All FIFA Xbox + PS Soccer Moves Explained: Master the Game with Our Ultimate Control Guide!

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The beautiful game and mastering FIFA’s many soccer skills may be thrilling. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, the appropriate buttons can unlock wild skill moves, accurate passes, and powerful shots that mimic real-life action. FIFA moves are strategic tools that can change a game when employed at the right time. Knowing which buttons to push is just the start of being a FIFA pro.

Know when to perform each move as you lace on your virtual boots and enter the field. Nimble dribbling past defenders, threading an inch-perfect through ball, or unleashing a powerful shot from distance require timing. FIFA’s gameplay requires quick reflexes and creative thinking to outwit your opponent. Every control, from a simple pass to a complex skill combo, can open defenses or stop attackers.

Key Takeaways

  • Mastering FIFA moves improves your style and competitiveness.
  • Player movement and play success require strategic control utilization.
  • Defense and offense depend on timing and tactic.
  • Controls for Xbox and PlayStation
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Understanding the FIFA Soccer Controls

Mastering the controls in FIFA Soccer is your ticket to dominating the field and orchestrating the beautiful game to your whim. Get ready to learn the key moves that will elevate your gameplay from the basics to advanced techniques that can dazzle your opponents.

Basic Offensive Controls

  • Pass: Tap X (Xbox) or Square (PlayStation) to pass the ball along the ground to your teammate.
  • Through Pass: Press Y (Xbox) or Triangle (PlayStation) to send the ball into space for your teammate to run onto.
  • Shoot: Use B (Xbox) or Circle (PlayStation) when you’re in position to take the shot and score that goal!

Defensive Maneuvers

  • Change Player: Press LB (Xbox) or L1 (PlayStation) to switch control to the player closest to the ball.
  • Tackle: Tap B (Xbox) or Circle (PlayStation) to perform a standing tackle and win the ball.

For more finesse and expert moves, implementing combinations and timing is crucial.

  • Finesse Shot: Combine RB + B (Xbox) or R1 + Circle (PlayStation) to curl the ball around the goalkeeper.
  • Lob Pass/Cross/Header: Hit X (Xbox) or Square (PlayStation) to lift the ball over an opponent or into the box.

Our detailed breakdown of the FIFA controls for the PS4 reveals the myriad of ways to maneuver the ball and outsmart the opposition. Similarly, FIFA Xbox One Basic Controls guide provides you with the keys to unlock your potential on the console.

Experiment with these controls in practice mode to get the hang of them before taking them into a game. Remember, practicing these controls is how you’ll start turning those close games into convincing victories!

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Basic Moves

Mastering the basic moves in FIFA is crucial for any player looking to dominate on the field. Here’s how you can make the most of each touch, whether you’re passing, shooting, or tackling. Get ready to sharpen your skills and take control of the game!

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Passing Techniques

  • Short Pass/Tiki-Taka: Tap X (PS4) or A (Xbox One) when you’re aiming at a teammate.

A short pass is best used for quick, close exchanges, maintaining possession in tight spaces. For a more creative play, use the Dummy a Pass maneuver to let the ball run through your legs by pressing the L1 button.

  • Through Pass: Create opportunities by pressing Triangle (PS4) or Y (Xbox One) to send the ball into open space ahead of a teammate, allowing them to run onto it.

Shooting Mechanics

  • Regular Shot: Hit Circle (PS4) or B (Xbox One) when you’re in a position to score. Aim carefully; the ball’s trajectory is influenced by your movement and posture.
  • Chip Shot: For a cheeky lob over the keeper, combine L1 (PS4) or LB (Xbox One) with your shoot button. The timing and player’s skill determine the success of a chip shot.

Tackling Fundamentals

  • Standing Tackle: Press Circle (PS4) or B (Xbox One) to dispossess your opponent. Aim to connect when the ball is within your reach for a clean take.
  • Sliding Tackle: A bit riskier, press Square (PS4) or X (Xbox One) to slide. Timing is everything; misjudge it, and you risk a foul or even a card. Use it as a last resort or to block shots and crosses.

Get out there and start applying these basic moves. With practice, you’ll see a remarkable difference in your gameplay!

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Advanced Moves

Ready to take your FIFA skills to the next level? Master these advanced moves and leave defenders in the dust with precise commands and perfect timing.

Skill Moves

To pull off dazzling Skill Moves, timing and joystick agility are essential.

  • For instance, executing a Rabona is a show-stopper, requiring a combination of the L2 button (LT on Xbox) and the Triangle button (Y on Xbox), along with a flick of the right stick.

The closer you are to the goal, the more likely you’ll catch the keeper off-guard.

Dribbling Tricks

  • In the realm of Dribbling Tricks, close ball control is fundamental. Utilize the Right Stick to perform feints and spins; for a Ball Roll, gently push the right stick to the side of the direction you’re aiming for.
  • To maneuver through tight spaces, mastering the L1 button (LB on Xbox) for precision dribbling gives you the finesse needed for those clutch moments.

Special Passes

  • Your arsenal of Special Passes can dramatically switch up play. A well-timed Flick Pass can be activated by pressing the R3 button, surprising opponents with an unexpected move.
  • For defense-splitting magic, a False Touch requires a swift R1 tap (RB on Xbox) combined with the pass button; the move can redirect the ball around an opponent, launching a teammate forward.

Master these advanced moves and watch as your FIFA gameplay transforms from amateur to professional brilliance. Remember, practice makes perfect, and these commands need to be second nature for moments when it truly counts.

Player using an Xbox controller ○ Soccer Blade

Defensive Strategies

In FIFA, mastering your defensive game is as crucial as scoring goals. You can turn the tide of a game with well-timed tackles and strategic containment of your opponents.

Jockeying and Contain

  • To prevent your opponent from making a breakthrough, you’ll want to jockey (hold LT/L2) and contain (hold X/A) at the right moments.

When an attacker is approaching, jockey to stay in front of them, matching their moves. If they’re close, switch to contain to apply pressure, forcing them into errors.

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Sliding and Standing Tackles

  • Tackling is a high-risk, high-reward move. Execute a standing tackle (press O/B) when you’re close to an opponent and confident of winning the ball. Use a sliding tackle (press square/X) only as a last resort, as it can lead to fouls or cards if misjudged.

Timing is everything; anticipate the opponent’s movement and choose your moment wisely.

Ps4 gamepad in gamer man hand ○ Soccer Blade

Attacking Tactics

Mastering the art of attacking in FIFA can transform you into an unstoppable force on the digital field. From precise crosses to smart in-game adjustments, your journey to goal-scoring glory starts here.

Crossing Mastery

Crossing the ball is a dynamic way to surprise defenses and create scoring opportunities. The key is to pick the right type of cross for the situation:

  • Regular Cross: To execute, press Square on PlayStation (PS) or X on Xbox when you’re approaching the side of the field. Release the ball when your teammate makes a run into the space.
  • Low Cross: Tap Square (X on Xbox) twice when an attacker is near the post to keep the cross close to the ground for a swift finish.
  • High/Lobbed Cross: Hold L1 and press Square on PS (Hold LB and press X on Xbox) to send a high arc perfect for the powerful header.

You need to time these crosses with your team’s movement in the box. Anticipate where your attackers will be, not where they currently are.

In-Game Strategies

Fine-tuning your approach mid-game can catch your opponent off guard. Be prepared to switch from offensive to defensive gameplay or vice versa:

  • Pressing: Employ High Pressure with D-Pad Up then Left to force turnovers when behind.
  • Counter-Attack: Trigger a rapid counter by selecting D-Pad Up then Right after regaining possession.

Keep an eye on your player’s stamina when using these strategies. Continuous high pressure will tire them out, so use it sparingly or when you desperately need the ball. Remember, a well-timed switch in tactics often leads to winning games.

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Set Piece Execution

Mastering set pieces in FIFA can give you a significant edge during games. Being able to execute free kicks, penalties, and corner kicks with precision can turn the tide of any game.

Free Kicks

When lining up for a free kick, positioning and power are everything. To perform a basic free kick, aim where you want the ball to go, adjust the power with the shoot button, and use the left stick to add curve.

  • For more advanced techniques, like the Knuckleball, you’ll need to press the shoot button with timed precision and flick the right stick to add the necessary effect.

Penalty Kicks

For penalty kicks, it’s a mind game with the keeper. To successfully score, you should aim with the left stick and gently tap the shoot button to set your shot’s power. Be mindful—overpowering can send the ball soaring.

  • To change shot type, like adding a chip shot known as a “Panenka”, quickly flick the right stick upwards after the initial power is set.

Corner Kicks

During corner kicks, use the left stick to pinpoint your target player. Press the shoot button to send the ball into the mix with the right amount of power, and flick the right stick to add spin or change the trajectory. For a short corner, press the pass button instead and strategize a play from the edge of the box.

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Goalkeeping Skills

Mastering the art of goalkeeping in FIFA is crucial for keeping your net untouched. Expertly saving shots and handling one-on-one scenarios can turn the tide of any game.

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Saving Shots

Your timing and choice of movement are vital when it comes to saving shots. When an opponent fires a shot:

  • Positioning: Use the Left Stick to position your goalkeeper.
  • Dive: Flick the Right Stick in the direction you want to dive, at the precise moment when the shot is taken.

For powerful shots from distance, anticipate the ball’s trajectory swiftly to perform a diving save. The window of opportunity is narrow, but your quick reflexes can make all the difference.

One-on-One Scenarios

In one-on-one scenarios, staying calm and reading the striker’s movements are key:

  • Cut down the angle: Use L1/LB + Right Stick to take control and narrow the shooting angle.
  • Make the save: Wait for the striker to commit before using the Right Stick to dive towards the shot.

Understanding a striker’s behavior is crucial, and employing these controls at the right moment could be the difference between a save and a goal.

Gameplay Tips

Unlock your FIFA gaming potential by mastering when to press the right buttons. These gems will have you keeping possession and mastering the art of pressing and counter-pressing like a pro.

Maintaining Possession

To keep the ball, your timing is everything. Use L1/LB to perform close control and draw defenders in. Then, shock them with a quick turn using the right stick.

  • Keep an eye on your player’s body positioning and use it to shield the ball by holding L2/LT when an opponent tries to tackle.

Pressing and Counter-Pressing

When losing the ball, immediately apply pressure by tapping R1/RB to send a nearby teammate to challenge while you cut off passing lanes.

  • Transform defense into attack by mastering Directional Nutmeg – tap L1/LB + R1/RB + Right Stick in the direction of open space right after possession is lost to quickly navigate through tight spaces and catch opponents off-guard.

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