Ideas For Old Soccer Jerseys (8 Amazing Tips)

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If you’ve been a soccer fan for a while and you have a big collection of your favorite soccer jerseys, you know too well how they can end up taking up too much space in your already crowded closet and never getting worn. 

And after all the effort you put in to collect these soccer jerseys, the last thing you want to do is just throw them out, so what can you do to put your old soccer jerseys to use? You’d be surprised at how much you can do instead of just getting rid of them! 

In this guide, we’re introducing you to the best 8 to put your old soccer jersey to good use, and don’t worry if you don’t have any specific skills, we’ve got some great video tutorials for you as well! 

Soccer jerseys

Frame Your Soccer Jersey

If your old soccer jersey means a lot to you but is pretty much useless, framing your jersey is one of the best ways to keep its memory alive forever!

So, whether it’s your favorite team’s jersey, a loved one gave it to you as a gift, or you wore it during a big game, whatever the reason is, it means something to you, and you want to keep it! 

Check the video below to learn how to frame your own soccer jersey:

How to frame a Sports Jersey

You can boast your framed jersey and even hang it on the wall later!

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Make A Patch Out of It

Since it tells a story and holds a big meaning, patches are a great way of expressing yourself. So if you have an old soccer jersey that holds a deep meaning for you, it’s possible to create a patch with it — it’s simple, quick, and really inexpensive to make! 

Check out the following video to learn more:

DIY | How to Make Professional Patches.

You can place the patch on the back of a denim jacket or a bag, it looks super cool and expressive either way! 

Turn It Into A Pillow

Sleeping on your favorite soccer jersey of your favorite team, how cool is that? One of the best ways to recycle your old jersey is to make a pillow out of it. 

But since this is something you’re going to put your head and face on often, make sure it’s completely clean before starting this process (unless you like the smell of your sweat from your last game!). 

It is truly a brilliant and practical way to reuse an old jersey, it turns out really well, and you can also brag about having made it yourself in front of your guests.

Check out the guide below for more detailed steps:

Make a Jersey Toy for Your Dog

The smile you see on your dog’s face is priceless, but you don’t always have to pay a fortune to make them happy, right? All you need is an old soccer jersey, scissors, a knack for braiding, and maybe an old tennis ball! 

Since you no longer need your old jersey, at least let your furry friend have some fun with it! Below is a 2-minute guide on how to quickly transform your jersey into a dog toy: 

DIY Dog Toys - EASY Use old t-shirts

Transform It Into A Cute Stuffed Toy

If you don’t own a pooch but have children, you may well put smiles on their faces with toys, too. It doesn’t take an expert to do it, but it does take a bit of skill to get it right.

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Just follow the guide below to a tee and you should be good: 

How to make a Bear out of a T-shirt

Sell It!

If you want to monetize get rid of your old soccer jersey that never gets worn, selling it is obviously a good do that while making a quick buck. You’d be surprised to find out how many people are keen to add some specific soccer jerseys to their collection, and you never know; yours might pique their interest!

The best part is that after you sell your old jersey, you’ll then have extra cash to get a new one, so it’s a win-win! 

Online websites and flea markets are great options for you to sell your soccer jersey. If you want some extra help, is the perfect place for athletes who want to get rid of their old jerseys for some cash. 

Give It to a Charity

If you haven’t considered donating your old soccer jersey yet, here’s why you should consider doing it…

Knowing that you’re helping other people to wear athletic jerseys is empowering and rewarding — it can make you feel both happy and fulfilled in turn. is one of the trustworthy places where you can donate your jersey to others who are in need. 

Recycle It

If you no longer want to own the soccer jersey, whether because it takes up space in your closet or for any other reason, you can always opt to recycle it.

Each year, it’s estimated that 11,150 tons of textile waste end up in landfills, so if you’re not interested in selling or donating it but want the jersey out of your house, you can help bring this huge number down by recycling your jersey. 

You can recycle your old jersey in a number of ways, and it can even end up becoming part of a new jersey, as Nike states that 75% of their apparel and shoes contain recycled material.

Finding a textile donation near you is the easiest way to start recycling. You may already be aware of one, but if not, there are maps online that can help you find one near you.

The Bottom Line

Just because you don’t wear your old soccer jerseys anymore, it doesn’t mean you should simply throw them out. In fact, there are many ways to put them to use, like turning them into dog toys, making cute stuffed toys for your child out of them, selling them, donating them, or even recycling them!

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So, what have you decided to do with your old jersey? Let us know! 

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