How To Destroy Players In Soccer (Amazing Skills)

We know soccer is a team sport, but sometimes we love to add some of our own skills to the game. At the end of the day, the player with the most creativity and confidence gets remembered the longest.

I love destroying players on the field, and you can do the same by adding some new skill moves to your training sessions.

There are numerous dribbling, passing, and shooting techniques that you can practice to help you destroy players.

  • Spontaneous dribbling, precise passing, accurate shooting, and quick feet are ways that you can destroy a player in soccer.
  • Adding these skills to your gameplay will make it very difficult for an opposing player.
  • Daily practice is also important if you want to be the best player on the field.

Below I will be discussing some skills that you can use in your next training session. Using these skills on the field will improve your gameplay and help you destroy any player in soccer.

Neymar Jr. PSG vs. Barcelona

How To Use Dribbling To Destroy Players In Soccer?

You will need to have quite a few dribbles in your gameplay to destroy players in soccer.

Spontaneous dribbling will create space for yourself as well as give you an edge over your opponent.

Dribbling involves close control of the ball, and the more control you have, the more chance you have of destroying an opponent.

Below is a list of tips that you can use when practicing your dribbling:

  • Make gentle contact with the ball
  • Keep the ball close to your feet
  • Change your pace after the dribble
  • Use your body to protect the ball

Dribbling is an effective way to destroy players, but not many of us use it in our gameplay. I suggest adding some step-overs, body feints, rainbow flicks, and back heels to your next training session.

Do these dribbles in training, and then do it twice as fast when it comes to game day.

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Steps For The Most Effective Dribbling Exercise

  1. Set up cones with similar distances between each other
  2. Run through the cones while keeping close contact with the ball
  3. Run through the cones again but this time increase your speed
  4. Run through the cones again but this time add a dribble or two
  5. Repeat the same process but end it off with taking a shot at the goal

How To Use Passing To Destroy Players In Soccer?

We know that it takes just one precise pass to confuse and destroy players in soccer.

Practicing your passing in a training session will help you choose out a precise pass that will find its intended target.

Passing around the ball exhausts opponents, and it gives your team an advantage with the next phase of the attack.

Below is a list of tips that you can use when practicing your passing:

  • Practice passing with both your feet
  • Look up to choose the best available pass
  • Add the correct amount of weight or power behind the ball
  • Disguise your passing intention

To destroy a player or team bypassing, you will need to add some through passes, long passes, give and go passes, and one-touch passes to your gameplay.

To catch opponents out of position, you will need to do precise passing with both your right foot and left foot. Accurate passing is vital in destroying players in soccer.

Steps For The Most Effective Passing Exercise

  1. Set up cones and establish passing targets
  2. Run through the cones and then pass to the nearest target
  3. Repeat the same process but this time pass to the furthest target
  4. Run through the cones again but this time add a dribble before passing to any target

Repeat the same process but this time use your other foot to pass

How To Use Shooting To Destroy Players In Soccer?

You will need to have on your shooting boots if you want to destroy players in soccer. Shooting is an important part of soccer because if you don’t shoot, you won’t score.

Taking an unexpected shot will dazzle opponents and allow you to score or set up a goal for your teammate.

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Below is a list of tips that you can use when practicing your shooting:

  • Lock your ankle before taking a shot
  • Make sure you are leaning over the ball before shooting
  • The best place to hit the ball is in the middle
  • Get good contact and keep your shot low

You will need to practice shooting with your laces to destroy a goalkeeper. Shots taken with the inside of your boot tend to be more accurate but contain less power.

Adding chip shots, bending shots, toe shots, and volley shots will improve your gameplay and help destroy opponents.

Steps For The Most Effective Shooting Exercise

  1. Set up cones and a goal post (preferably small goal posts)
  2. Run through the cones and then take a shot
  3. Repeat the same process but this time aim for the corners of the goal post
  4. Run through the cones again but this time add a dribble before taking a shot

Repeat the same process but this time use your other foot to take a shot

What Else Can I Do To Destroy Players In Soccer?

The most important thing to do to destroy players in soccer is to have regular training sessions.

Practice makes perfect, and therefore daily practice will result in you destroying the opponents while entertaining the supporters.

Make sure to practice a minimum of 4 days a week, with each day focusing on a specific skill (dribbling, shooting, passing, etc.).

Below is a list of other tips that you can use to destroy players in soccer:

  • Be creative and confident on the field
  • Have an unpredictable mindset
  • Keep your focus on technique
  • Make a skill move as fast as possible
  • Learn to change direction quickly
  • Use your pace to build up plenty of speed
  • Control your emotions

You will need to know the basics of dribbling, passing, and shooting to destroy any player on the field. Knowing the basics will allow you to add your own special skills, which will leave opponents overwhelmed.

The power of the game will immediately be placed in your hands. You can expect the ball to be at your feet quite often during the soccer game.

Remember always to enjoy the beautiful game of soccer and to thank the fans for their support.

Essential Equipment You Need

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Soccer Tactics FAQ

Can you block in soccer?

You can block a pass, shot, cross, or throw-in. It’s legal to block the ball using any part of the body other than the hands or arm (up to the shoulder). 

Why do players fake injuries? 

Although it’s disrespectful to opponents and fans, some players fake injuries to win a free kick or penalty, sometimes to stop a counter-attack, also to waste time to run the clock down, and they might try to get an opponent booked or sent off. 

How do you increase soccer awareness?

+ Scan the field before getting the ball
+ Keep an open body position
+ Keep your eyes in front of the ball when dribbling
+ Lookup after taking bigger touches

Why do soccer players and coaches cover their mouths when talking?

Soccer players hold their mouths when talking for 3 reasons: To keep conversations private from the public, Keep tactical discussions secret, and amplify their voices.

Why do soccer players raise their hands?

This is done to communicate with their teammates during a game for a pass, to say they are in space, plus to let teammates know what routine set-play is going to be taken. Players also raise their hands to celebrate a goal or signal that they are injured.

What are some ways to pass a soccer ball?

+ Inside foot: Using the area above and inside of the big toe.
+ Outside foot: This creates a spin on the ball to swerve the ball around players
+ The Laces: A powerful volley can be performed with a straight leg swing.
+ Spin: If the toes get underneath the ball with some force you create a backspin.
+ Back heel: Connect the heel with the ball to reverse play.
+ Header: Often used for clearing and shooting, but can be a creative passing move.
+ Body: Use any part of the body to deflect the ball into the path you desire.

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