Best Soccer Cleats for Arch Support (Pain Is Gone)

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One of the best cleats to wear to support your arches when playing soccer is the Adidas Predator 19.3. They are lightweight and have extended arch support, and pros wear them. Two other great options are the Nike Mercurial Vapor XIIII and the Puma Future Match, for their quality design and robustness. Plus, we have another couple of solutions for you.

Soccer cleats are notorious for fitting improperly and causing foot issues. Younger athletes must find cleats that fit well to accommodate their growing feet. If you tend to develop arch soreness, you need to find shoes that offer the best soccer cleats for arch support. Read this guide to help solve your foot problems so you can enjoy the game more and put a spring in your step.

  • Types of arches
  • The best cleat for arch support
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Soccer Player’s Arches

The arch of the foot is a complex structure of tendons and ligaments that provide tension and form to your sole. Sometimes a shoe with poor arch support can cause tenderness and pain at the bottom of the foot. This can lead to long-term problems if not addressed.

How to find out what kind of arch you’ve:

  1. Place a piece of brown paper on the ground.
  2. Use a damp cloth to get the bottom of your foot wet.
  3. Step solidly onto the paper; remove your foot carefully.
Foot x ray image AP and Lateral view isolated on black background. ○ Soccer Blade
Foot x-ray image AP and Lateral view isolated on black background.

You should have left a clear footprint on the paper. Below are the three main arch types:

  • High Arch: there is a clear C-shaped curve from the ball of your foot to your heel
  • Normal Arch: a slight crescent curve from the ball of your foot to your heel
  • Flat Arch: your footprint looks more like an oval without much arch definition

Nearly everyone can benefit from arch support, but those who need it most will fall into the Flat Arch and High Arch categories. 


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Supporting Your Arches

You can find a soccer cleat that offers built-in arch support to accommodate your foot needs. This is what’ll help you out on the field during game time! You can also do a lot on your own to help build and support your arch structure.

For the Flat Arch: Build your arch

When you’ve got a flat arch, you might also have weakness in the muscles that make up your foot. Working on exercises to pinpoint this area can ensure that you’ve got a strong foundation.

  • Calf raises: rise on your toes, then slowly lower back down
  • Toe grabs: use your toes to pick up small objects like marbles or jacks
  • Ankle exercises: establish a routine with resistance bands to exercise your ankle
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Ankle weights exercising in a park
Ankle weights exercising in a park

For the High Arch: Work on your flexibility 

Sometimes a high arch can mean too much rigidity in the foot. Inflexibility can lead to injuries, so practicing mobility exercises helps achieve an adequate range of motion:

  • Calf stretch: step backward into a lunge – feel the stretch along your calf and hold for 30 seconds.
  • Toe stretch: With your hand, gently bend your big toe back towards you and hold for a strong stretch on the bottom of your foot
  • Foam roller: Roll the back of your calves and Achilles with a foam roller to work out any knots or tight areas.

How to find the best soccer cleats for arch support

Now that you know what you can do to prepare your feet to be the strongest they can be, it’s time to find the right soccer cleats for you. Here’s what to look for in a well-fitting soccer cleat:

  • Your toes can spread well and don’t feel crammed together
  • Your heel sits comfortably and isn’t pinched, but it also doesn’t just slide out
  • The insole of the cleat feels supple and doesn’t poke the bottom of your foot stiffly 

Also to note are needs for your specific arch type:

  • Flat arches: look for shoes with stiff soles to offer more support
  • High arches: look for shoes with integrated arch support in the insole to accommodate your structure

We rounded up the best soccer cleats for arch support; look at the top three options we found below.

KYIV UKRAINE DECEMBER 1 2020 Vinicius Junior. The football match of Group B of UEFA Champions League FC Shakhtar Donetsk vs Real Madrid FC
KYIV UKRAINE DECEMBER 1 2020 Vinicius Junior. The football match of Group B of UEFA Champions League FC Shakhtar Donetsk vs Real Madrid FC

Soccer Cleats to Support the Arch

BomKinta Cleats

The best option for kids, these strong shoes have a rubber sole and are lightweight and comfortable. With good arch support and all the other features you want in a soccer cleat, the BomKinta cleat is a solid choice. For extra fun, they come in a wide range of colors!

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  • Waterproof outer lining for extra protection when the turf is muddy or wet.
  • The padded toe box absorbs ball-kicking impacts.
  • Great pricing for growing youngsters who may need a new size in a few months.
  • Durable enough for many training and games


  • May run large, therefore measure the foot for the best fit.
  • Initially stiff, it improves with wear.
adidas logo ○ Soccer Blade

Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat

The Adidas Performance Mundial Team grass is a classic soccer cleat on artificial grass. Its smooth, durable kangaroo leather upper fits the foot well. The enlarged conical studs provide maximum turf traction and allow multidirectional cuts and movements.

The leather’s moldability makes the cleat snug and supportive. Lightweight at just over 13 ounces, the Mundial Team moves quickly on turf. Premium leather gives outstanding ball contact and control. One of the best turf shoes, this cleat has endured.

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  • Legendary soft kangaroo leather upper
  • Extended conical studs for great traction on turf
  • Supportive yet moldable fit
  • Provides wonderful ball feel and touch
  • Timeless classic design that is tried and true


  • Higher price point than synthetic options
  • Heavier than some newer lightweight turf shoes
  • Leather requires some break-in time
  • Availability can be limited for certain sizes
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Adidas Predator 19.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

Top-selling firm-ground soccer cleats like the Adidas Predator 19.3 offer great performance, touch, and value. The synthetic leather upper fits snugly and supportively around the foot. Conical rubber studs optimize acceleration and traction on real grass. Internal heel counters and a soft, textured lining provide comfort and stability.

The 19.3 offers superior construction and Predator ball control at a low price. The rough kangaroo leather-synthetic hybrid outsole promotes accurate ball hitting. Players looking for an economical, versatile firm ground shoe can choose the 19.3.

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  • Great value for the quality
  • Supportive yet comfortable fit
  • Stud configuration works well on grass
  • Legendary Predator touch and control
  • Durable outsole holds up well


  • Closed toe box limits toe splay for some
  • Lacks high-end features of pricier Predator models
  • Color/style options are limited
  • Sizing runs slightly large
nike logo 1 ○ Soccer Blade

Nike Mercurial Vapor XIIII

New Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 speed boot Building on its predecessors, the Vapor 14 seeks the optimal balance of lightweight performance, touch, and traction. A one-piece synthetic upper with stretch zones provides a flexible fit. Nike VaporTrak technology optimizes conical and bladed stud placement on the soleplate to increase ball control.

Like a Mercurial boot, the Vapor 14 is lightweight at just over 7 ounces. Thin fabrics give touch players a barefoot feel. With its technological improvements, the Vapor 14 aims to improve pitch speed and agility.

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  • Extremely lightweight construction
  • Adaptive one-piece upper for locked-down fit
  • Updated soleplate for improved traction and touch
  • Barefoot-like touch sensation
  • Sleek and minimalist design


  • Narrow fit may not work for wider feet
  • Steep learning curve to adapt running motion
puma logo 1 ○ Soccer Blade

Puma Future Match

The flexible Puma Future Match performance cleat works on firm natural grass and artificial turf. A one-piece microfiber top with stretch zones provides a flexible fit. Mid-cut design secures ankle while allowing natural movement. For durability, reinforced rubber pods optimize the conical stud design for both surfaces.

An internal heel counter stabilizes. At 9 ounces, the Future Match is lightweight and offers greater coverage than Puma’s bootie-style choices. It offers good traction, touch, and jogging comfort on various pitches. Players looking for a versatile shoe can consider the Future Match.

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  • Adaptive one-piece upper
  • Secure mid-cut ankle support
  • Suitable for both natural and artificial surfaces
  • Reinforced studs add durability
  • Lightweight at 9 ounces
  • Smooth ground feel


  • Fit can be narrow for wider feet
  • Heavier than some firm ground-only options
  • Learning curve to adapt running motion
  • Limited color/style customization
  • Traction could be improved for certain positions
new balance logo ○ Soccer Blade

New Balance Men’s 442 V2 Academy

The New Balance 442 V2 Academy is a lightweight firm ground soccer cleat with a natural fit. The one-piece synthetic leather upper with targeted perforations for ventilation. FusionFit+ conforms to foot movements. The midfoot saddle, tongue, and collar give stability and comfort. On natural grass, conical studs and textured outsole provide good traction. At 8 ounces, the 442 V2 Academy stresses mobility. The flexible sole unit makes running smooth. For comfortable fit and feel, the 442 V2 Academy is an inexpensive, versatile solution.

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  • Very lightweight at 8 ounces
  • Adaptive one-piece upper molds to foot
  • Cushioned collar and tongue
  • Supportive midfoot saddle
  • Smooth ground feel
  • Affordable price
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  • Fit can run narrow for wide feet
  • Durability questions over time
  • Limited stud configuration
  • Learning curve to adapt running style
  • Limited color/style customization
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Beyond the Cleat

Aside from taking care of your feet on and off the field and investing in the right shoe to provide you with the best support, some supplementary purchases can assist. Consider the following additions to your soccer bag to help support your arch in ways besides your cleat type:

  • Compression socks that offer arch-forming compression and support
  • Removable insoles that provide a more custom fit (these can come in a full foot or arch sized, store-bought, or even custom-molded)
  • Arch support sleeves that fit directly over the arch itself

After you’ve finished a practice session or a game, take the time to stretch and roll out with a foam roller or lacrosse ball. Ice any hot spots and massage out tight feet. A warm Epsom bath or foot soak can also go a long way toward releasing cramped arches!

Cleats for Arches

You should now have a good understanding of why it’s important to have well-fitting soccer shoes. Hopefully, this article has explained the need for proper cleats that support the arch. Understanding the type of foot you’ve got and what your explicit needs might be can go a long way in preventing injury.

The last thing you need is to be sidelined because of pain that could’ve been avoided.Take care of your feet on and off the field, and they will return the favor to you during the game!

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