Are soccer camps worth it? Kickstart Your Career

There are many young people in the world who aspire to be professional soccer players as their idols and play on the best teams in the world as well as participate (and win).

The most important team and personal trophies. It’s normal for a young person to dream to achieve these types of objectives, so are soccer camps worth it?

The path to get there varies depending on several factors, although in all cases it’s quite difficult and requires a lot of talent, work, dedication, and commitment.

Are soccer camps worth it?

If you’ve got the dedication to succeed as a top soccer player and there’s a high-quality camp available they’re definitely worth it.

What Are Soccer Academies?

In each country the opportunities to achieve professionalism in soccer are different.

In most countries in places such as South America and Europe, most soccer clubs have youth teams of different categories where they recruit through testing and train their players for the future.


There’re academies dedicated solely and exclusively to train players at both soccer and at an academic level so that they can then go on to professional clubs.

Such as the Qatar ASPIRE academy, whose work’s carried out in different sports disciplines, not just soccer.

Another system is the one used in South Korea, Japan, and the United States, where scholarships are used to promote the sport and give opportunities to the most outstanding players through educational institutions such as high schools and universities.

What Are US Soccer Camps?

In the case of the United States, it’s a system that’s used for most sports disciplines and incorporates a selection program known as Draft, where franchises choose their prospects.

In these cases, reaching the necessary level to be part of the soccer teams of some of these educational institutions takes on great importance,

Especially in the aspirations of young players to achieve their dreams in the world of soccer.

Are Soccer Camps Worth it?

Soccer camps can kick-start your career. Working with quality coaches and players every day for a few days or weeks can give your skills a boost with the right program.

Ensure the camps have good reviews and work on different aspects of the game.

There’re several types of soccer camps; there’re men camps and women camps, there’re soccer camps for specific age ranges, in some, young people stay overnight, in others, they usually return home after the day.

Some are more intense while others are a little more recreational, mainly so they can enjoy the experience.

In short, there’s a notorious variety in this type of soccer camp that can be adapted to each young person who’s interested.

Advantages of Soccer ID Camps

But, what are the benefits of investing money in an ID college soccer camp?

The young player will have direct contact with high-level coaches who’ll present training methods and technical and tactical demands at the level that would be required of them when being in one of the institutions they represent.

This leads the player to understand what his current level is and what he needs to improve to reach his goal of playing soccer professionally.

In addition, in these camps, there’re scouts and staff from different teams who take the opportunity to see the young prospects and start initiating contacts with them that may serve the future; this is beneficial for the young person.

Soccer players training - Are soccer camps worth it?

What to expect at a soccer ID camps?

A typical ID soccer camp day consists of an appropriate breakfast for an athlete with their peers and coaches to initiate ties and communication.

Then, the coaches will make a presentation of the soccer camp indicating the activities they have planned for the day, similar to a technical talk from a soccer club.

The first training session of the day begins, which will be interrupted by lunch, this in the same way as breakfast, following the guidelines of nutritionists according to what’s best for an athlete.

Followed by lunch, a second training session that may be accompanied by some games, depending on the stage of the soccer camp, and finally, a meeting with the coaches to establish feedback on the day.

How do you stand out at a soccer ID camp?

Here are some tips to stand out in an ID soccer camp:

  • First of all, you’ve to enjoy it. Having fun during the camp is important as this will show your passion for soccer and allow you to be more relaxed to improve your performance.
  • Listen carefully to what the coaches say and do exactly what they ask; this will demonstrate that the player’s ability to follow the instructions.
  • It’s necessary to show corresponding respect to all those who are part of the camp, such as the coaches, rival players, teammates. In short, to everybody, since all this is considered in the evaluation of coaches and scouts.
  • You should give your best during each and all the different parts of the training process and in each part of the games that are played because these are opportunities that do not appear every day and can end up defining the future of the player in question.
  • It’s recommended to ask the coaches about your performance and the points they consider you should improve as well as asking soccer questions in general to show your interest in learning.

ID soccer camps in 2021/22

Below we’re going to list some of the ID soccer camps that’ll take place in the United States during 2020:

  • Maryland Soccer camp
  • US Club Soccer’s exclusive id2 (for women)
  • UCCS Nike Boys ID Camp
  • Pilot Soccer Camps at the University of Portland (for women)
  • Johns Hopkins Women`s Soccer Academy (for women)

In order to answer the question asked in the title of this article, it can be said that ID soccer camps are worth it.

If you’ve got a real interest in soccer and your life’s biggest goal is to be part of a university institution or a professional team that’s part of leagues such as the MLS or the NWSL or even playing in a European club.

Soccer Camp Coaches: What’s Best

Be sure to check the stature of the camp and the coaches that are there. Top coaches come at a cost, so it depends on what level you’re at.

If you’re starting out a local camp will be beneficial but if you’re advanced you may need to travel outer state.

These soccer camps leave a very valuable experience to be exploited and an exhibition that can lead young people to be a little closer to achieving their dream.

If you’ve got the desire and the dream to be a top soccer player, soccer camps can excel in your career working with top coaches, in a professional environment. For more useful guides, see the articles below or visit our home page.

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