How To Play Soccer Like Neymar (Here’s How)

You are probably reading this because you are like me, a soccer enthusiast that wants to be the best player on the field. I spent hours on the field playing soccer like one of the best players on the planet.

Neymar has all the characteristics you would need to beat your opponents while looking good in front of your teammates.

  • Most important aspect of playing soccer like Neymar is constant practice.
  • Practice will help you improve your technique, feet speed, skill moves, and creativity.
  • Daily soccer training sessions will result in spontaneous stepovers, roll-overs, and body feints.

There are various dribbling, passing, and shooting techniques that you can practice on the field to play like Neymar.

Below, I will discuss what makes Neymar such an exceptional player and give you some techniques that you can practice in your next soccer training session.

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What Makes Neymar One Of The Best Players On The Planet?

Neymar is considered one of the best players on the planet because of his ability to beat defenders and create space for himself. Below is a list of other things that he is also known for:

  • Spontaneous dribbling
  • Precision passing
  • Dangerous shooting and finishing
  • Lightning speed and acceleration
  • Dazzling first touch
  • Ability to use both feet
  • Unique creativity
  • Creating space for himself

These are some of the many talents that Neymar shows off on the soccer field.

Let’s not forget that Neymar has exceptional confidence on the field and on the training ground.

One could argue that playing alongside world-class players such as Leo Messi and Kylian Mbappe contributes to this type of confidence.

Neymar uses these talents to dazzle his opponents and to entertain the fans at the same time. Defending against a player like Neymar is a nightmare, and very few soccer players have the ability to stop him.

Having quick feet like Neymar can contribute to better performances and can make you the best player on the field.

How To Dribble Like Neymar

To dribble like Neymar, you would need to practice being spontaneous on the field. Neymar is one of the best dribblers in the soccer community.

He uses dribbling to beat opponents, create space, and get out of tight situations. Using the first move that comes to mind might seem unimportant, but it can give you the edge over your opponent.

These are some of the dribbles that Neymar uses that you can include in your next training session:

  • Step-overs
  • Roll-overs
  • Rainbow flick
  • Back heels
  • Body feints

Dribbling is an important part of football that not many soccer players focus on. You would need to practice dribbling to improve your performance on the field.

Once you have figured out a dribble, try to do it faster and faster. This will improve not only your dribbling ability but also your feet’ speed.

What Dribbling Exercises Can I Practice On The Training Ground?

The most effective dribbling exercise to improve your dribbling is setting up cones and running around them with the ball.

This dribbling exercise forces you to keep the ball in close control while moving at various speeds. This exercise will also improve your ability to make quick touches with the outside and inside of your foot.

How To Pass Like Neymar

To pass like Neymar, you would need to make sure that your passing finds the intended target.

Some soccer fans could argue that Neymar is not much of a passer, but the ball usually finds his teammate when he does pass. Short, mid, and long passes are important for the game to keep flowing.

These are some of the passes that Neymar uses that you can include in your next training session:

  • Through Pass
  • Backheel Pass
  • Long Pass
  • Give and Go Pass
  • One-Touch Pass

Neymar has the ability to use both feet, and therefore you would need to practice passing with both your right and left foot.

Daily passing practice on the training ground will result in precise and accurate passing. This type of passing can split up defenses and make you shine from the rest of the team.

What Passing Exercises Can I Practice On The Training Ground?

The best and most effective exercise to practice your passing is to set up cones and passing targets. It can also be very helpful to have a friend or teammate to pass the ball to.

It is important to practice short, medium, and long-range passes in your training session. Passing exercises will improve your ability to quickly advance the ball just like Neymar.

How To Shoot Like Neymar

To shoot like Neymar, you would need to practice your shooting technique. Neymar is well-known for his ability to score goals, and he hardly ever goes a game without scoring.

The power and direction of the ball will be determined by the way you place your foot and lean your body.

These are some of the shooting techniques that Neymar uses that you can include in your next training session:

  • Lock your ankle before shooting
  • Lean over the ball
  • Focus on hitting the middle of the ball
  • Get good contact on the ball

What Shooting Exercises Can I Practice On The Training Ground?

The best exercise to improve your shooting technique is to get goal posts and take numerous shots in your training session.

You will need to concentrate on shooting the ball with the laces of your boot. Focus on hitting the target. You can also make it more challenging by trying to aim for the corners of the goalposts.

What Else Can I Do To Improve My Technique, Feet Speed, Skill Moves, And Creativity?

To improve your technique, feet speed, skills moves, and creativity, you would need to have continuous training sessions.

Practice makes perfect, and therefore daily practice will result in the improvement of your gameplay.

Make sure to practice a minimum of 4 days a week, with each day focusing on a specific skill (dribbling, shooting, passing, etc.).

Below is a list of other tips that you can use to play soccer like Neymar:

  • Be an unpredictable player
  • Always add some skill moves to your gameplay
  • Make a skill move as fast as possible
  • Learn to change direction quickly
  • Focus on technique
  • Build up plenty of speed

You will need to know the basics of dribbling, passing, and shooting to add some extra special skills to your gameplay.

Using various skills will cause trouble for defenders and put the power in your hands.

Be a player that takes risks on the field. I advise you to do a dribble before taking a shot and watch as the ball goes past the goalie. Don’t forget to celebrate the goal with the fans.


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