How To Wear Soccer Jersey: The Only Way

A soccer jersey is one item of clothing that anyone can use to style up their wardrobe. I was recently gifted a Liverpool 2021 soccer jersey, and I instantly thought about what clothes I could wear with this jersey.

I realized that adding a soccer jersey to my outfit made me stand out from the rest of the crowd

  • A soccer jersey is a clothing item that needs to be worn casually.
  • Deciding which club or national team’s jersey to purchase can be considered the most challenging part.
  • Soccer jerseys stand out from other clothing items, and therefore you would need to let your jersey do the talking.

To make the best out of your soccer jersey, you will need to add the right pants, shoes, and accessories to your outfit.

The most important detail to remember is to let the top half of your body stand out. Below I have answered a few F.A.Qs to help you make the best out of your new soccer jersey.

Female soccer player wearing a green jersey

How Do I Choose The Perfect Soccer Jersey?

You will need to choose the jersey of the club or national team that you have been supporting all along. If you only recently started watching soccer, the best option would be to choose a jersey that looks good.

Below are some tips that you can use to choose the perfect soccer jersey:

  • Make sure to buy the replica version of the soccer jersey
  • Choose a soccer jersey that suits your fashion style
  • Get a vintage soccer jersey if you are not into high-tech fabrics
  • Choose a soccer jersey that has a different color to the general color of the clothes in your wardrobe
  • Make sure that the soccer jersey is comfortable to wear and that it suits your body type (Fit it on before buying)

Which Items Can I Wear With My Soccer Jersey?

The best items to add to your soccer jersey outfit are ordinary jeans, a cool pair of sneakers, and an accessory or two.

These three items will give your outfit a casual but also sporty look. There are different color pants, shoes, and accessories that will match the color scheme of your particular soccer jersey.

It is important to remember that your soccer jersey should stand out from the rest of the fashion items that you are wearing. The pants, shoes, and accessories should only compliment the soccer jersey. Choosing the correct color items to add to your outfit will help keep the main focus on the soccer jersey.

Below is some more information about different pants, shoes, and accessories that you can add to your soccer jersey outfit:

Two female soccer fans drinking

Pants To Wear With A Soccer Jersey

Soccer fans suggest that jeans or a chino are the best pants to wear with your soccer jersey.

These pants are simple and allow the focus to stay on the top half of your body. Soccer jerseys are often bright and colorful, and therefore you will need to choose dark pants.

You can even make your outfit work with sweat pants, cargo pants, or shorts. The important tip is to make sure that your pants do not make or steal the attention of your outfit. Joggers could also work, but they should not be too baggy at your waist. Make sure to go with pants that suit the color scheme of your soccer jersey.

Shoes To Wear With A Soccer Jersey

The best shoe that you can wear with your soccer jersey is a pair of sneakers. The right pair of sneakers allows you to round up your outfit and bring together the fashion style you are going for.

You have a wider variety of choices when it comes to choosing the correct sneaker for your outfit.

Choose a more subtle sneaker and that has a similar color scheme to your soccer jersey. The main focus of your outfit should still be your soccer jersey. A nice pair of Vans, Converse, Nike Air Force, and even a pair of Adidas Ultraboost will be perfect for your outfit.

Accessories To Wear With A Soccer Jersey

You may add accessories such as jackets, watches, caps, and chains to your outfit to keep the casual look.

You will need to wear your jacket fully unzipped to keep the main focus on the soccer jersey. The best option is to get something tracksuit-like from places such as Nike, PUMA, Adidas, New Balance, etc.

Adding a fancy watch or chain can be the cherry on top of your outfit. Once again, the soccer jersey should still be the main focus. Therefore, avoid watches and chains that have flashy colors.

If you are looking for a more urban street-wear look, adding a wristband to your outfit will be the best option.

Street soccer with two men

What Is The Wrong Way To Wear My Soccer Jersey?

Soccer jerseys are for casual sporty occasions, and therefore wearing them to a formal occasion will not be appropriate. To make your outfit more fascinating, you will need to avoid tucking in your soccer jersey. Leave the tucking in for the real soccer players that are on the field

Below is a list of things you should not do while wearing your soccer jersey:

  • Avoid wearing baggy pants with your soccer jersey
  • Do not wear your soccer jersey alone (Add a t-shirt under it to prevent unwanted odors)
  • Do not wear a soccer jersey as a crop top

Best M.L.S. And EPL Soccer Jerseys

True soccer fans will know that the Major League Soccer and Barclays Premier League are the two leagues with the best soccer jerseys.

There are various colors, textures, and sizes of soccer jerseys in these two leagues. Below is a list of the best soccer jerseys in these two respective leagues:

Major League Soccer:

  • L.A. Galaxy (Away Jersey)
  • Vancouver Whitecaps F.C. (Away Jersey)
  • New York City F.C. (Home Jersey)
  • Atlanta United F.C. (Home Jersey)
  • Philadelphia Union (Away Jersey)

English Premier League:

  • Liverpool FC (Away Jersey)
  • Manchester City (Away Jersey)
  • Chelsea (Home Jersey)
  • Tottenham (Away Jersey)
  • West Ham United (Home Jersey)


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