you could purchase for footgolf. Adidas has paid close attention to every detail of this ball. It offers amazing performance that will make you fall in love with soccer and footgolf. 

This ball also comes in size five, which is the standard size. 

adidas World Cup 2010 Official Match Soccer...
  • This item will ship deflated to save on shipping costs
  • Official match ball of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
  • High-quality materials in the cover, backing, and bladder...

Here are some of the key features:

  • Premium Materials 

The Adidas Jabulani is designed with high-end premium materials. It is fully made with polyurethane. Polyurethane provides tear, cut, and abrasion resistance. It is also resistant to oil and grease. Moreover, it provides superior load-bearing. 

  • Great Performance

This is the official ball of the 2010 World Cup played in South Africa, so it had to pass multiple performance tests on air retention, shape retention, size, water uptake, and more. It has received the highest ratings from FIFA. It certainly will not disappoint! 

  • Shot Accuracy 

The ball is provided with aerodynamic grooves on the surface to make the ball fly through air accurately in a straight line. You can get maximum precision with this ball which is exactly what you need for footgolf. 

  • Excellent Design 

Adidas has nailed it with the design of this ball. It has a nice mixture of colors that gives the ball a unique and beautiful look. It can totally grab everyone’s attention on the footgolf field. 


  1. High-end materials 
  2. Prolonged air and shape retention 
  3. Passed FIFA’s performance tests
  4. Beautiful design 
  5. High durability 
  6. Accurate shots


  1. It is very expensive
  2. It is shipped deflated and requires an air pump.

Footgolf Balls

As footgolf is a newly introduced sport, you can hardly find a ball that is custom-made for it. However, all you need is a high-quality ball that is lightweight and provides you with accurate shots to enjoy the sport. 

You may want to take a look at our suggestions for the best soccer ball for footgolf for your game. 

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The Best Soccer Balls For Youth: Why and How to Choose It Easily

Youth Player with soccer ball

Out of the various soccer balls available today, the best soccer ball for youth should have a good budget, proper size, material, excellent design, and features.

Your guide to finding the best soccer ball for youth. 

Soccer is the current obsession amongst the youth. It has inspired a huge percentage of them to engage in the soccer sport and take part in this adventure.

Yet, many of the aspiring soccer-loving teenagers are unaware of the importance of having only the best soccer equipment such as soccer balls or soccer cleats. 

So, in this article, we will help you find the best soccer balls that can make your soccer training one of a kind and increase your efficiency. 

Why You Should Go For Only The Best Soccer Ball For Youth?

You may want to look out for soccer balls that come under a budget. However, simply buying any, isn’t exactly the best idea. 

Do you know why? Well, because of the following reasons. 

Save Yourself From the Recurring Costs

Fishing out bucks every time from your pocket money can get pretty tedious. This may happen if you go for low-quality soccer balls rather than good-quality ones. 

Now, you needn’t worry about spending a lot of money as there are good-quality soccer balls, you can get at quite an affordable rate. 

No Fake or Useless Features

Another reason to go with a trusted soccer ball is that they do what is mentioned. 

Plenty of soccer balls have ample features at an unbelievably low rate that may make any teenager want to buy it. 

However, only a few of them may be able to reach up to your expectations. So, rather than wasting your time and money on a low-guarantee soccer ball, why not invest in only the best soccer ball for youth? 

Use It Wherever and Whenever 

The best thing about a good quality ball is that it is durable and you can use it anywhere. Carry it to your camping trip or use it in your backyard, it will work the same. 

Low-quality soccer balls may not work as well as high-quality ones in harsh conditions. 

For example, if the soccer field is too rough, your soccer ball may ruin your practice day with its inefficiency. On the other hand, the best soccer ball will be able to endure even the roughest weather and kicks. 

Return Policy 

Buying soccer balls from a reputable brand allows you to return it before a month or so.  If you don’t like the ball you can simply exchange or return it. This return policy is now applicable to various good brands. 

Yet, if you go for a low-quality one, you may not get the same customer support and help facilities. 

Three Best Soccer Balls for Youth 

You don’t have to search through thousands of soccer balls as given below are the three best soccer balls just for you. 

1. Franklin Sports Official Futsal Ball

Brand: Franklin Sports

Where to Buy: Amazon

Price: Below $25

Franklin Sports Futsal ball meets the standards for junior players. The material, design, and durability are premium. It definitely does not disappoint. 

It comes in sizes three and four, that are perfect for young players. 

Franklin Sports Futsal Ball - Junior Size...
  • COMPLETE CONTROL: Crafted with a soft abrasion, resistant...
  • HIGH VISIBILITY: Dynamic colorful graphics for a ball that...
  • LOW BOUNCE: Our stuffed and wound low bounce bladder keeps...

Here are some of the key features: 

  • Great Feel 

This soccer ball has a soft abrasion cover that is well crafted. It feels soft in your hand and gives you a premium touch and feel.

  • Low Bounce 

The ball is stuffed to keep it low on the ground all the time. You do not have to worry about it bouncing high, which makes it safe for both indoor or outdoor activities. 

  • Dynamic Design 

The design is well-suited for young players. It has dynamic and saturated colors that are very eye-catching. The colors also make the ball very visible when you play on the grass, turf, playground, or any surface. 

  • Purchase Flexibility 

You can choose to purchase it as an inflated ball or you can buy a bundle of 6 deflated balls with an air pump. The deflated bundle gives you a nice discount. 


  1. Very dynamic and colorful
  2. Affordable price
  3. Low bounce
  4. Highly Durable 
  5. Suitable for any surface 


  1. The air and shape retention might not stay for a long time.

2. Under Armour Desafio 395 Soccer Ball

Brand: Under Armour

Where to Buy: Amazon

Price: Below $60

If you want a perfect overall soccer ball that is suitable for all kinds of training, the Desafio 395 is an amazing option for you. It surpasses expectations regarding every aspect. 

It comes in size four, which is the standard size for youth players. 

Here are some of the key features: 

  • Premium Material 

The cover of the Desafio 395 is made out of thermoplastic polyurethane. This material is proof against abrasion, oil, grease, etc. It gives an excellent power transfer as well. 

  • Excellent Feel

The Desafio 395 simply feels great in your hands. It is designed with UA Touchskin Technology that provides you with that premium soft touch. It makes it worth the price. 

  • Softness 

This soccer ball is provided with a layer of EVA foam, which provides the ball with an extra layer of softness. This makes it easy to play with on any surface available with no issue. 

  • Durability 

This is one of the most durable soccer balls available in the market. The panels are machine-stitched and the cover is made out of TPU, which all make the ball highly durable and strong. 


  1. Vivid colors 
  2. High durability 
  3. High-quality material 
  4. Very soft 
  5. Prolonged air and shape retention 
  6. Perfect for any kind of training 


  1. Relatively high price compared to other similar soccer balls 

3. Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

Brand: Wilson

Where to Buy: Amazon

Price: Below $20

This beloved soccer ball is one of the best options for youth players. It has the iconic black and white design which is very satisfying to look at. It is very durable and strong to handle everyday use. 

It comes in sizes three, four, and five. Size three and four are optimal for young players.  

Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball
  • May Ship Deflated
  • Synthetic leather cover for increased durability
  • Butyl rubber bladder for excellent air and shape retention

Here are some of the key features:

  • Simplistic Design

This ball is designed with the famous black and white soccer ball pattern. It is very simple yet gives your ball a professional touch. 

  • Lightweight

Young players usually want a soccer ball that is light in weight to play with. Other balls of this price range are mostly heavy as if they are made of concrete. On the contrary, this ball is very lightweight and optimal for young players.

  • Inexpensive

The Wilson soccer ball is definitely a great bargain. For less than 20$, you get a durable, high-quality, lightweight, and elegant ball. 

  • Durable

Youth players often have more rough playing and training sessions, so a durable and strong ball is required. The Wilson soccer ball can do the job. It is machine-stitched and covered with strong synthetic leather. 


  1. Classic design 
  2. Prolonged air and shape retention 
  3. High durability 
  4. Suits youth players perfectly 
  5. Very cheap price


  1. It is not made out of the best materials, but it provides a great value for the cheap price. 
  2. A few users have stated that the quality varies between batches. 

Final Words From Us 

With its growing popularity, the youth today is undoubtedly attracted to soccer. This soccer craze has given rise to plenty of soccer equipment. 

Yet, soccer often requires the best soccer ball that can endure all the strong kicks and rough exercises. The ball should also have a sleek and well-thought design for the best efficiency and real-match experience. 

So, you may consider our suggestions for the best youth soccer balls out there! 

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The Most Durable Soccer Ball: Why You Need It and How to Find One

Soccer Ball - Close-up

Durable soccer balls can save you from the repeated hassles of finding a good ball. Additionally, they have the perfect material with proper strength to make your training worth it. So, read on to know more.

Your guide to finding the most durable soccer ball.

Today, you’ll find thousands of soccer balls available in the market with grand features and expensive prices. Yet, so many of these soccer balls do not last long enough. 

The short-lived life of soccer balls becomes a bit of an inconvenience, doesn’t it? You may have to spend your money over and over again and let’s not forget how difficult it can get to find a durable soccer ball

So, in this blog post, we’ll cover how you can find the most durable ball with three of our top-picked most durable soccer balls, along with why you probably need one. 

Why You Need a Durable Soccer Ball?

Apart from offering durability, a good soccer ball can offer you plenty of benefits such as: 

You Can Save Your Money

Now, spending bucks on a soccer ball may not seem like the best idea. However, investing in a durable soccer ball can save you from spending money repeatedly. 

Once you find a good deal on the best and most durable soccer ball, you needn’t worry about your ball getting damaged. 

You Can Play In Any Conditions

Sometimes, you may have to play in harsh conditions such as extremely muddy ground or a rough one. 

If the quality of your soccer ball isn’t up to the mark, it may get damaged too easily. 

Additionally, soccer balls are known to get deflated during winters. However, if you have good quality and durable one, it will definitely last longer. 

Works With Any Intensity

Have you ever had an excellent shot with your soccer ball but then you noticed that the ball has deflated/damaged? 

Well, that will definitely ruin the celebratory moment. In such conditions, a robust and durable soccer ball will be able to handle intense kicks. 

Saves Time and Effort

Finding the perfect and the most durable soccer ball can take up a lot of time, especially your practice time. This is quite a big deal especially if it is the match season. 

So, try to find the most durable soccer ball to get rid of this problem once and for all. 

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Durable Soccer Ball

Plenty of companies will try to sell you their soccer balls in the name of durability. However, we suggest going for those that actually have certain good features like material, cover, budget, etc. 

1. Check If It’s For Indoors or Outdoors

Certain soccer balls aren’t made for the rough outdoors. They are mostly for indoor surfaces. 

So, make sure you check it out first before you buy and realize it. 

2. Find the Right Material 

When it comes to the material, different materials offer different benefits. For example, synthetic leather (polyurethane) offers the best feel and is also used in professional matches. 

On the other hand, PVC-based soccer balls have high durability but not the professional feel. 

3. Consider Stitched Soccer Balls

Every soccer ball is either stitched or glued mostly. 

Now, when it comes to choosing one, here’s a tip: Go for high-quality stitched soccer balls as they’re more durable and strong compared to glued ones. 

You may also consider your budget and buy one accordingly. 

Three Most Durable Soccer Balls

Some of our top-picked and the most durable soccer balls are given below. These soccer balls have the best of the material, grip, and are durable too. 

1. Adidas World Cup Top Glider Soccer Ball

Brand: Adidas 

Where to Buy: Amazon 

Price: Below $30

Adidas World Cup soccer ball is the soccer ball of the 2018 World Cup played in Argentina. Its colors and design make it look super stylish and stand out amongst other soccer balls. 

adidas Unisex Telstar FIFA World Cup 2018...
  • The ball is made of machine-stitched TPU for a soft touch...
  • Named the Russian word for "dream," the Telstar Mechta is a...
  • This football features the graphics of the knockout round...

Here are some of the key features:

  • Affordable Price 

Adidas World Cup soccer ball is one of the most affordable match ball replicas you can find in the market. The quality and durability of the product make the price very reasonable and cheap compared to other soccer balls. 

  • Great Material 

The exterior part of the ball is completely made out of thermoplastic polyurethane. Thermoplastic polyurethane makes the ball resistant to grease, oil, and abrasion. It is also an elastic material to make the ball able to handle strong hits. 

  • Stylish Design 

This soccer ball is available in two designs, that are white/black/silver and red/white. Both of the designs are very stylish. The red and white design, especially, gives the ball a very unique and vibrant look. 

  • High Durability 

Durability is one of the things we love most about this ball. The panels are machine-stitched to make it very strong and durable. It also adds extra softness to the ball. 


  1. High-quality material
  2. Vibrant colors 
  3. Very durable and strong 
  4. Cheap price 


  1. It comes deflated so you have to use an air pump, which can be frustrating since not everyone owns one.

2. Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

Brand: Wilson

Where to Buy: Amazon

Price: Below $20

Wilson Traditional ball is a great option if you want a durable and cheap ball that can withstand everyday use. It comes with the famous iconic black and white design which is very satisfying. 

It is also available in sizes three, four, and five

Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball
  • May Ship Deflated
  • Synthetic leather cover for increased durability
  • Butyl rubber bladder for excellent air and shape retention

Here are some of the key features:

  • Cheap Price 

For less than 20$, this soccer ball offers you a great deal. It can pretty much handle any type of exercise and last for long. 

  • Light in Weight 

Most balls of this cheap price are usually too heavy which affects your gameplay and can even hurt your feet when you kick the ball. Luckily, this ball is lightweight and resembles the real soccer match ball and gives you an amazing experience. 

  • Classic Design

This satisfying iconic black and white design will take you back in time. The design has become very popular since the 1970 World Cup and everyone has been trying to get their hands on one since then. 

  • Very Durable 

The Wilson soccer ball is durable, which makes it suitable for everyday use. It is made out of strong synthetic leather. It can handle strong kicks and it will serve you for a long time. 


  1. Inexpensive
  2. Suitable for any surface 
  3. Classic black and white design
  4. Durable 
  5. Prolonged air and shape retention 


  1.  Average-quality material
  2. Mixed reviews 

3. Adidas Performance MLS Glider Soccer Ball

Brand: Adidas

Where to Buy: Amazon

Price: Below $30

The MLS Glider soccer ball is definitely one of the most durable soccer balls at this price range. It suits all kinds of training. The style is and colors are very eye-catching and different from any other soccer ball. 

It is available in sizes three, four, and five. 

adidas Glider 2 Soccer Ball Power...
  • A hard-wearing ball that keeps bouncing back
  • Rubber bladder for best air retention
  • Machine-stitched for high durability

Here are some of the key features:

  • Great Feel 

This Adidas soccer ball has a great soft feel that is very similar to other expensive premium soccer balls. It will make your training time fun and efficient. 

  • Unique Design 

It comes in two designs, that are red/white/black and pink/cyan/white. Both of them are very eye-catching and unique compared to any other soccer ball. 

  • High-quality Material 

The outer part of the ball is made out of thermoplastic polyurethane that enhances its durability. It makes it resistant to abrasion, grease, oil, etc. The elasticity of thermoplastic polyurethane adds up to the durability and strength of the ball. 

  • High Durability 

The MLS Glider soccer ball is one of the most durable balls you can purchase at this price range. The panels are machine-stitched and it has a nylon lining. All of this, alongside the TPU outer casting, makes the ball exceptional!


  1. Affordable price
  2. Eye-catching and unique design
  3. High durability and longevity 
  4. Prolonged air and shape retention 
  5. Premium quality materials 


  1. Comes deflated 
  2. Size is inconsistent with the regulation size

Durable Soccer Balls

There are many durable soccer balls out there available in almost every price range. All you have to do is spend some time finding the most suitable and durable one as per your requirements. 

Once you do, you won’t have to face any inconveniences or go through the hassle of buying a new soccer ball every other month. 

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Bounce Back Soccer Nets: Control Your Game-Play

behind a soccer net

The Quick Play net is one of the best bounce-back nets to improve your controls, touch, juggling, heading, and, juggling. It’s portable, strong and one the professionals use in training.

Soccer bounce back nets are among the most crucial pieces of equipment that both novice and seasoned players can own. These rebounder nets allow you to practice drills as if you were practicing with a teammate, so there is no limit to mastering your skills.

This article explains the benefits of a bounce-back soccer net, what you can do with one, and the best ones on the market to improve your game.

Without a Bounce Back Soccer Net

Limited practice time hinders a player that requires extra time to hone their skills. Multiple team members mean little to no individual personalized coaching.

This is where the bounce back soccer net can launch a player into their full potential with a catered development strategy. A few drill strategies give the tools necessary to improve your gameplay.

In a Hurry? Our Recommendations

Soccer Net Rebounder Drills

When you find the bounce back soccer net that meets all of your criteria and is a perfect fit, having some drills to practice will make optimum use of the extra practice time that you are putting in.  Here are a few of the best drills.

Volley-Passing Drills

Volley-passing is a hard skill to master and virtually impossible without a rebound net to aid you. This kind of passing is when the ball is volleyed to you, launched into the air. So, the goal is to exercise ball control using both sides of your foot and your laces.

Not every pass is perfect, which makes a rebounder ideal in mimicking real play and allowing you to handle all sorts of passes that come to your way and control passes that you send to the rebounder. This allows you to practice with a range of control and touches.


The rebounder net will also allow you to learn to throw your head at the ball and control ‘headers’. In any other sport, throwing your head at the ball is an incredibly bad idea; however, you can become somewhat of a celebrity in soccer.

The more natural you can make this reflex in a practice setting with your rebounder, the better you will be.

Goalkeeper Drills

Soccer rebounders are ideal for goalkeepers because there is an endless number of ways that the ball can come at you. As a single person in between two very large posts, you are a centerpiece when the ball comes your way and how you receive and deliver can be influenced greatly by practicing with a rebounder.

Rebounders will let you test your skills from passing to saving the ball and balance out the distribution of kicking and throwing. Adjusting the rebounder in all of its capacities will give you a full range of motion shots that you can practice on and learn to control properly.

Practicing a little innovation with your rebounder will keep your skillset sharp.

The Three Best Bounce Back Soccer Nets

We’ve selected three different types of bounce-back net for soccer for you to choose from. All three have their unique way – they all offer different bounces, which improve your all-around game. Ideally you’ll have a large one and a small one.

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer

The SKLZ rebounder net is an ideal coaching aid teaching the agile art of passing and receiving ground passes. The true-roll technology provides real experience in practicing control of the ball through the air and cradling it in your feet, thighs, or navigating it from your chest.

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer Portable Soccer...
  • Provides a true-roll that helps master passing and receiving...
  • Maximize reps by trapping the ball out of the air with your...
  • Work on volleys and half volleys with instep and laces

This rebounder promotes offensive and defensive headers and inspires individuals to work on volleys, insteps, and laces. This trainer provides a well-balanced set of practice skills, so you can hone in on essential basic skills that need further practice to master efficiently.


The net itself is light-weight, making it easy to store and set up so you can practice anywhere on the fly. One of the unique features about SKLZ is they created a video that shows you how to practice some drills on it if you are unsure where to start.

One problem that came up was the stitching needed to be reinforced in order to hold the weight of kicks under extreme use. A tip would be to reinforce the stitching before getting it out in the backyard to prevent fraying or you could even reinforce the specific areas around the goal with duct tape.


  • The net is lightweight, easily maneuverable
  • Comes with a video to enhance training efforts
  • Excellent bounce-back
  • Solid, sturdy build
  • A reputable company with excellent customer service


  • The stitching needs to be reinforced if you are practicing hard kicks frequently
  • Needs to be held down with sandbags or the stakes that come with it

For more details head over to Amazon.

QuickPlay PRO Rebounder

This net is utilized by novice and pro alike as a professional training tool. The impactful rebound maintains its strength and comes in 4 sizes for any training level. The Quickplay Pro promotes self or team training focused on improving precision and skill.

QUICKPLAY PRO Rebounder 5x5' Adjustable Angle...
  • PROFESSIONAL TRAINING TOOL - The Pro Rebounder features a...
  • NEGATIVE ANGLE SETTING - One of the only rebounders on the...

The unique thing about this bounce back soccer net is that it has a multi-angle panel that can be adjusted, which more correctly mimics live gameplay.

One of these unique settings is the negative angle setting, meaning it can lean forward past vertical, which makes it more versatile to be used in other sports. For soccer, this setting represents ground passing.


There is no limited training area with the QuickPlay Pro because it comes equipped with rubber pads on the base, making it adequate for indoor and outdoor practice.

The sturdy steel frame is strong enough to withstand even the wildest of kicks. QuickPlay backs up its quality of product with an attractive 2-year warranty.


  • It comes in 4 different sizes to customize training
  • 2-year warranty
  • Sturdy steel build


  • Not as easily compacted to store as others on the market
  • A bit pricey compared to other models
  • Difficult to set up

For more details have a look over at Amazon.

PodiuMax Upgraded Portable Soccer Trainer

The cool thing about the PodiuMax Upgraded Portable Soccer Trainer is that the company took the feedback and reviews from its prior version and upgraded it based on users’ responses. This hits right in the heartstrings of a company that cares about the quality of its product and its consumers.

PodiuMax Upgraded Portable Soccer Trainer, 2...
  • 【UPGRADED VERSION】You ask and we listen! Here is the...
  • 【IMPROVE SKILLS】For goalkeepers, this rebounder net can...
  • 【2 IN 1 DESIGN】With our 2 nets design, it is sturdy...

PodiuMax upgraded the nets durability, so balls don’t slide under the net. The net also focuses on goalkeeper skills to improve tossing power, control, and arm strength while promoting a high level of accuracy.

You can utilize the net individually or with a friend if you want to practice together at the same time because of the 2 in 1 design, which can improve passing and receiving.

Passing Bounce-back

The net promotes mimicking what a real game feels like with volleys that give unpredictable returns to practice reaction time as if a kicker really vaulted the ball back at you.

Transporting the PodiuMax is easy at about 15 pounds (that’s the size of a housecat) and comes with a portable bag for soccer training wherever you want.


  • The net is easily set up and dismantled for transport
  • Excellent rebound strength
  • Superior customer service


  • Must use the ground stakes or sandbags for stability
  • If used indoors, it will slide – rubber footies would be a great addition

Check-out the top reviews at Amazon.

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