Should My Child Play Soccer? Helpful Tips

shaking hands with another soccer player youth

Your child should play soccer as they will improve balance, strength and learn communication and team play skills. You can introduce your child to soccer from the age of 3. They will have … Read more

Can a Soccer Ball Kill? The Game of Pains

○ Can a Soccer Ball Kill? The Game of Pains ○ Soccer match with the ball in the air scaled e1614466841641

Widely known as a tough sport, soccer was once known as a gentleman’s game. The competitiveness of the game has increased over the years, making it more dangerous. Many players have died over … Read more

MLS Explained: Seductive Soccer

MLS Soccer Final - MLS All-Stars vs Real Madrid

To explain the MLS, it began in 1996 with 10 teams and will grow to 30 in 2022. The stadiums are the third-highest attended games in the US and it’s the fastest-growing sport … Read more

Is soccer a sport or an activity? Solved!

Street soccer legs - Is soccer a sport or an activity?

Sport is an activity, hobby, and exercise; three terms that are commonly used as if they meant the same thing but have many differences. So does soccer fit these categories? We must first … Read more

Soccer Friendlies: Important Games – Here’s Why

HARRISON, NJ - MAY 26, 2019 U.S. Women's National Soccer Team celebrates scoring goal during friendly game against Mexico as preparation for 2019 Women's World Cup in Harrison, NJ. USA won 3 - 0

Soccer friendlies happen every year for each team. Although you’d imagine them to be less competitive, they often are. Soccer friendlies are games played that are non-competitive/exhibition. The purpose is to increase fitness, … Read more