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Scoring a goal is one of the most significant moments of a soccer game. Whether it’s a Champions League, World Cup, or a high school game, the feeling must be breathtaking and incredible. A player’s reaction after scoring a winning goal can go from simply running down the field to tears.

Some international players used to pull up their shirts while running. It was indeed a fun way of celebrating a goal, but now a player receives a yellow card for doing so according to a soccer rule.

That’s because young high school soccer players started doing the same thing, and many collisions and accidents occurred.

If you like the celebration, then don’t despair because we have compiled a list of some of the best soccer goal celebrations by International stars that you can use.

Soccer player celebrating a goal sliding on his knees

Best Ideas for Soccer Goal Celebrations

1. Peter Crouch: Robotic Dance Goal Celebration

Peter Crouch has left Liverpool, but it’s impossible to forget his infamous and pretty funny robot dance. It became extremely popular and although it wasn’t a perfect dance, the expressions of the tall striker were incredible.

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Peter Crouch Robot Celebration against Jamaica

2. Matthew Russell: Round of Applause

It’s another clever celebration that Matthew Russell did after scoring a goal. He saw that there weren’t many fans in the stands appreciating the goal.

So, he went to the stands and started applauding himself. It was an amusing, cheeky, and innocent way to celebrate a goal.

Funny Unusual Goal Celebration v FC United

3. Jimmy Bullard: Phil Brown Imitation

It’s probably the funniest celebration on this list. Phil Brown was Hull City’s manager and he made a team talk during halftime by pointing his finger at players one by one.

After scoring a goal, Jimmy Bullard along with the other players recreated the same moment by making fun of Phill Brown. It was a clever and pretty funny celebration and the coach, of course, got the funny side and enjoyed it a lot.

Best celebration ever? It's Manchester City v Hull on Saturday - remember when Jimmy

4. Emmanuel Adebayor: Kissing the Flag

Generally, international players don’t celebrate after scoring a goal against their former team. However, Emmanuel Adebayor, a deadly striker, doesn’t follow that tradition.

He wears a wristband with Togo flags and is always kissed when he scores a goal. It’s a great way to celebrate a goal and give tribute to his country at the same time.

Adebayor celebrating in front of his old team Arsenal.

5. Alessandro Del Piero: Showing Tongue

Alessandro Del Piero used to perform funny celebrations after scoring a goal throughout his career.

However, the funniest one was showing his tongue to the crowd. It’s a little childish yet unique and memorable celebration that you can also use.


6. Steven Gerrard: Upsetting the Crowd

Steven Gerrard is a big name in the world of football. He used to point to the back of his jersey with his name by facing the fans of the opposing team to upset the crowd. It’s a bold gesture and works every time.

Here are some of his best goals;


7. Paul Gascoigne: The Dentist Chair

It’s one of the funniest celebrations that the football world has ever seen. Paul Gascoigne was criticized for drinking before the European Championship.

He along with his teammates decided to come up with a fun celebration in order to make fun of criticism. He laid down on the ground near the net after scoring and other team members started checking his mouth.

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Paul Gascoigne Euro96

8. Daniel Guiza: Sliding Knees

Daniel Guiza is a great Spanish football player. He always slides to the corner flag on his knees and imitates like he’s firing a gun. It shows his passion for the game like he’s playing a game but it’s just like fighting a battle.

ADIVINA EL GOL | Los goles de Güiza en la Euro 2008

9. Robinho: Thumb in the Mouth

Robinho is a professional football player who moved from Manchester City to AC Milan. He performs multiple celebrations but his iconic thumb in the mouth is unique.

Man City 3-0 Stoke - Robinho Hat-trick [HD]

10. Ruud Van Nistelrooy: Waving Hands

Usually, people wave hands to other people but Ruud Van Nistelrooy, a Dutch Striker used to do this towards himself in an attempt to interact with the crowd.

The Netherlands will surely miss Netherlands’ services as he’s officially retired.

Ruud Van Nistelrooy revenge celebration

11. Dawid Janczyk: The “L” Sign

Generally, the “L” sign is used for losers. But that’s not the case with Dawid Janczyk. He used this sign to show his love to his fans in the 2007 Under-20 FIFA World Cup.

He scored a goal and made the “L” sign by facing his fans and some other players, like Artur Boruc, have started using the same celebration.

12. Kaká: Thanking God

Kaká, an extremely talented former football player from Brazil used to point his both hands to the sky after scoring a goal. He’s a religious personality and it was his way to thank God.

He also revealed a t-shirt back in 2007 after the Champions League triumph of AC Milan with a quote “I belong to God”.

13. Andrei Arshavin: “Shhhhh”

Andrei Arshavin is a former Russian football player. He used to play as a midfielder and in Euro 2008 he scored two goals and celebrated both of them by putting his index finger on his lips like he was saying “Shhhhh”.

He performed this celebration in a very calm manner, and his fans loved it.

14. Fernando Torres: Running Down the Field

Fernando Torres is a former football player from Spain and one of his best celebrations was running down the field and sliding on his knees. He used to perform this celebration the most and it has also become very popular that many players do after firing the ball home.

15. Bebeto: Rocking the Baby

Bebeto is a former football player from Brazil and he introduced the “rocking the baby” celebration back in the World Cup of 1994. Many players now use the same celebration as it’s a great, fun, and clean way to show expressions.

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Here are some more great celebrations from the EPL to enjoy;

The famous Baby celebration (1994 world cup)

Celebrating Soccer After Party Ideas

Winning a game is undoubtedly one of the best moments in all types of sports including soccer. Celebrating a win is a great way to acknowledge and appreciate success.

There are dozens of different ways to celebrate a victory. But if you want to try something new to highlight your success then consider using the following best soccer celebration ideas.

1. Conduct a Movie Night With some Freshly Baked Pizzas

The combination of movies and pizzas can never get old. A movie night with your teammates with a bunch of delicious pizzas is a great idea to celebrate and relax.

You can invite your whole team along with your coach for a few hours and order some appetizers and pizzas from your favorite spot.

Sit together with your teammates, say some words of encouragement to praise each person for the hard work and effort, and watch your favorite movie.

2. Host a Small Party in Your Backyard with Different Games

For a very significant victory, you may wish to hold a big party. A weekend BBQ at your place will be a fun idea. This event would also be a fantastic opportunity to commemorate the victory as well as the end of the season.

Choose a spot and decorate it with signage and other objects to create a distinct mood for other players. Add refreshment items depending upon the season and enjoy with your team.

3. Offer New Gear to Your Teammates

If you can’t conduct a small party at your home then consider giving other players some new gear. You don’t need to buy something expensive. Bags, shirts, or anything similar will do the job.

The purpose of this gesture is to commemorate your victory.

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