20 Most Trusted Soccer News Sources

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There are SO many soccer news sources out there, and it’s almost impossible to keep up with them.

So, if you want to pick just one or a few sources to get all your soccer news from, you need to choose the ones that you can trust.

We will look at the best;

  • Sources for soccer in America
  • One from Spain and a few from the UK

Don’t know which sources to pick? We’ve got you covered with our long list of 20 most trusted soccer news sources in the industry! 

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American Soccer News Sources

The New York Times

N.Y. Times is a New York City-based American daily newspaper with a global audience. This is probably one of the oldest newspapers on the list (founded in 1851).

Since its founding, the New York Times has received 132 Pulitzer Prizes (the most of any newspaper) and has long been considered as a national “newspaper” within the industry. 

Unsurprisingly, this reputable newspaper is a standard source for fans who are hungry for the latest soccer news. 

Soccer America

Soccer America is the go-to site for soccer lovers in the United States. The website makes a great effort to take readers behind the scenes of the biggest soccer stories in the United States and around the world.

It’s definitely one of the top soccer sources based in the US, so definitely check that one out! 


ESPN FC (previously ESPN SoccerNet) is a daily soccer studio program broadcast on the ESPN+ streaming service in the United States. ESPN FC got its start as a website run by ESPN Inc. It was founded in 1995 as SoccerNet and was purchased by ESPN in 1999.

In November 2013, a story on the site on Qatar’s preparations for the 2022 FIFA World Cup drew criticism for author Phil Ball’s disregard of charges of government abuses against migrant workers.

ESPN eventually apologized and withdrew the story from their website, citing ‘journalistic standards’ as the reason.

Overall, it’s one of the best-known US-based soccer news sources that offer daily coverage of the hottest soccer news. It definitely deserves to be on our list!

SBI Soccer 

SBI Soccer is an online news website that covers both American and international soccer. It was founded in 2008 by veteran soccer writer Ives Galarcep as the blog Soccer By Ives.

SBI Soccer has grown into a soccer news website focused mainly on Americans playing abroad, MLS, and the United States men’s national team.

Ives Galarcep has covered American soccer for over two decades, first as a newspaper reporter and columnist for the North Jersey Herald & News from 1997 to 2008.

He also worked for ESPN starting from 2004 to 2010, Fox Soccer from 2010 to 2012, and Goal.com from 2013 to 2018. Since 1999, Ives has covered both Major League Soccer and the United States Men’s National Team, as well as 4 FIFA World Cup events.

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If that’s not enough for you to start reading the latest soccer news on SBI Soccer, we don’t know what is!

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EQZ – Equalizer Soccer

Women’s soccer tends to be marginalized in the sport when compared to men’s soccer. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a news source that was dedicated entirely to covering everything about women’s soccer? Well, that’s precisely what Equalizer Soccer is!

The Equalizer first started in July 2009 with the goal of giving women’s soccer its deserved attention. The website quickly established itself, becoming the leading source of information on Women’s Professional Soccer within only one year.

And to this day, it continues to supply readers with the most up-to-date information on domestic American women’s soccer news.

The Equalizer was launched by Jeff Kassouf in June 2009. Kassouf founded The Equalizer with the goal of providing stronger national coverage to the WPS after covering the league as a freelance writer from its inception. 

The website is now many people’s go-to source for breaking WPS news. Jeff has worked as a sports producer for NBCOlympics.com and has been published on espnW.com and FoxSports.com.

He’s also a North American Soccer Reporters member.

Chasing A Cup

Marcus O’Malley launched Chasingacup.com in 2016 in response to requests from player agents to write down his thoughts and convey his vision for their development.

He started covering everything about the US national team after becoming both a big soccer fan and a soccer player.

With the help of professional players and scouts who put down their thoughts on the national team, the network of writers and contributors to the content has increased over time. 

Over 20 authors, including MLS pros, international scouts, ESPN content providers, and other network content producers, make up Chasing A Cup. So, it’s the best option for you if you want to stay up to date on the US national team by experts.


TopDrawerSoccer was founded with the goal of providing accurate, responsible coverage of high school and college soccer while also promoting the sport and its players. 

TopDrawerSoccer provides official college and club scores for more than 100,000 players and 5,000 teams. It also publishes the College Soccer Recruiting Guide every year.

Dirty South Soccer

Dirty South Soccer is another great source that you can count on to get your daily soccer news. They have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, so you’ll have no excuse for missing a single piece of soccer news! 

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European Soccer News Sources


Founded 82 years ago (in 1938), Marca is a Spanish national daily sports newspaper with a primary focus on soccer, and it’s owned by Unidad Editorial.

They are a fairly solid partner for the Madrid clubs (Real and Atletico). However, some reports about Barcelona impact the credibility of Marca. 

The Guardian

With a number of well-known and respected journalists, amusing Football Weekly podcasts, extensive coverage and expert comments from sages like David Conn, and overall excellent quality of content, no wonder that the left-wing newspaper has become a soccer resource for many fans around the globe.

A great thing about The Guardian is that it succeeds in finding a balance between breaking transfer rumors and reality. Its network of reputable sources across Europe helps it get exclusive scoops at all times, as well as anonymous insiders offering vital information in columns like The Digger.

Aside from its propensity for irreverence, The Guardian’s devotion to investigative journalism is one of its strongest features. Matt Scott or Dominic Fifield pound the streets in quest of scoops if it isn’t David Conn speaking to sources in alleys.

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As great as it seems, The Guardian is not free of flaws. The newspaper’s puff-piece on Qatar’s World Cup bid in 2022 was shockingly poor.

The newspaper’s initial hesitation exacerbated this to tell readers that the journalist featured in the piece had been paid to go to Qatar and was catered to while staying there. 

After receiving a critical response from readers, the newspaper ultimately admitted the truth. But rather than making the point appears in the article itself, the statement was hidden in the comments.

BBC Sport

BBC Sport only reports events if they have already happened or are about to happen, and their business model does not rely on page views. So, they are pretty much trustworthy since they won’t make up false stories just to make a bit of extra cash.

But you are most likely to get official confirmation of events within hours of the BBC reporting it. If you want to, you can check their sports gossip column here where they compile all of the most recent rumors.

However, do not confuse this for the BBC reporting a story, they’re just collecting all the gossip together. Conclusion: BBC Sport won’t include gossip in their official reports! 


e360hubsfootball has come a long way since its humble beginnings. The website offers readers the latest breaking soccer news, predictions, and previews. e360hubs is a good source of the most up-to-date soccer information, including news, predictions, and seamless access to online streaming.

When the website’s founder first began pursuing his passion for soccer, it made him quite a lot of jobs in order to conduct the extensive study, aiming to allow e360hubs media to provide readers with the best content in the soccer world. It’s definitely a website worth checking!


Footballys provides readers with all kinds of soccer-related material, such as football matches, fixtures, transfer news, and others.

They claim on their website that they don’t spread fake news, so why not see for yourself by checking out what they offer?

The Times

The Times received a 27.6% accuracy rating from the Football Transfer League for transfer articles published in the newspaper. 

It may seem to be a poor score, but it is actually one of the greatest compared to competitors.

Aside from transfer stories, the newspaper has a long history of having notable football writers like Patrick Barclay, Oliver Kay, Gabriele Marcotti, and others

The Independent

When it comes to player transfer reports, The Independent is more selective, so you can be pretty confident that what you’re reading is factual.

It’s a newspaper that focuses more on quality rather than quantity and is pretty much trusted (although it’s not very well-known outside of the UK.)

Plus, you get to read from great writers like James Lawton! 

The Telegraph

One thing that makes The Telegraph stand out is having top-rated experts like Henry Winter, Paul Kelso, Duncan White, and Alan Hansen. Plus, the newspaper’s coverage of transfer stories and other football-related items is often accurate.

However, the perfect newspaper doesn’t exist, and every newspaper is bound to make some stories up at some point. In The Telegraph’s case, it has twisted the words of Wenger before to suggest that Arsenal could win the quadruple.

The Sun

While some people think that The Sun shouldn’t even be on this list, we can’t deny the fact that this newspaper has been in the industry for 57 years and plays an important role in the world of English football journalism.

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It’s true that The Sun has a lousy reputation for fabricating facts regarding some of the events surrounding the Hillsborough disaster, but it still excels at player transfer gossip stories.

You’ll most probably find that The Sun is the first newspaper to break transfer gossip. The competitors (like The Mirror, The Guardian, and The Mail) then re-run the identical article as The Sun, often many hours later or even a day later, without adding much (if any) new material.

The Sun’s transfer speculation does not come true in many cases as it happens in the world of transfer gossip. However, it comes true in a greater number of cases than most people believe.

It’s worth mentioning that The Sun, on the other hand, has a history of plagiarizing content from blogs and posting them as their own.  The Sun, for example, posted a ‘world exclusive’ on Arsenal signing a Barcelona kid, while the Arsenal blog Young Guns had revealed it the day before. 

Furthermore, The Sun made a fool of themselves by posting a picture of another youngster rather than the one in question. Yikes!

The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail, out of all the competitors, has the most interesting and varied quantity of stories posted each day. However, many of them are based on fanciful transfer gossip.

To add some spice to the story, the newspaper sensationalizes it a little bit.

Daily Mirror

Starting as a newspaper and ending up as a mediocre website, Daily Mirror has good football coverage.

The Mirror gets a scoop on transfer stores every now and again. However, most transfer gossip is speculative.

Daily Express

Daily Express is a generally mediocre newspaper, with the exception of a few well-known columnists.

Most of the time, the newspaper is one of the last to publish breaking news (usually 12 to 24 hours after the rest of the competitors have done so). 

Additionally, there are just too many errors in the online newspaper to list. There are several spelling errors in the headlines. However, it is still a source read reliable soccer news.

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