Wearing Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually (Top Tips)

In high school, I had a teammate who would often wear a pair of Adidas indoor soccer shoes casually.

She would pair them with “athleisure” outfits, and I remember thinking the combination looked pretty cool. 

This phenomenon is not rare. There are many soccer players who sport indoor soccer shoes with casual outfits. 

The real question is can you wear indoor soccer shoes casually?

The short answer is yes, it’s possible to wear futsal shoes casually and outside. However, if you should wear them depends on a number of factors including the shoe comfort, what you plan to use the shoe for, and more. 

So how do you know whether or not you should wear indoor soccer shoes outside? Stick with us, we’ll go over the most important considerations as well as the best indoor soccer shoes for casual wear. 

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Can You Use Indoor Soccer Shoes on Concrete?

Whether you are looking to wear indoor soccer shoes on concrete casually or for a futsal game, you may wonder if they can be used on this surface.

“Indoor” soccer could be on turf, court, concrete, etc. What most people refer to as “indoor” soccer shoes are actually futsal shoes. 

Futsal shoes are created for flat, hard surfaces. Thus, they can be worn on concrete.

However, if you wear the futsal shoes on dirty, outdoor concrete, they may not work as well to use on an indoor court. 

Can You Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes Outside?

The short answer is that yes, you can wear indoor soccer shoes outside. Indoor soccer shoes, known as futsal shoes, have a flat sole.

While cleats, or even turf shoes, may be slippery on flat, hard surfaces, indoor soccer shoes are intended to grip on these surfaces. 

Why Do People Wear Futsal Shoes Casually?

There are many potential reasons why people may want to wear their indoor soccer shoes casually. Some reasons include:

  • To save time when coming to a game
  • So they don’t forget their indoor soccer shoes
  • Because the shoes suit their style
  • They find the shoes to be comfortable
  • The shoes are too worn for playing but are still in good enough shape to wear casually 

Reasons Not to Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes Outside

While you can wear indoor soccer shoes outside, it does not mean you should. There are several reasons to not wear your indoor shoes outside including:

Lack of Comfort 

Futsal shoes are made to play futsal, not to walk around for hours. They tend not to offer the best support or long-term comfort.

Most often, people wear them to play futsal for an hour or two, not all day. If you wear them outside of soccer, you may notice they are not very comfortable. 

Damage the Shoe 

If you wear indoor soccer shoes outside, you may damage the shoe. Futsal shoes are not made to be used outside.

Wearing them on rough surfaces can wear ou the shoe. This reduces the grip and may make them unusable for futsal. 


Wearing futsal shoes casually may also result in injury. If you wear them consistently outside of soccer, you may strain your arches, leading to hip, knee, and back issues.

Furthermore, worn-out shoes will not be effective for playing soccer. They will lose their grip and may result in injury while playing. 

Tips for Wearing Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually?

Despite the risks of wearing indoor soccer shoes casually, it is still possible.

To minimize the drawbacks and ensure an enjoyable experience, follow these tips:

  • Choose a comfortable shoe.
  • Use arch support inserts if necessary. 
  • Make sure the shoe is the right size. 
  • Do not wear indoor soccer shoes you plan to use indoors again. 
  • Use the shoes for casual events that do not involve too much walking. 
  • Do not run in the shoes. 
  • Pro tip: these shoes may be good for weight-lifting, as they provide a flat sole. 

Outfit Ideas for Wearing Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually

If you’ve never done so, wearing indoor soccer shoes casually may seem like a strange idea. Can you even create stylish outfits with soccer shoes? Absolutely!

Here are a few ideas of how to style indoor soccer shoes

  • Pair them with soccer pants or joggers, and a graphic t-shirt. 
  • Wear them with slim-fit black jeans, a t-shirt or jersey, and a hat. 
  • Ladies or gents can pair them with jean shorts and their favorite brand of the athletic top. 
  • Pair them with athletic shorts, a plain shirt, and a zip-up or sweatshirt. 

The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes to Wear Casually 

As with most things, indoor soccer shoes are not created equal when it comes to style, comfort, or casual wear potential.

Which indoor soccer shoes work the best for casual wear? 

Let’s dive into the top options for casual wear futsal shoes:

Adidas Performance Soccer Mundial 

When most people envision someone wearing futsal shoes casually, this shoe is one of the top options to come to mind, and for good reason.

The Mundial is a legendary, classic shoe. It provides excellent comfort and looks fairly similar to some Adidas casual shoes. 

adidas Performance Men's Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe,Black/White/Black,7.5 M US

On Amazon – Click the image to view the details there

Adidas Men’s Predator 19.3 

The Adidas Predator 19.3 offers a modern, sleek design. It looks very similar to a number of popular high-top shoes.

Unlike many indoor cleats, it has heel cushioning for added comfort.

While it’s available in several colors, the all-black has the most streetwear-friendly vibe. 

adidas Predator 19.3 Firm Ground Boots Soccer Shoe (mens) Legacy Green/Sand/Solar Yellow 11.5

On Amazon – Click the image to view the details there

Nike Men’s Tiempo Legend 7 

The Nike Men’s Tiempo Legend 7 indoor soccer shoes offer great durability. They are fairly comfortable and have great traction.

They have a fairly simple look, but a bit more pizzaz than the more classic options. 

Nike Men's Tiempo Legend 7 Pro FG Cleats (Black/Metallic Silver/Light Crimson) (7)

On Amazon – Click the image to view the details there

Nike Men’s Phantom VSN Academy Shoes 

Honestly, you’ll have a hard time distinguishing the Nike Phantom VSN soccer shoes from an everyday street shoe.

They have a very sleek, high-top look that goes well with many casual outfits. 

On Amazon – Click the image to view the details there


The bottom line is that you can wear indoor soccer shoes casually. However, if you plan to still use them to play soccer, then it’s not a good idea.

Keep your indoor soccer shoes for soccer, and consider using older pairs casually. If you do wear them outside, try insoles to help make them more supportive and comfortable. 

Soccer Products FAQ

Can I Use Running Shoes for Soccer? 

You can play soccer in running shoes, but you won’t have the best performance unless you wear cleats or soccer boots.

Why are soccer balls black and white?

Soccer balls are traditionally black and white because when soccer was first shown on TV it was in black and white, so the mix of black and white on the balls helped viewers see the ball easier. 

How hard and what pressure should a soccer ball be?

The FIFA regulations say that the soccer balls should have a pressure between 8.81757 psi (0.6 atm) and 16.1655 psi (1.1 atm). If you’re playing soccer with friends, then opt for a pressure amount from the lower range.

What is the size of goals in soccer?

5-A-Side has dimensions that are 12-ft wide by 6-ft high. Such soccer goals are for under-7 and under-8 soccer games
7-A-Side has dimensions that are 12-ft wide by 6-ft high again. Such soccer goals are for under-9 and under-10 soccer games
9-A-Side has dimensions that are 16-ft wide by 7-ft high. Such soccer goals are for under-11 and under-12 soccer game
11-A-Side or full-size soccer goal has dimensions that are 24-ft wide by 8-ft high for the under-15 and over. Whereas, for the under-13 and under-14, it is 21 ft wide by 7-ft high

What is the soccer ball size and weight for each age group?

Size 1 - 3 years or under - 18 to 20 inches - 195 to 205 grams
Size 2 - 3 to 5 years - 20 to 22 inches - U4 - 250 to 280 grams
Size 3 - 5 to 8 years - 23 to 24 inches - U5 to U8 - 300 to 320 grams
Size 4 - 8 to 12 years - 25 to 26 inches - U8 to U12 - 350 to 390 grams
Size 5 - More than 12 years - 27 to 28 inches - U12 to Pro - 410 to 450 grams

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