Best Soccer Cleats Under $50 (Cheap & Effective)

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Tracking down the best soccer under $50 doesn’t have to be as difficult as some people make it out to be.

In fact, today there is more top-tier soccer at affordable price points than maybe ever before. Finding great cleats doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune.

Sure, there are some things you have to focus on and some things you have to keep top of mind to make sure you’re spending your money smartly. But that’s why we’ve put together this detailed guide!

Here are some of the key things I’ll highlight in this quick guide:

  • Whether or not cheaper cleats are as good as expensive options
  • How important the upper is on soccer cleats
  • Whether or not cleats really are built for specific surfaces
  • If it makes the position you play on the pitch determines the cleats you should buy
  • The importance of stud design


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Believe it or not, you don’t have to spend a small fortune on soccer cleats. You can find great cleats for $50 or less – cleats that help athletes perform to the best of their abilities. The options above are the pricing for the children’s – the adult versions cost a little bit more.

Let’s jump right in!

Soccer cleats from above on turf

How to Find the Best Soccer Cleats Under $50

How important is the upper on soccer cleats?

If there’s one thing to really zero in on when looking for the best soccer under $50 it has to be the upper of the cleats.

A lot of people focus on the spike pattern itself, the material choices, and the overall look and aesthetics of these cleats. And there’s nothing wrong with that. All of those elements are important.

But if you really want a high-quality cleat, an option that’s going to make you perform better on the pitch, you need to focus on the upper.

The upper is going to provide a secure fit or one that feels loose and sloppy. It’s going to be able to withstand weather conditions and high impacts or not. It’s going to have a huge impact on how the cleat feels when you’re running, passing, and striking the ball.

Zero in on the upper!

Do I need specific cleats for specific ground types?

The kind of soccer pitch you’ll be playing on most often has a big impact on finding the best soccer under $50, too.

There are certainly some quality multipurpose spikes available on the market today. But if you’re going to be playing 80% or more on one surface or another (real grass, turf, indoors, etc.) it might not be a bad idea to get cleats specifically made for that playing surface.

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You’ll see a huge performance difference!

Does stud design even matter?

Stud design matters as well, even if different stud patterns look similar to the untrained eye.

Different cleat patterns (and even different cleat materials) can change the way a soccer boot feels when it comes to pivoting, passing, striking a ball, and even just moving up and down the field effectively.

Choose a stud pattern that fits the kind of performance you’re looking for.

Should cleats be picked for specific positions?

Midfielders are going to be happier with soccer that has a little more padding in the shoes, whereas defenders probably need a little more support in the upper area – all because of the responsibilities of these positions and how a player will interact with the ball most of the time.

Make sure you choose a cleat that can stand up to the pressure of each individual position you’ll be playing and you’ll be good to go!

The Best Soccer Cleats Under $50

Adidas Predator 19.4 Firm Ground Soccer

The Brand

No other brand in the soccer world has the same kind of reputation that Adidas does.

These cleats are well-made, well-engineered, and designed with the squeezing as much performance out of an athlete as possible in mind. You can’t go wrong with a Predator cleat.

adidas Predator 19.4 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe (mens) White/Bold Blue/Bold Blue 6.5

What is Adidas Predator 19.4 Firm Ground Soccer Good For?

These cleats are ideally suited for soccer players that are going to be on the attack more often than not, your midfielders and your strikers. There’s a little bit of extra padding in the upper area so that passes can be received softly, but the toe box is pointed in such a way that striking a ball to score is a lot more consistent.

What Makes Adidas Predator 19.4 Firm Ground Soccer Unique?

The most unique thing about these Adidas Predator cleats is the amount of extra grip they provide in the toe box area. Adidas proprietary “Control Embossing” gives players a lot more command over the ball while they dribble, pass, receive passes, and go to score.

Adidas Predator 19.4 Firm Ground Soccer Performance

As far as performance is concerned, the Adidas Predator cleats are some of the best soccer cleats under $50.

adidas Boy's Nemeziz 19.4 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe,...
  • adidas male Soccer Shoe
  • The adidas brand has a long history and deep-rooted...
  • Driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation as well as...

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They have great ankle support and stabilization, top-tier traction through the TPU stud system, and a couple of other cool features that put them over the top.

Pros and Cons

  • Super well-made
  • Legendary Adidas performance enhancements
  • Fantastic for strikers and athletes on the attack
  • Not ideally suited for defenders
  • A little narrow compared to other cleats

Adidas Women’s Goletto VI FG W Soccer Shoe

The Brand

Adidas pulled no punches with these soccer cleats, cleats specifically designed for female athletes looking to maximize their performance on the pitch.

Lightweight, flexible, but still plenty stable enough to play offense and defense effectively, Adidas features a lot of their proprietary engineering and technical fabric choices in soccer.

adidas Unisex-Kid's Goletto VI Firm Ground Football Shoe, Black/Shock Pink/White, 6 M US Big Kid

What is Adidas Women’s Goletto VI FG W Soccer Shoe Good For?

The 100% synthetic upper on these Adidas soccer isn’t quite as flexible or as “squishy” as some of the other top-flight options under $50. But that’s not a bad thing, either.

The extra stability offered by this different upper makes these cleats fantastic for those that are playing defense or expect to receive a lot of passes and need to “deaden” the impact.

You won’t lose speed or performance with these stiffer shoes on your feet, either. That’s because of a unique stud pattern that really helps these cleats bite into outdoor surfaces.

What Makes Adidas Women’s Goletto VI FG W Soccer Shoe Unique?

The biggest differentiator between these Adidas cleats and others is the inclusion of a flexible ground outsole.

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This makes these shoes really excellent when running up and down outdoor, natural grass pitches. You’ll have plenty of extra traction thanks to this feature, even if the pitch is a little on the wetter side of things.

Adidas Women’s Goletto VI FG W Soccer Shoe Performance

This soccer cleat performs just the same way you’d expect any other top-of-the-line Adidas cleat to perform. You certainly won’t be disappointed when you slide them on your feet!

Alternatives Available

Pros and Cons

  • Very well-made, featuring proprietary Adidas engineering and technical fabrics
  • Stylish design that is eye-catching and blends with most uniform colorways
  • The flexible ground outsole really bites into outdoor playing surfaces
  • Not ideally suited for indoor or stiff track services
  • Synthetic upper can be a little bit stiffer than most

DREAM PAIRS Men’s Cleats Football Soccer Shoes

The Brand

DREAM PAIRS is a relative newcomer to the soccer world, but already catching fire with athletes at the amateur, collegiate, and professional levels.

DREAM PAIRS Men's Superflight-1 Firm Ground Soccer Cleats Soccer Shoes, US,Neon Green Royal l,Size 10

Well-designed soccer through and through, these shoes take full advantage of modern construction materials, advanced technical fabrics, and smart athletic cleat performance innovations with a very flashy aesthetic twist.

These are some of the best soccer under $50 for athletes that really want to stand out from the moment they step on the pitch until the final whistle.

What are DREAM PAIRS Men’s Cleats Football Soccer Shoes Good For?

These soccer cleats are traditional “soccer boot” designs, with a high-top elastic sock-like material that wraps and cushions your ankle in a way that traditional spikes cannot.

This helps these cleats to feel way more responsive, almost like a second skin. You’ll have a lot more command over each individual movement than you would have with sloppy, loose-fitting spikes for sure.

What Makes DREAM PAIRS Men’s Cleats Football Soccer Shoes Unique?

The stretchy, flying mesh material that wraps around the upper of these boots is designed to improve the connection of these on your feet but also to alleviate sweat and excess moisture.

The real star of the show when it comes to these cleats, though, is the overall design of the book themselves as well as the angular toe box. You’ll be able to receive passes comfortably, send them out to other players quickly, and still be able to strike the ball effectively (with plenty of spins) to score goals.

DREAM PAIRS Men’s Cleats Football Soccer Shoes Performance

Athletic cleats like these have to be high-performance models if they are going to look this flashy!

Players are going to be very impressed with how well they play when they slide these cleats on their feet. They fit right, they are super lightweight, and the synthetic materials give them a level of durability that rivals leather.

DREAM PAIRS Mens Superflight-1 Firm Ground Soccer...
  • Synthetic Leather upper offers lightweight,durable and...
  • Firm ground cleats is designed for natural grass...
  • TPU firm ground outsole offers plenty of traction and a...
  • Traditional lace up closure offers a personal fit, allowing...
  • EVA mesh midsole offers shock absorbing and breathe

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Pros and Cons

  • Very strong and durable yet lightweight
  • Great for players that are on the attack as well as those playing defense
  • Work well outdoors as well as inside
  • This brand doesn’t have the reputation for durability and longevity older brands do
  • The super flashy, over-the-top aesthetic is not for everyone

Adidas Unisex-Adult ACE 18.3 FG Soccer Shoe

The Brand

Adidas has perfectly blended traditional textiles with synthetic, technical fabrics to create what many consider to be the very best soccer under $50 today.

adidas PREDATOR 18.3 FG Soccer Shoe (unisex-adult) solar yellow/black/solar red 6.5 M US

These cleats are lightweight (weighing just 11 ounces), super stable thanks to the synthetic and elastic boot style upper, and feature Adidas proprietary “Grip Control” embossing all over the toe box and sides of the cleats themselves.

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The end result is a pair of cleats that are fantastic for players at any position on the pitch, but especially those that are going to be aggressive and looking to score more often.

What is Adidas Unisex-Adult ACE 18.3 FG Soccer Shoe Good For?

These soccer cleats are ideally suited for athletes that have stronger ankles, especially since there’s a lot less support on the backend of these cleats than you might find with traditional hightops.

Low-cut boots through and through, the hightop look on these cleats is made possible thanks to the elastic and synthetic sock upper. This connects your feet to the shoes a little more effectively (and a lot more comfortably) but it doesn’t offer the kind of stability or support that traditional hightops would have.

Still, the shoes are fantastic for midfielders and strikers that want to move quickly, remain agile, and still have the ability to pop, pivot, pass, or put a ball in the back corner of a goal effectively.

What Makes Adidas Unisex-Adult ACE 18.3 FG Soccer Shoe Unique?

The Grip Control embossing on these cleats is the biggest separator from the rest of the pack.

Adidas really helped to pioneer this kind of embossing, specifically creating patterns on their soccer that shed water, provide a grippy surface to receive soccer balls, and deliver balls more accurately on target without having to worry about the smooth surface of a cleat getting in the way.

Other shoes have copied this kind of design, but none of them have the same pattern that Adidas does – a pattern that they spent millions of dollars testing, researching, and perfecting.

Adidas Unisex-Adult ACE 18.3 FG Soccer Shoe Performance

All in all, the performance you can expect from these cleats is absolutely next level.

As we mentioned a moment ago, they are lightweight, durable, and comfortable for any position – but especially those that are constantly on the attack.

If you expect to have to make a pass, receive a pass, or shoot at a goal more often than a handful of times each game these should be on your feet.

Pros and Cons

  • A perfect blend of traditional textiles and technical fabrics
  • Elite level control thanks to the Grip Control embossing on the shoes
  • Fantastic fit, especially thanks to the sock-like upper
  • Anatomically designed shoes won’t fit everyone perfectly
  • Extra heel support than some athletes are going to be used to
adidas PREDATOR 18.3 FG Soccer Shoe (unisex-adult)...
  • Structured Primemesh upper provides a comfortable, sock-like...
  • Control embossing on the upper gives you improved ball...
  • Experience ultimate lockdown with an anatomically designed...
  • Snug sock-like material fits like a second skin
  • High-performance TPU-injected layers in the outsole designed...

Product: Updated 2024-05-18 | Images: Amazon Product Advertising API | #ad - is an Amazon Associate

Product: Updated 2024-05-18 | Images: Amazon Product Advertising API | #ad - is an Amazon Associate

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