Best Street Soccer Balls (Cool Options)

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Nobody wants a soccer ball that’s going to start losing its cover after only a few sessions. You want the best street soccer balls whether you’re training your kids for the community team, playing on your community team, or playing semi-pro and professional soccer.

The best street soccer balls will have a different design on their skin, with a more abrasive-resistant surface. Also, they’ll be designed to bounce true-to-form, even though they will be used on hard surfaces, such as asphalt and concrete. 

A standard soccer ball just won’t cut it when it comes to street play, so in this article, we’ll cover the best street soccer balls available, along with their features and prices.

  • Abrasive-resistant surface/skin
  • Durability and longevity
  • Price
  • Features
  • Air Retention

Every ball is different, however, so we’ve put together a list of the best street soccer balls available so you can find the best one for you.

Street soccer game red court

What Are The Best Soccer Balls For Street Soccer?

The great thing about soccer is that it can be played just about anywhere that there is an open area. Just because you live in a concrete jungle doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to get out in the street and play some ball. 

Soccer ball manufacturers understand this and have developed soccer balls that are far more resilient to harsh surfaces than traditional soccer balls. They’re designed with great air retention, abrasion-resistant skin coverings, and excellent durability. 

Senda Street Soccer Ball

Out of all of the lists for best street soccer balls and even best soccer balls period, you will almost always find Senda. Santiago Halty started Senda in 2010 with the idea of supporting small-sided soccer through ethical and environmentally friendly standards. 

SENDA Street Freestyle, Trick, and Skills Soccer Ball with Rubber Outer Cover, Fair Trade Certified, Black/White, Size 4 (Ages 13 & Up)

The Senda Street Soccer ball is designed purely for street-level play with consumers that live in urban areas and concrete jungles as their primary focus. This kind of soccer ball would have to be durable and able to withstand harsher conditions. 


  • Textured grip surface, like a car tire
  • Reduced bounce (to counteract the hard surface bounce of a normal soccer ball)
  • Designed for rugged use, trick play, and freestyle
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • Smaller size

The textured grip surface is reminiscent of the grip and tread on a car tire. This does mean that it isn’t recommended for full-fledged games as fights for the ball can result in injuries due to the extreme level of grip.

The reduced bounce is designed purposefully. A traditional soccer ball—with the level of air retention—will bounce far too high. The reduced bounce will make street play more similar to realistic scenarios playing on turf.

Textured grip surface Reduced bounce Fair Trade Certified Smaller Size Rugged durabilityNot good for group matches

Though a standard game of soccer isn’t recommended, the Senda Street Soccer Ball is designed for freestyling, small pickup games, and trick plays. 

The Fair Trade Certification means that the ball was manufactured with a focus on improved work conditions, better community livelihoods, and complete avoidance of child labor.

SENDA Street Freestyle, Trick, and Skills Soccer...
  • Outer cover made of a super-grippy tire-like rubber material...
  • Reduced bounce, in-between that of a soccer and futsal ball;...
  • Designed for use in freestyle, trick, street skills, or play...
  • Note: not recommended for group soccer matches as grippy...
  • Fair Trade certified ensures improved working conditions for...

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They’re also environmentally friendly and the byproducts are recycled as Senda works to reduce or eliminate harm to the environment. 

Chance Soccer Ball

Chance is a company that believes in sports providing an avenue for positive change. They produce more than just soccer balls, with volleyballs, and basketballs also a part of their lineup.

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The vast majority of their products are vibrantly colored and stand apart from typical sports equipment.

Chance Soccer Ball - Premium Outdoor/Indoor Soccer Ball (Size 4 Kids/Youth, Soccer Ball Size 5 Adult/PRO) (5, Rey - Black)


  • Butyl Bladders that lock in air
  • All-weather cover
  • Size 5 and 4 available with size 3 coming soon
  • Unique style and look

Chance soccer balls are unique in that each hexagon along the surface is an individual air pocket inside a butyl bladder that helps lock in the air. It also gives the ball an extra layer of grip and balance that are often absent in other soccer balls. 

The all-weather cover is designed to give the Chance Soccer ball a durable and resistant cover for long-term use in all weather conditions. They also come in two sizes, 5 and 4, with a size 3 ball on the way. 

Butyl bladders Textured, grippy, all-weather cover Multiple sizes available Extremely durableComes deflated so you’re own judgment is necessary for air retention

The Chance Soccer ball is a very unique, all-black, micro-textured ball that really stands out. Even with a solid, dark color, it separates itself aesthetically from other soccer balls. You get a 100% satisfaction guarantee and it comes with an extra needle and a pump to inflate it. 

Chance Soccer Ball - Premium Outdoor/Indoor Soccer...
  • TAKE A CHANCE: Start your Champion Soccer Training &...
  • SOCCER BALL SPEC: Soccer ball size 5 = 26.7" inches - Kids...
  • PREMIER QUALITY / ALL WEATHER: Champion Performance cover...
  • OPTIMAL PRESSURE: Butyl bladder locks in air for optimal...
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Absolute 100% risk free purchase. Don't...

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Thanks to the textured surface and butyl bladders, this ball is also excellent for trick plays, dribbling, and juggling

Soccer Innovations Street Ball

Soccer Innovations is a Texas-based company founded as the Soccer Wall in 2004. They specialize in manufacturing superior soccer and sports products for a variety of commercial and private consumers. 

Soccer Innovations Graffiti Style Waterproof FIFA Approved Street Ball, Size 5

The Soccer Innovations Street Ball isn’t likely to be lost in the dark or mistaken for some other soccer ball. The rubber tire textured surface is one of the most brilliantly and vibrantly colored soccer balls on this list. 

Not only is it street-ready, but its FIFA approved as well. The Soccer Innovations Street Ball is designed for any type of play, whether it’s inside or outside, hard and rough surfaces or soft and smooth surfaces.


  • Stand-out aesthetics
  • Playable anywhere
  • FIFA approved
  • Durable, long-lasting design
Eye-popping colors Rubber-tire texture FIFA approved Puncture-proofing designColors fade

Like all of the soccer balls on this list, the Soccer Innovations Street Ball is designed for durability and to play on streets, concrete courts, and other rough surfaces. It’s designed with a puncture-protecting, textured surface.

Soccer Innovations Graffiti Style Waterproof FIFA...
  • Graffiti colors make this ball a sensation!
  • Textured outer casing as seen on the high end soccer balls.
  • Size 5
  • Textured material give the street ball exceptional...
  • Cool graffiti design with Eye popping colors

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The unfortunate side effect of all of those colors is that they will fade some in a short time, making it look more like a cheap toy than the high-end, durable and quality-made product that it is. 

One World Play Project Soccer Ball

If you want a ball that you would need a dump truck to destroy, the One World Play would be the one you’re looking for.

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This project ball was made to be very difficult to destroy. You can’t puncture it and there are numerous videos out there where even a torch doesn’t hurt it. 

One World Play Project Soccer Ball - Unpoppable, Unbreakable, Non-Deflating, Non-Toxic Futbol - Blue, Size 4


  • Manufactured with non-toxic material
  • Ultra-durable
  • Adult size and Youth size
  • FIFA Approved
  • Nearly indestructible
Non-toxic material Extremely durable Two sizes for adults and kids FIFA approved Very versatile Pet friendlyA little heavy for a soccer ball Aesthetically boring

Once you inflate this thing, you’re not going to deflate it. You can run it over with a car, wrap it in razor wire, stick a nail in it, and it won’t matter. This ball is a tank among soccer balls while still maintaining the grip and durability necessary for street-play.

One World Play Project Soccer Ball - Unpoppable,...
270 Reviews
One World Play Project Soccer Ball - Unpoppable,...
  • ULTRA DURABLE - Throw your pump away— the One World Futbol...
  • ALL-SURFACE PLAY - These non-popping balls are suitable for...
  • NON-TOXIC MATERIALS - Our soccer balls are made of wholly...
  • ETHICALLY PRODUCED - We believe in bettering the world...
  • GIVE BACK - For every One World soccer ball you buy, we’ll...

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It manages to be one of the toughest balls on the planet while still making the grade for FIFA approval.

It’s an extremely durable soccer ball and while it won’t blow anyone away aesthetically, it can be played anywhere, with great texture for dribbling, ball control, and group games. 

American Challenge Street Soccer Ball

This is one of those balls that are often compared to tire treads when it comes to judging the surface texture. The American Challenge Street Soccer Ball comes close to fitting that description precisely. 

American Challenge All Terrain Outdoor Rubber Soccer Ball (Black, 2)


  • Tire tread grip
  • Polyester stitching that’s high tensile strength
  • Air retention butyl bladders
  • 4 layers of cotton lining
  • Hand sewn

The tire tread design is a familiar trend when it comes to street soccer balls and here, it really does look like American Challenge stripped down a tire to make their soccer ball.

Of course, that’s not really the case, but the grip is fantastic and the all-weather design can be used inside or out. 

Tire tread grip Butyl bladders for air retention Extra cotton sewn layers for long-term durability Hand-sewn One year warrantyNot designed for indoor play

American Challenge wanted to make a ball to last and with the butyl bladders, thick hide, four layers of cotton lining, and high tensile, polyester stitching, they’ve achieved just that. These soccer balls are also hand-stitched to ensure quality manufactured soccer balls.

American Challenge All Terrain Outdoor Rubber...
  • Rubber Tire Tread is extremely durable for rough terrain
  • 4 layers cotton lining
  • High tensile polyester stitching
  • Butyl bladder for improved air retentio
  • All purpose Street Ball

Product: Updated 2024-05-21 | Images: Amazon Product Advertising API | #ad - is an Amazon Associate

The grippy surface offers a lot of control and precision balance, along with performing tricks, dribbling, and trick plays. 

Uber Urban Street Soccer Ball

Uber Soccer USA is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of soccer balls with a one-year guarantee on all of its products and equipment. They also do training videos with collegiate-level soccer coaches. 

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Uber Soccer Urban Street Soccer Ball - Camo (Size 3)


  • Made for play on gravel, asphalt, and concrete
  • Vulcanized rubber with a tire tread grip
  • Hand-stitched for guaranteed quality
  • High-air retention bladder

These soccer balls look they were made to play in the military, with full camouflage gear on and maybe even a kevlar helmet. As with almost all street soccer balls, you get the routine, rubber tire textured surface made with vulcanized rubber for superior grip.

Uber Soccer balls are hand-stitched for superior quality and long-term durability. These soccer balls come with a one-year guarantee and are designed for every level of outside, rugged play. They also have a high-air retention bladder which makes it difficult to puncture and won’t lose air easily.

Hand-stitched Vulcanized rubber High-air retention bladder Versatile play styles Cool, military-like aestheticsThe extra-durable material makes it feel heavier than normal

The Uber Urban Street Soccer Ball was designed with longevity in mind. The materials are rugged, with great texture and grip that boosts your dribbling, juggling, and ball control capabilities. Like many in its class, the Uber soccer ball comes deflated, so you’ll have to air it up.

Uber Soccer Urban Street Soccer Ball - Camo (Size...
85 Reviews
Uber Soccer Urban Street Soccer Ball - Camo (Size...
  • Take your game to the street with UBER SOCCER'S size 5...
  • Ball is made of 100% vulcanized rubber with tire tread...
  • This ball is made for play under the most extreme...
  • Use this ball with confidence on any hard surface including...

Product: Updated 2024-05-21 | Images: Amazon Product Advertising API | #ad - is an Amazon Associate

The graphics on the tire-texture surface are reminiscent of the U.S. Army, with the black, white, and gold colors that make you think of military operations.

It’s kind of a fitting look for this soccer ball since it is primarily designed for rugged, outdoor usage on any and all terrains. 

Vici Street Soccer Ball

Another rubber tire textured soccer ball except this one has some color. Vici soccer balls are defined as double fabric soccer balls with the rubber tire textured surface and a cotton/polyester layer as well. The layers are put on as the rubber as the ball is produced.

Another nice thing about that coloring is that it is injected into the surface so that the color doesn’t diminish over time. 


  • Rubber tire texture
  • Special lining of cotton/polyester
  • Strengthened ink bonding
  • Butyl rubber valve for air retention

The rubber tire texture is becoming quite familiar by now, however, Vici does an outstanding job with the exterior of this soccer ball. It’s not just a copycat procedure because other street balls are doing it. 

The “special” lining of cotton and polyester is typical but it’s also done exceptionally well. Vici separates itself from other street soccer balls with its special ink job, creating color schemes within their balls that won’t diminish or fade over time. 

Rubber tire texture Butyl rubber valve Ink injected body An extra layer of cotton/polyesterDoesn’t work well on cleaner surfaces such as grass or softened surfaces

While many street soccer balls have used Butyl bladders for increased air retention, Vici uses a Butyl rubber valve for increased air retention. 

VICI Street Soccer Ball - Size Black/Orange, 5
  • Cover: this 32 panel ball has a rubberized tire textured...
  • The Special lining on this ball is a polyester/cotton fabric...
  • Vici uses a Special chemical in the printing Inks which...
  • Bladder: latex with a butyl rubber valve for maximum air...

Product: Updated 2024-05-21 | Images: Amazon Product Advertising API | #ad - is an Amazon Associate

Vici street soccer balls are great for precision control, balance, dribbling, and trick plays. They’re grippy but not overly so. You can get a group together for a match over concrete, asphalt, or any other rough surface.

Street Soccer

The street soccer balls listed in this article are frequently found in the top ten lists for soccer balls used in all manner of outdoor activities. However, for the purposes of street play, every one of these is an outstanding choice. They are all designed with longevity and durability in mind.

Regardless of your choice, you’ll get a street soccer ball that will survive in the long term. If you are looking for a soccer ball that will last and can endure the harsh aspects of playing on asphalt, concrete, gravel, and rough surfaces, this is the list for you. 

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