Best Soccer Cleats For Wingers (Amazing Selection)

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Wingers are also known as the fullback in professional soccer. Wingers are considered the “workhorses” when the team is on offense and they are primarily positioned closer to the touchline and outside of the penalty box.

The best cleats are a must for wingers as they have to have speed and incredible endurance to play this midfielder position. They have to have speed, excellent crossing ability, vision, create give-and-go plays, and they have to be excellent passers.

Acceleration is everything for wingers with endurance running a close second. With that kind of offensive workload, the best cleats also mean the right cleats. So almost all of the cleats on the list are going to be designed for speed, elusiveness, ball-control, and endurance, in that order. 

  • Speed
  • Quick Feet
  • Durability = Endurance
  • Passing + Ball Control
  • Pivoting

A winger’s cleats have to be dependable and only the best will do. We will cover the best attributes of each cleat in comparison to what a winger requires.

Knowing the attributes that make a winger one of the most dangerous opponents on the field, what are the best cleats for a winger?

What Are The Best Soccer Cleats For A Winger?

Wingers are attacking midfielders and the best is an absolute nightmare for opposing teams. As such, a lot is required of a winger and not just speed and reflexes.

They must be able to endure the length of the game, with constant sprints up and down the field as they switch from offense to defense.

They have to have crazy footwork and have exceptional passing skills. The problem is, you can’t do all of these things to the best of your ability in cleats that are subpar. 

Nike Mercurial Vapor 13

Nike has been in the business of manufacturing sports attire—mostly in the form of shoes, whether for sports or for fashion—and they’ve gotten quite good at it.

Nike Vapor 13 Elite Fg Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat Mens Aq4176-801 Size 6

On the American side, Nike is often most associated with basketball and football, however, soccer is no less in the eyes of Nike.


  • Light ; Streamlined
  • 360° Flyknit Upper
  • High Tenacity Yarns
  • Snug Fit
  • Lightweight and Lightly Padded
  • Longer Studs

The Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 lengthened the studs over their predecessor by 1mm, giving you more dig in the turf without sacrificing balance or explosiveness. The combination of arrow and rounded studs is a perfect ratio for explosive speed and acceleration.

The 360° flyknit upper is an upgrade over the previous iteration and is far more comfortable in conjunction with a very snug shoe that won’t come flying off your feet no matter how fast you’re flying down the field. 

High tenacity yarns Very lightweight 360° flyknit upper Longer studs to really dig in Snug fitNot for wide feet Lack of padding Blisters are common

These cleats are extremely lightweight, so lightweight that some of the paddings along the inside have been removed, so you’ll feel every bit of the impact when your feet are in contact with the ball. Fortunately, this also improved ball control at the sacrifice of comfort. 

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If you have wide feet, you’ll have to pass by the Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 and find yourself another shoe. These cleats have a very narrow shape, especially in the toes where blistering is common for bigger feet.

Product: Updated 2024-05-22 | Images: Amazon Product Advertising API | #ad - is an Amazon Associate

The snug fit and narrow design mean you’ll have to go with some thin socks, which will exacerbate the blister issue if your feet are prone to them. This is ultimately a very soft shoe, but that doesn’t mean it’s fragile because of the high tenacity yarns.

The high tenacity yarns work to keep your foot in place when you pivot. That way your foot isn’t moving around inside the shoe, which can be very detrimental when making strong cuts on the turf.

Puma Future 5.1

Puma has been around a lot longer than most people give them credit for, opening a shop in 1948.

PUMA - Mens Future 5.1 Netfit Fg/Ag Shoes, Size: 7 D(M) US, Color: Puma Black/Asphalt

They currently employ over 14,000 people and are mostly engaged in creating sports apparel for athletes but also dabble in the fashion arena as well. The Puma Future 5.1 is one of their newer endeavors.


  • Dynamic looking aesthetic
  • Netfit holes in the upper
  • Stretchy evoknit collar and tongue
  • Expertly designed for cutting, pivoting, and acceleration
  • Silicone layer improves dribbling
  • Lightweight

Puma was either trying to frighten people or enamor them with a unique and elaborate design style. It’s the kind of aesthetic that people either love or loathe in equal measure. However, the material is ridiculously soft and so your first impression may be a wary one.

There’s no reason to be concerned, though, the super-soft upper is designed with Netfit holes along the top, allowing the material to stretch without affecting your lockdown. Your foot is not going to move in this boot and the soft material almost seems to scream that it will.

Netfit holes are well-placed Sock-like feel that’s strong and stays on Evoknit collar and tongue AG positive soleplate Close ball-to-foot feelAesthetics are either loved or hated Can be too soft for some

The laces are so close to your feet that whatever your style or choice of lacing is, you will still have a snug fit that will hold no matter how hard you pivot or suddenly accelerate.

Product: Updated 2024-05-22 | Images: Amazon Product Advertising API | #ad - is an Amazon Associate

The soft and thin material of the upper also keeps your foot in close contact with the soccer ball, improving ball control and dribbling since you can almost feel the ball skin-to-ball.

The Puma Future 5.1 is a one-piece boot that slides on like a sock and stays on.

New Balance Furon V6+

If you thought New Balance was just the Dollar General version of Nike, you’d be wrong. New Balance is a company that seeks balance between sports and fashion, hence their name.

PUMA - Mens Future 5.1 Netfit Fg/Ag Shoes, Size: 7 D(M) US, Color: Puma Black/Asphalt

However, their primary expertise is in footwear and the Furon V6+ is here to impress.


  • New and improved ankle cut
  • Lightweight Fitweave upper
  • Nylon soleplate and ribbed mid-foot
  • infiniGrip insert
  • Chevron studs with one reversed
  • True to size

New Balance set out to make improvements over the previous generation of Furon and, whether it was accidental or purposeful, ended up with an almost complete revamp. 

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The new and improved ankle cut turns the Furon 6+ into a sock-like, slide-on fit. The ankle cut is also soft, with stretchy material that doesn’t irritate the skin or rub it wrong throughout prolonged use. 

The nylon soleplate and ribbed mid-foot offer impressive stabilization that maintains through every pivot or change in direction. This design factor combines with 6 chevron studs and one reverse chevron stud to improve dynamic changes in direction or sudden acceleration.

The infiniGrip insert functions incredibly well, not allowing your foot to move within the cleat no matter how concussive the pivot is. Combined with a snug fit, these features allow for a remarkable level of versatility on the field. 

Improved ankle cut over predecessor Lightweight Fitweave upper Excellent infiniGrip insole Reverse stud for pivots Excellent grip with the nylon soleplate and ribbed mid-footNot the best choice for narrow feet No protection or padding on the upper

The soft upper mesh is thin and durable, maintaining itself while giving you a reasonable feel of the ball against your foot when dribbling or passing. Their biggest drawback is that they aren’t designed for narrow feet. 

Product: Updated 2024-05-22 | Images: Amazon Product Advertising API | #ad - is an Amazon Associate

Those with wider feet will appreciate the snug yet stretchy fit and those with narrow feet may not like the way the material rubs against their skin.

There’s also not a lot of protection on the upper so you’ll feel every bit of the impact with the ball and it will hurt if another player’s cleats contact the top. 

Mizuno Morelia Neo II

Mizuno prides itself on making people happy through the lens of sports. They’re also big believers in the unity that sports can create and they also happen to make excellent cleats for many different sports, including the Mizuno Morelia Neo II.

Mizuno Men's Morelia II SI P1GC150101 Black/White - 9.5 US


  • V-cut
  • Leather material with synthetic leather at the midfoot
  • Each one is personally built by hand
  • Dynamic Fit Counter
  • Wavefit customizable lacing
  • Conical 9×4 stud pattern
  • True to size

If you’ve never experienced a leather pair of cleats, then you’re missing out with the Mizuno Morelia Neo II. Somehow the Japanese manufacturer managed to make leather function in a design that has to be lightweight and extremely speedy.

Because leather isn’t nearly as flexible as the far more soft and flexible materials in other boots, Mizuno included a V-cut shape in the upper so that precision cuts and pivoting are free from bind-ups in the leather. 

Synthetic leather was used in the midfoot for similar reasons, more flexibility when you need it and it helps lighten the material. Mizuno achieved the same “barefoot” feel as competitors by using synthetic leather in the tongue that’s extremely thin but strong.

The upper and lower heel is now softer and harder respectively with the introduction of the “dynamic fit counter,” which was designed to soften the upper heel for fluid and fast movement while maintaining a more rigid bottom heel to keep your feet locked down in the shoe.

Customizable lacing Dynamic fit counter Conical studs V-cut Lightweight, thin tongueRequires some break-in time Tight in the middle

The Wavefit customizable lacing looks very traditional but is designed with reverse threaded laces so that you can customize how you tie it to your personal preference. 

Mizuno Men's Morelia II SI P1GC150101 [Japan...
  • MORELIA Station Limited Model
  • Light, Soft, Barefoot Feeling
  • Made in Japan
  • Scotch Guard Kangaroo Leather

Product: Updated 2024-05-22 | Images: Amazon Product Advertising API | #ad - is an Amazon Associate

The Conical 9×4 stud pattern offers explosiveness off the mark with a great range of motion when pivoting or changing direction.

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These cleats are true to size and unfortunately, come with a bit of break-in time, despite that not being a problem with previous iterations. 

Adidas X Speedflow .1

Adidas’ mission is no secret, they want to be the number one sports brand on the planet and they put out a good argument with their successive lines of great sports gear that stands the test of time.

In fact, the Adidas X Speedflow .1 may just be the best on this entire list. 

adidas X Speedflow.1 Firm Ground Cleat - Unisex Soccer


  • Silicone layered upper
  • Midfoot rigidity
  • Exposed and stretchable tongue and knitted lace area
  • Carbitex soleplate
  • Speed successfully married to comfort

Adidas set out to develop and produce a soccer cleat that offers both incredible comfort and speed, without sacrificing one in favor of the other. The result is exceptional and it’s safe to say they largely succeeded. 

The silicone layered upper is stretchy and extremely comfortable with enough form and a snug fit to keep your foot in place. The material feels soft and luxurious but is exceptionally tough and resilient.

There’s also plenty of rigidity in the midfoot, without going too far, so you can maintain explosiveness on the move, accelerating, changing directions, or suddenly pivoting. The toebox is plenty comfortable without losing its edge and the shoe is overall a very comfortable shoe that can perform. 

Perfect application of strength and comfort in the upper Carbitex soleplate Speed and comfort Cushioned padding in the heel Most comfortable shoe on the listToebox is a little wide for players with narrow feet

The carbitex soleplate is as hard and light as ever, offering plenty of durability without sacrificing its lightweight features. There’s no compromise in comfort no matter how hard you pivot, spin, dribble, or pass.

The Adidas X Speedflow .1 has cushioned areas around the heel to reduce blistering and keep your foot in place at the same time. Adidas managed to maintain the barefoot feel despite the silicone upper so dribbling now has some grip as well. 

adidas X Speedflow.1 Firm Ground Cleat - Unisex...
  • Lace closure
  • Textile upper
  • adidas Primeknit low collar, 3D molded heel
  • Laser-cut TPU cage
  • Firm ground outsole

Product: Updated 2024-05-22 | Images: Amazon Product Advertising API | #ad - is an Amazon Associate

If there were a drawback to the Speedflow X .1, it would be that the toe box is just a shade too big for narrow-footed players, which is a real shame since this shoe should be available for everyone. 

All Things Considered

The group, as a whole, is an excellent selection of the best soccer cleats you’re going to find on the market. The Adidas SPeedflow X .1 is the lone standout, but it isn’t for everyone as the toe box is a little too wide. 

If you’re playing the winger position, these are the cleats you need to have your eye on, because every one of them offers speed and explosiveness without sacrificing reliability or durability.

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