Trivela Technique: Soccer’s Most Deceptive Shot

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The Trivela is a soccer technique that is both beautiful and skillful. This Portuguese-inspired move has captivated fans for years as players utilize the outside of their foot to curve the ball. Goalkeepers are often unable to foresee the ball’s trajectory due to its curve. Mastering the Trivela demands elegance, timing, balance, and high-pressure confidence.

Players practice this outstanding skill by approaching the ball at a little angle and focusing on their planting foot, which is further from the ball than in a regular shot. Effective execution requires follow-through to generate power and maintain a clean technique.

To maximize control and power, players must lock their ankles and touch the ball at the right angle. The Trivela is a formidable tactical weapon in numerous match situations when mastered, adding a creative and unique touch to soccer.

Key Takeaways:

  • A beautiful, talented soccer technique, the Trivela, involves a curved shot with the outside of the foot.
  • It takes time, balance, finesse, and confidence to perform the Trivela under pressure.
  • Trivelas can be potent tactical weapons in soccer matches, providing inventive choices.

Watch the video version of how to do the Trivela:

Trivela Technique: Soccer's Most Deceptive Shot (Here's Why!)

Benefits of the Trivela

The Trivela, a unique soccer technique that provides tactical and strategic advantages on the field:

  • Unpredictability: Because the Trivela is less regularly used than standard inside-foot kicks, defenders and goalkeepers must work harder to anticipate and react to it. This unpredictability might provide the player with an advantage, particularly in tight situations.
  • Curving the Ball: In a free-kick situation, the technique is very efficient at curving the ball around obstacles such as defenders or the wall. This curve can be utilized to find teammates in busy places or to bend shots from difficult angles into the goal.
  • Surprise Element: Due to its rarity, the Trivela has the potential to take opponents off surprise. Players that are not expecting this style of kick may be slower to respond, giving the attacking team an advantage.
  • Precision: When used properly, the Trivela may be quite precise. It enables accurate passing and shooting, particularly in situations where using the inside of the foot would be ineffective.
  • Versatility: This method can be employed for a wide range of moves, including long-range passes, crosses, and goal shots. Its adaptability makes it a crucial asset for players of many positions.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Aside from its utilitarian advantages, the Trivela is visually appealing and can be a crowd-pleaser. It adds flair and expertise to a player’s game while demonstrating their technical ability.
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Mastering the Trivela takes practice and expertise, but when utilized properly, it can be a valuable tool in a player’s armory, providing a unique technique to create scoring opportunities and keep possession in difficult situations.

Trivela pass from behind during a game β—‹ Soccer Blade

Understanding the Trivela Technique

The Trivela, a fascinating and visually captivating technique, stems from a Portuguese term and has captivated soccer fans for generations. This incredible move requires players to kick the ball with the outside of their foot, creating a wicked curve that frequently leaves defenders and goalkeepers speechless.

Known for its unexpected curve and deceptive movement, the Trivela is a fantastic method for catching defenders by surprise and making it difficult for them to intercept the ball. Not only does this technique require skill and precision, but it also demands impeccable timing, balance, and confidence to execute during high-pressure game situations.

To master the Trivela, follow these essential steps:

  1. Approach and Foot Placement: Unlike a regular shot, you should plant your standing foot slightly farther away from the ball and approach at a slight angle. This extra distance allows your shooting foot the necessary room to swing.
  2. Follow Through: To generate power for the Trivela, focus on a robust and complete follow-through. Although it may feel awkward initially, consistent practice will lead to increased comfort and control.
  3. Ball Contact: The point of contact on the ball depends on your strength and technique. Ideally, you’ll want to hit the outside of the ball, but it requires more leg strength to generate power. If you’re still honing your Trivela, you can kick closer to the middle of the ball to require less strength but sacrifice some curve in the process.
  4. Lock Your Ankles: Ensuring your ankle is not limp when taking the shot is crucial for generating the necessary power. Concentrate on executing a clean, smooth technique to improve the move and unlock its full potential.

Once you’ve mastered the Trivela, it can become a game-changing weapon in various scenarios, such as cutting inside and bending the ball back into the far corner or creating an out-swinging cross from an unusual angle.

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In essence, the Trivela exemplifies the creativity and innovation that make soccer truly extraordinary. As you witness players like Salah, Modric, or the Trivela maestro Ricardo Quaresma gracefully bending the ball with the outside of their foot, take a moment to appreciate the elegance and skill that elevate this technique to legendary status.

Trivela Where To Kick The Ball Soccer Blade Custom Graphics β—‹ Soccer Blade

How do the Trivela

Using the outside of the foot to bend the ball is the main use of the Trivela, an unusual and proficient soccer kick. Players like Ricardo Quaresma are well-known for using this tactic. This is a simplified tutorial on how to perform a Trivela:

  1. Positioning: Instead of facing the target directly, stand at an angle to the ball. For the outside of your foot to properly contact the ball, this angle is essential.
  2. Foot Selection: To improve power and control, use your dominant foot.
  3. Approach: Compared to a standard shot or pass, approach the ball from a broader angle. This angle facilitates encircling the ball with your foot.
  4. Point of Contact: Use the outside of your foot to strike the ball. The lower portion of the ball should produce lift and curve.
  5. Follow-Through: The direction you want the ball to curve is where you should direct your follow-through. Your body and legs should move in a way that replicates the ball’s intended trajectory.

Practice is necessary to become proficient with the Trivela. Gradually increase power as you gain greater proficiency with the skill, starting with mild curves. The Trivela is a difficult technique to learn and works best in specific scenarios, such as bending the ball around a defender or shooting it from an angle into the goal.

Ricardo Quaresma L Fernando Gago R – Portugal vs. Argentina 9th February 2011 β—‹ Soccer Blade
Ricardo Quaresma (L), Fernando Gago (R) – Portugal vs. Argentina, 9th February 2011

Trivela As A Tactical Weapon

Trivela in The Final Third

Trivela, a visually stunning soccer technique borrowed from the Portuguese language, mesmerizes fans with its wicked curve, leaving goalkeepers rooted to the spot. As a player, mastering this technique opens up numerous opportunities in the final third of the field. When on your stronger side, consider cutting inside and using the outside of your dominant foot to curve the ball, starting outside of the post and gradually bringing it back in to aim for the far corner.

Trivela for Outswinging Cross

If you find yourself on the opposite flank with your weaker foot closer to the touchline but still want to put in a cross, Trivela presents an excellent solution. Instead of using your left foot for an inswinging cross, you can use the Trivela technique with the outside of your right foot. This will create an outswinging cross that initially bends away from defenders before its curling motion brings it back into the path of your strikers.

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Trivela: More Than Just A Trick

The Trivela is a captivating and visually spectacular technique in soccer that uses the outside of your foot to generate a powerful curve on the ball. This skill has been delighting fans for generations and is well-known for its ability to leave goalkeepers unable to react. It’s not just about creativity; mastering the Trivela demands precise timing, balance, and finesse.

Once you master the Trivela, it becomes a versatile weapon for several situations during a game. For example, if you’re in the final third on your stronger side, you may use the Trivela to curve the ball into the far corner. Or if you want to unleash a cross from the opposite flank, the Trivela’s bend can create a challenging outswinging cross for defenders.

Ultimately, the Trivela embodies the creativity and innovation that make soccer a beloved sport. Witnessing the likes of Salah, Modric, and even legendary Trivela expert Ricardo Quaresma execute this elegant and graceful skill is truly a treat for the eyes. So, as you watch or even attempt this technique yourself, remember the hard work and precision that go into perfecting the Trivela.

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