Pep Rally Games (Fun Soccer Gathering Ideas)

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Want to organize an unforgettable, fun soccer pep rally but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered!

Competition season and pep rallies always come hand in hand; it’s an excellent way for the whole school to have fun while uplifting the spirit of their soccer team. But pep rallies don’t create themselves — they require a lot of brainstorming and preparation to be done in a way that allows everyone to have fun.

That’s why we’re here with this detailed guide to help you plan and execute the perfect soccer pep rally.

We’re not just giving you some creative soccer pep rally ideas but also the most valuable tips to organize a successful soccer pep rally!

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Top Tips For a Successful Soccer Pep Rally

Before we get into our top 5 best soccer pep rally ideas, we need to know at least how to make this pep rally successful! 

Get Official Approval

You may be overlooking safety rules and other restrictions, so pep rally games should always be planned with the agreement and guidance of a faculty advisor or coach.

Plus, having the approval of an advisor or coach for your games in advance ensures that everyone has a wonderful time!

More People, More Fun!

If there isn’t a big crowd, what’s the point of having a pep rally at all? When holding a soccer pep rally, you need to involve as many people as possible to make it a school-wide event, so the more, the merrier!

You can even involve cheerleaders who are not running the game by making their section of the audience cheer louder.  

Don’t forget to involve the dancers, band, and mascot. Everyone deserves some fun!

Location Is Key

Pep rallies can get pretty messy, and that’s part of the fun. But you want to have your pep rally on a clean soccer field, not at a gymnasium where certain substances could ruin the floor.

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This way, you’ll ensure that rain will clean up some of the mess your fun pep rally left.

Don’t Forget the Paparazzi   

Any pep rally has to have someone to play paparazzi, as pictures and videos of the event are great for social media and branding your team.

See if the coach or any parent can do this in the event. If this option is unavailable, ask a friend or someone on the yearbook staff to help you.

High school teenagers playing soccer

6 Best Soccer Pep Rally Ideas

So after learning the basics of a successful pep rally, let’s get into the best soccer pep rally ideas — from tricycle races to Halloween-themed pep rallies and EVERYTHING in between!

One-day Kings 

Your soccer team will be treated like true kings on game day. What else could they ask for? First, kings need gold crowns, and you can quickly get those by ordering cardboard ones from any craft supplier.

You can find them at the local craft store if that’s not possible. Make sure to get enough crowns for everyone. Imagine how disappointing it is for a player to watch all their teammates wearing crowns while they’re the only ones without one.

You also want to make plans with the trombone players, trumpet players, and percussion section. Discuss with them if they can play the music that suits the kings as the soccer team enters the soccer field.

After that, it’s excellent to crown each team member and make a royal declaration of a challenge to the opposing team. This will have them feeling as confident as ever and increase their chances of winning. 

What about the head coach? Of course, they’ll sit on the mock throne you created for them! As for the spirit signs, you can make them royal-themed and roll them like scrolls.

You can use some brown paint around their edges to give them a parchment look. 

Brass instrument trumpet on stage with backlight. ○ Soccer Blade

Halloween Soccer Pep Rally

What is Halloween without costumes? If you want a great Halloween soccer pep rally, you have to plan for costumes in advance.

While you should give everyone the freedom to express themselves through their costumes, making the soccer team players dress in their unified costumes is pretty cool. Cheerleaders can also be dressed in a unified custom! 

You can also plan with the trombone players and trumpet players to play any spooky music during the team’s entry. Another great way to bring the Halloween atmosphere into your pep rally is through spirit signs. You can get as creative as you can with those!

Also, ask someone (dressed in a costume, of course!) to hold a box of candy so everyone can grab a small treat! 

Team Dance Performance

Want a pep rally idea that’s packed with fun for everyone? Hear us out, prepare a dance for the varsity players to perform, and teach it to them a week or so before the game.

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Have each class perform a class cheer on pep rally day to show their support. When they’re done, it’s time for the team to show their spirit with a dance performance. 

If they perform it right, it will be a riot for everyone involved, and school spirit will skyrocket. Try to develop great song ideas, and then build up dance steps that are not too tough for the players to master quickly.

Teenage women having fun playing soccer

Have Them Play while Sabotaged

Another fun activity you can organize for a pep rally is to blindfold soccer players and ask each team to do their best to score a goal. Just sit back and watch the hilarious fails!

The winning team is the one that scores more goals while blindfolded (it’s probably going to be a draw, though).

You can also ask the members of each team to show off their dribbling skills, but under only one condition, while their hands are tied behind their backs!

This will genuinely show each player’s skill at dribbling and unforgettable falls. They can also try and pass the ball to each other and pretend to be playing to push them to their limits and double the fun. 

Restricting players can take many shapes and forms, and the ideas are infinite. You should pick the most suitable way to do that and ensure everyone can participate in this ahead of time; no one should be excluded from the fun!  

Soccer Ball Relay

This entertaining option for a soccer pep rally is even better if you have members of each class participate. Of course, you will need to make your selections in advance.

You can set up different class submission boxes in the school’s hallway and allow students to write their names on a piece of paper and drop it in the box.

To make teams, you can randomly choose 5-10 names for seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. The players should form a line while lying head to toe on the floor.

Once the buzzer sounds, the players must use their feet to pass the ball from one end of the line to the other.

Make sure to have some people available to help bring back the balls that get knocked out of play.

Tricycle Race

With tricycle races, you won’t watch soccer players ride tiny trikes but teachers and administrators if you manage to convince them how fun it is!

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To make things extra fun, you can set up an obstacle course with cones to map out a wacky course with painter’s tape for a small race with tiny trikes.

You can make each class choose one soccer player to ride the tricycles, and why not provide some supplies for each rider to decorate their trike and express themselves in a fun way? 

Three-Legged Race

We all love the fun we get from three-legged races, but what if we add a soccer twist? Rules are the same as the traditional three-legged race, with the addition that the partners must hold the soccer ball between their hips.

You don’t want your legs to be super close as you need to leave some space for the ball! 

Competitors aren’t permitted to use their hands, so this requires some serious coordination from each pair. If they drop the soccer ball, a cheerleader can pick it up and place it between their hips so they can continue running.

And, of course, the pair that crosses the finish line first wins!

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