Soccer Players With The Number 15

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Number 15 in soccer has, in the recent past, become very popular. Those bestowed a chance to wear it have to live up to the legacy. 

Soccer players with the number 15 mostly play at the center back position. However, this jersey number is not as popular as the 9 or 10. 

This article will look comprehensively into some iconic players who have rocked the number 15. We highlight:

  • Their soccer backgrounds
  • Career advancements
  • The awards they have received 

These soccer players with the number 15 have blessed unforgettable soccer moments. So let’s dive in and get to know them better.

The Best Soccer Players With The Number 15

Mats Julian Hummels

Mats Julian Hummels was born on 16th December 1988 in Bergisch, West Germany. He is a professional soccer player who plays for the German national team and Borussia Dortmund as a central defender. 

Training Germany national team before the match against Brazil at the FIFA World Cup 2014 07 07 %289%29 ○ Soccer Blade

Hummels has shown exemplary performances every time he was on the field since he was a young boy. He joined soccer at an early age of 7 years when his father enrolled in the soccer club Bayern Munich. 

  • In 2007, he joined the German under – 21 national team, where he made 21 appearances and scored five goals. 
  • Additionally, in 2014, while playing for the German national team, he played a significant role at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.
  • He has made 62 appearances for the German national team. 

He started his career at Bayern Munich but later signed for Borussia Dortmund before moving back to Bayern Munich in 2016 and signed back to Borussia Dortmund in 2019.

While at Borrusia Dortmund, he won two league titles and finished as runner-up in UEFA Championships. 

Nemanja Vidic

Nemanja Vidic is a former Serbian and Manchester United soccer player. He was born on 21st October 1981. He played as a center-back, where he established himself as the fiercest center-back in the game and was regarded as one of the most brutal defenders to play against. 

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Nemanja Vidic Serbian soccer player for Manchester United
Nemanja Vidic Serbian soccer player for Manchester United

Nevertheless, he won the Premier League award twice, alongside Thierry Henry and Christiano Ronaldo.

  • Vidic collected several honors in his United career, including three consecutive Premier League titles
  • UEFA league championship
  • The FIFA Club World Cup
  • Three League Cup Medals

He was also included in four PFA teams of the year sides from 2007to 2009. In addition, he was named in the PFA Team of the Year on four occasions. 

Van Dijk is Good...But Vidic was a BEAST!

Vidic was a remarkable soccer player and retired, having made 500 first-team appearances for four clubs; Red Star Belgrade, Spartak Moscow, Manchester United, and Inter Milan.

However, he spent the majority of his career at Old Trafford.

Alex Oxlade

Alexander Mark David Oxlade-Chamberlain is an English soccer player who plays as a midfielder for the Premier League club Liverpool and the England National team. 

At the young age of 17, he was signed by Arsenal in August 2011. At Arsenal, he played on the left-wing. He scored two goals in his first three matches for Arsenal. 

Interestingly, he also became the youngest goalscorer for UEFA Champions League and claimed a regular place in England’s under 21’s team.

  • He wore the number 15 jersey from 2011/12 to 2017/18 season at Arsenal.
  • Over six seasons, he played 198 games and scored 20 goals
  • Winning the FA Cup three times.
  • He was the third-youngest player to represent England in the European Championship

He moved to Liverpool in 2017, and in 2019 he won the UEFA Champions League. He also won the Premier League in 2020.

His speed and dribbling ability makes him an outstanding winger, while his instincts and ability to run past defenders have made him outstandingly good in the soccer arena.

Sunday Oliseh 

Sunday Ogochukwu Oliseh is a Nigerian soccer manager and former player. He has played for famous clubs such as AFC Ajax, Dortmund, and Juventus FC.

He played 63 international matches for Nigeria and scored three goals. Including playing at the Football World Cups of 1994 and 1998.

OLISEH REDT PUNT VOOR AJAX | Ajax - MVV (06-12-1998) | Highlights
  • He was a former midfielder who won the Africa Cup of Nations and the Olympic Gold wearing the iconic number 15.
  • In 1998, he was voted Africa’s third-best soccer player by CAF
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He was known for his long passes and thunderous but precise shots. Such a memorable moment was when Nigeria and Spain had a match.

He ran and fired an explosive shot from 25 yards that took the Spanish goalkeeper by utter surprise, making that winning goal for Nigeria.

Juan Carlos Plata

Juan Carlos, a Guatemalan soccer player, was born on 1st January 1971. He is currently a soccer coach and retired striker. He is known to have scored the most goals in the history of Guatemala’s soccer. 

When it comes to top-flight league goalscoring, Plata is up there with Marc Lloyd Williams on the International Federation of Football History and Statistics rankings of the world’s most successful players.

After Carlos Ruiz, he is the second-highest scorer in the Guatemalan national team’s history.

In his soccer career, Plata was exemplary, playing for CSD Municipal. He is the all-time goalscorer for that club. In addition, he broke virtually almost all records held by soccer players before him. 

Los MEJORES goles de JUAN CARLOS PLATA ⚽ 🇬🇹 | TOP 10
  • Additionally, while playing for the club, Carlos won several awards, including 15 domestic league titles
  • Five domestic cup titles, one domestic and two international titles. 
  • In his international career, he scored 35 goals in 86 international games.

Also, he played in the World Cup qualification processes of 1998, 2002, and 2006, scoring seven goals in 27 World Cup qualification matches.

His playing style was unique. He was not so much a physically gifted player, but his technical skills and positioning were out of this world, just phenomenal. 

On 9th January 2011, Juan Carlos received a tribute. He played a friendly match between his team, CSD Municipal, and an informal team composed of former and active players who had played alongside him.

The number 15 was officially retired from CSD Municipal right after the game. The first and only soccer player in Guatemala to be granted the honor, thus forming part of the retired numbers in association soccer.

Ze Roberto

Jose Roberto da Silva Junior is a former Brazilian soccer player who played as a left-wing back or midfielder. Roberto is currently a technical advisor to Palmeira’s, acting directly with the players and the coaching staff. 

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He donned the number 15 jersey while playing for Bayern Munich in the 07/08-08/09 season and Brazil during the 1996/97 season.

Ze Roberto started his career at an early age while still in his youth ranks, where he played for Portuguesa as a left-back. He then moved to Real Madrid, where he helped them win the 1996-97 UEFA Championship. Midway, he moved to Brazil to play for Flamengo.

His decision was because of his ambition to play for Brazil at the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France, and Brazil provided a vast range of opportunities.

Zé Roberto - Top 5 Goals
  • In his international career, he helped Brazil win the Copa America and represented them in the 1997 and 2005 FIFA Confederations Cups in Saudi Arabia and Germany and won both.

He was a quick, hardworking, and versatile left-footed player, famous for his vision, marvelous style of play, dribbling passing, and tackling ability.

In addition, he had an eye for reading the game and breaking down opposing plays, swiftly starting counterattacks, and this adeptness made him be recalled to the Brazil National Team. 

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