Wearing Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually (Top Tips)

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In high school, I had a teammate who would often wear a pair of Adidas indoor soccer shoes casually. She would pair them with “athleisure” outfits, and I remember thinking the combination looked pretty cool. 

Soccer shoes have grooved rubber soles, not actual studs like proper soccer boots have several uses for them even though many think they can only be worn when playing indoor soccer.

Soccer shoes are shoes that have rubber soles that are grooved and do not have studs like normal boots. They can in fact be worn anywhere and even school students can wear them.

In this article, we will have a look at:

  • Different Types of Indoor Soccer Shoes
  • When You Can Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes
  • Tips on Wearing Indoor Soccer Shoes
  • Why You Shouldn’t Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes
  • Outfit Ideas with Soccer Shoes
  • Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Wearing Casually

There are a wide variety of soccer shoes. I’ll show you the differences and at the end, some top-choice soccer shoes that are great for games and the streets.


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Indoor Soccer Shoes 1. Flat Soles 2. Studded Soles
Two Indoor Soccer Shoes 1. Flat Soles – Hard Court and Artificial Turf (left) 2. Studded Soles – Artificial Tuft and Natural Turf (right)

Can You Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually?

Yes, you can wear soccer shoes outdoors but only shoes with flat soles made for courts. You should not wear soccer shoes with studs casually, this can be dangerous.

As in the image above, there are two types of indoor soccer shoes. Both types of soccer shoes are worn indoors for soccer, although the studded shoes on the right can only be used to play on artificial turf. The flat soles shoes on the left can be used to play on artificial tuft and hard court for futsal.

We must make the distinction between the two types of soccer shoes because they are very different.

1. Indoor Court/Futsal Soccer Shoes – Flat Soles

Soccer shoes that are made for the hardcourt have small rubber grips on the bottom. They are designed to be worn either on hardcourt or on artificial turf. They can be worn casually on the streets and at home.

They are safe to wear casually and are nice to wear if you are just catching up with some friends, but don’t have the intention of playing soccer. This can be great if you might play soccer but are not sure.

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The only problem that you will have wearing these soccer shoes casually is that the soles will wear thin quicker than normal shoes. This is because they are designed to be worn on a court and turf that is not rough. Whereas concrete can tear up the rubber quickly because it’s rough.

2. Indoor/Outdoor Soccer Shoes – Studded Soles

Soccer shoes with studs on them are designed to grip the turf. The ones in the image have short studs, so they are suitable for artificial turf indoors or outdoors. They can also be used to play soccer on natural turf that is short and dry, but if it’s not they will be slippery.

If you use these studded shoes to wear casually there is a danger you will slip on concrete that is wet or has some other film on it like algae. So it’s not recommended that you wear these casually unless you are on tuft.

Indoor mens soccer game

Why Do People Wear Futsal Shoes Casually?

There are many potential reasons why people may want to wear their indoor soccer shoes casually. Some reasons include:

  • To save time when coming to a game
  • So they don’t forget their indoor soccer shoes
  • Because the shoes suit their style
  • They find the shoes to be comfortable
  • The shoes are too worn for playing but are still in good enough shape to wear casually 

Tips for Wearing Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually

Despite the risks of wearing indoor soccer shoes casually, it’s still possible.

To minimize the drawbacks and ensure an enjoyable experience, follow these tips:

  • Choose a comfortable shoe.
  • Use arch support inserts if necessary. 
  • Make sure the shoe is the right size. 
  • Do not wear indoor soccer shoes you plan to use indoors regularly. 
  • Use the shoes for casual events that do not involve too much walking. 
  • Do not run in the shoes. 
  • Pro tip: these shoes may be good for weight-lifting, as they provide a flat sole. 

Reasons Not to Wear Indoor Soccer shoes Outside

While you can wear indoor soccer shoes outside, it does not mean you should. There are several reasons to not wear your indoor shoes outside including:

Lack of Comfort 

Futsal shoes are made to play futsal, not to walk around for hours. They tend not to offer the best support or long-term comfort.

Most often, people wear them to play futsal for an hour or two, not all day. If you wear them outside of soccer, you may notice they are not very comfortable. 

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Damage the Shoe 

If you wear indoor soccer shoes outside, you may damage the shoe. Futsal shoes are not made to be used outside.

Wearing them on rough surfaces can wear on the shoe. This reduces the grip and may make them unusable for futsal. 


Wearing futsal shoes casually may also result in injury. If you wear them consistently outside of soccer, you may strain your arches, leading to hip, knee, and back issues.

Furthermore, worn-out shoes will not be effective for playing soccer. They will lose their grip which may result in injury while playing. 

Indoor soccer game one player jumping

What Are Indoor Soccer Shoes Good For?

Indoor soccer shoes or futsal shoes are shoes that allow indoor soccer players to have much closer contact with the indoor field than outdoor boots do for grass fields.

A nice, flat sole made from rubber will give indoor players great mobility and traction around the indoor field. They are good for most things but ultimately, using them for only indoor soccer matches will make them last longer.

They can be used as an everyday shoe but that is not recommended as the sole of the shoe is not designed to be used on rough surfaces. Surfaces like concrete are not ideal for soccer shoes as they will wear the rubber sole down extremely quickly.

When this happens and a player then goes and plays indoor soccer, there will not be much traction left on the soccer shoe.

Can Soccer Shoes Be Used for Walking?

Indoor soccer shoes are not made for people to walk or run constantly on concrete. Because the surface of the concrete is so rough, the bottom of your soccer shoes will wear out in no time and then if you decide to wear them on a field, you will essentially have no grip.

Using your soccer shoe regularly but not on a field can result in pain in several areas of your body. These include:

  • Hip
  • Knees
  • Back
  • Feet
  • Legs

If you do in fact wear your soccer shoes all the time, then there could be a very good chance that you could develop something called fallen arches which are also known by many as flat feet.

Wearing your shoes at the right time and situation is perhaps better than wearing them all day every day. As mentioned before, soccer shoes that are worn out on the soles can make playing on indoor soccer fields very tricky and slippery and result in muscle cracks.

If you develop this, you will be stopped from playing for weeks, even months.

Are indoor soccer shoes comfortable?

Much like every shoe made today, indoor soccer shoes are built for performance and comfort. They give players great arch support and can be used for indoor soccer matches but also as everyday shoes as well.

The soles of the shoes are really durable and will last a long time if looked after properly and are easy to clean as well.

So yes, they are comfortable as most shoes/boots for soccer players put a high amount of time and effort into making sure the shoe/boot is comfortable for the player.

Outfit Ideas for Wearing Indoor Soccer Shoes Casually

If you’ve never done so, wearing indoor soccer shoes casually may seem like a strange idea. Can you even create stylish outfits with soccer shoes? Absolutely!

Here are a few ideas on how to style indoor soccer shoes

  • Pair them with soccer pants or joggers, and a graphic t-shirt. 
  • Wear them with slim-fit black jeans, a t-shirt or jersey, and a hat. 
  • Ladies or gents can pair them with jean shorts and their favorite brand of athletic top. 
  • Pair them with athletic shorts, a plain shirt, and a zip-up or sweatshirt. 
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Woman playing table soccer tshirt and jeans

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes To Wear Casually

Although there are some concerns about playing soccer in shoes and wearing them casually, the following three soccer shoes are an exception to the rule!

For dedicated soccer players who have competition games, you are better to have dedicated court shoes. Although, if you play soccer for fun with your friends, one of the following three shoes is a must-have;

Adidas Mundial

Adidas Mundial is a classic pair of soccer shoes that have been around for many years. They are great for soccer on the hardcourt and they can be worn casually.

They have a cool retro look to them and they last for a long time. These sneakers are built to last – it’s one of the reasons people love them so much.

adidas Men's Samba Classic Soccer Shoe, Core...
  • Full grain leather upper with suede overlays offer support...
  • Embossed EVA midsole for superior comfort
  • Non Marking gum rubber outsole for excellent grip on all...

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Nike Killshot 2

Nike is not letting Adidas has this casual soccer shoe market too easily. They have come up with their own awesome soccer shoe, Nike Killshot 2!

Although the Mundial is the biggest seller, these Nike shoes do look the business and will be great wearing them casually and playing soccer.

Nike Killshot 2 Leather - 432997 107
  • The low profile sneaker has a cream white upper constructed...
  • The shape is designed with the right depth giving stability...
  • Stylish and durable, with good breathability
  • Brand: Nike

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Puma Supa Liga

Puma has a similar shoe for multipurpose wear. They are of a similar style and have tough leather to be able to wack a ball and then walk home in them.

They are lower-profile shoes, so you’ll be able to chip a ball more easily with these on.

PUMA Men's SUPER LIGA OG RETRO Sneaker, new...
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If you need soccer cleats for playing on turf, then here are three great choices for you;

Indoor Soccer Shoe Conclusion

The bottom line is that you can wear indoor soccer shoes casually. However, if you plan to still use them to play soccer, then it’s not a good idea unless it’s one of the three great options above.

If you are playing competitive soccer indoors, it’s best to have a dedicated pair of indoor shoes, so you can play at your best level.

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