Best Soccer Cleats For Players With Wide Feet (Top 3)

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The best soccer cleats for wide feet are the Nike Tiempo Legend 7. They are roomy, allowing for a wider fitting, durable, and made with FlyFit technology.

There are plenty of soccer cleats available in stores today. Yet, various soccer players with wide flat feet come across the issue of ill-fitting soccer cleats.

It can cause plenty of foot problems and reduce stability. It becomes necessary to find the best soccer cleats for wide flat feet.

The best cleats will have the appropriate size, design, and shape to accommodate your feet, provide comfort, and reduce sudden jerks. 

The material will ensure perfect durability and strength. It should also reduce foot aches and provide more stability. 


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Can you play soccer with wide feet?

Soccer can be played with wide feet, giving you stability, surefootedness, a good strike of the ball, and balance.

There are different styles of play in soccer, and with the right set-up, you can affect the game with wide flat feet.

Utilize the benefits of having wide flat feet – stand out from the rest. But be sure to do this with the right cleats.

This blog post will discuss some problems you may face with small and narrow soccer cleats.

Additionally, we’ll also help you find the best soccer cleats for wide flat feet to help you win your next big soccer game!

Skopje, FYROM – August 8,2017: Manchester United players pose for a pictures at the start of the UEFA Super Cup Final match between Real Madrid and Manchester United at Philip II Arena in Skopje

Why do soccer cleats hurt my feet?

Soccer cleats can hurt your feet because your feet are fitted too tightly, the design is poor, contraction materials are weak, you have health conditions, or it could be your posture.

Soccer is a sport that requires extreme dedication and motivation both mentally and physically.

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However, the wrong kind of equipment can turn the whole game around, quite literally. 

One such piece of equipment is soccer cleats. If your soccer cleats are ill-fitting, you may have to go through plenty of problems that can affect your performance badly. 

Some of these problems and issues usually faced by soccer players with wide flat feet are: 

1. Extreme Foot Pain

One of the most common and known problems of wearing tight soccer cleats is extreme foot ache. 

When wearing extremely tight soccer shoes, your toes may not get enough area and are thus constricted. This can cause plenty of problems, such as blisters, toes, and other bone deformities. 

Additionally, it is not just about size. If your shoe does not have the correct shape, it can also cause foot aches. 

2. Instability 

Ill-fitting and tight shoes can also cause instability. It becomes a vast downfall when you’re trying to play soccer. Instability, due to such shoes, can lose you points. 

Additionally, it can also make you fall while you’re playing and cause different types of injuries. 

Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet Infographic ○ Soccer Blade

3. Foot Conditions

Along with extreme foot pain, tight shoes are the reason for various types of foot conditions that affect your health and hygiene. 

Tight shoes increase the probability of having bunions, enlargement, or swelling of bones near the base of the toe. It can also cause other conditions, such as corns or hammertoes. 

4. Body Soreness

Wearing tight and ill-fitting soccer cleats won’t just affect your foot but also your entire body. If your foot cannot hold your body together, it will cause pain to emerge in other areas and points, like the lower back. 

Now, this can indeed become a barrier on the road to success. 

5. Posture and Balance

Having a proper posture and balance becomes extremely necessary when it comes to playing soccer.

If you don’t have balance, you may end up falling and, in worse cases, injure yourself. 

Improper posture is observed in people with wide flat feet who wear tight and ill-fitting shoes. This can certainly become a cause of concern. 

So, it becomes extremely necessary to look out for shoes that can properly fit your wide flat feet without causing any more damage to them. 

To help you out, here’s a quick buying guide that can help you find the best soccer cleats for wide flat feet. 

US Womens U 23 national soccer team players ○ Soccer Blade

How to choose soccer cleats for wide feet

If you’re tired of experiencing the above problems and finding no way out, you must consider buying soccer cleats. 

However, before you do so, consider certain factors to find the best soccer cleats for wide flat feet. Some of these factors are: 

Comfort Level

One of the primary reasons why you may be looking for good soccer cleats is because of comfort. 

So, always try to find soccer cleats that may look like they can fit your feet comfortably.

Also, keep in mind the shape of the shoes. Specific shoes may have a perfect size, yet the shape can definitely cause discomfort.

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Shoe Design

The design of the shoes also matters. For example, if you’re playing on turf grounds, go for shoes with short nubs for more grip.

As for soft grounds, shoes with spikes are a better option for more comfort and cushioning. 

Shoe Performance

Your shoes should allow you to maintain stability and a proper posture while playing.

Specific shoes may fit well, but they won’t offer proper stability and, thus, result in slipping or falling. 

Material Type

Soccer cleats are available in different types of materials. They could either consist of pure leather or synthetic material. 

However, what matters is how much firmness it can provide, along with keeping your feet comfortable and relaxed. 

Also, remember that you need not compromise on the price, as good-quality and comfortable soccer cleats can last for ages!

Nike and Adidas Cleats Inter Milan vs CSKA Zanetti Left
Nike and Adidas Cleats Inter Milan vs CSKA Zanetti Left

3 Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Flat Feet 

We have handpicked the three best soccer cleats, especially for your wide feet. These cleats will help you will all of the problems mentioned above.

Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Academy FG 

Nike has been one of the most reputed names when it comes to sports. With Tiempo Legend 8, it proved that. 

Tiempo Legend 8 soccer cleats are some of the best seats available today owing to their material and comfort. 

Nike Men's Footbal Shoes, Black Black Black Blue...

These shoes may be a bit expensive because the material is pure leather. Add the FlyKnit technology used for extra comfort, and you get the best deal. 

Additionally, this pair of soccer cleats have a ‘Hyperstability’ soleplate that offers extra stability and balance in every situation. 

These shoes also come in a variety of sizes and colors and are also gender-neutral. 


  • Wide and large sizes are available 
  • Durable and strong
  • Provides extra stability
  • FlyKnit provides extra comfort
  • 6 types of color combinations are available. 


  • May get a little expensive

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Check-out the styles here at Amazon.

Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Shoes

Adidas is yet another brand known for its exceptional sportswear and shoes. Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Shoes is a product of excellence and comfort.

These shoes are timeless and have been in the market for over 20 years. 

adidas mens Football Boots

Talking about the material, these soccer cleats are also made up of kangaroo leather. Due to this, it offers admirable performance along with durability. 

If we take wide feet into context, then these shoes can fit almost every type of foot exceptionally well. You may need a few days for your shoes to stretch and fit better. 

These shoes also contain central lacing with a leather tongue so you can tighten the shoes the way you find them comfortable.

The extra weight also adds up to provide proper stability and firmness, which soccer requires. 


  • Available in various sizes
  • Adjusts and molds according to your foot size
  • Provides proper stability 
  • It consists of pure leather that offers durability 
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  • Weight may get too much to handle for some people
  • You may not like the leather tongue 

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PUMA Men’s Evopower Vigor 3

If you’re not a leather lover, these soccer cleats are for you. 

These shoes are perfect for all kinds of feet, including wide feet. They’re comfortable and have quite a lot of space to accommodate your feet properly. 

Puma Men's Evopower Vigor 3 Firm Ground Sneaker,...

Power and speed are two things. These shoes guarantee comfort and stability. They are also incredibly lightweight and durable. 

The shoe colors also have a bright yet sporty look to them. 


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Quite spacious for wide feet
  • Uses microfiber material
  • Sporty and minimal look 


  • The arch support may not be that efficient
  • The price is relatively high

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Improve soccer with wide feet

Besides your game strategy and practice, soccer is also about wearing efficient cleats. The perfect soccer cleats can guarantee success and speed up the winning process. 

On the other hand, ill-fitting soccer cleats can cause discomfort, along with injuries and failures. So, find your power-filled soccer cleats and bring out your inner soccer pro!

I hope these cleats for wide feet will help you reduce the pain and play more freely.

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