Soccer Field Dimensions: Pro – World Cup – High School – Youth

The size of a soccer field can vary and teams use different sizes to suit their style of play. A small field can restrict an opponent from playing their natural game.

For instance, Barcelona has one of the largest fields, this is ideal for their passing game where they can open up the opposition with their precise passing.

What are the soccer field dimensions?

The dimension of a soccer field for an international game is 70-80 yards by 110 by 120 yards.

This article covers all the dimensions you need to know about all aspects of soccer.

For the professional games and the youth, I’ve collected all of the information from the official sources to give them to you in one place.

soccer field infographic
soccer basic field infographic

Soccer Field Surface

The soccer field can be either natural turf, artificial turf, or a combination of the two. The color needs to be green.

The quality of the field for a FIFA competition match needs to be of the standard of the FIFA Quality Programme for Football Turf.

This is unless it’s given permission by the International Football Association Board.

Field Markings

The field must be marked to show the sections in a continuous line. The lines must be of the same thickness.

If a field is marked by a different game, those lines need to be a different color and you must be able to tell they’re not a part of the game.

The areas that are to be marked are;

  • Touchlines
  • halfway line
  • Center mark
  • Center circle
  • Corner arks
  • Goal lines same width as posts + crossbar
  • Lines less than 12 cm/5 inches
A player who makes unauthorised marks on the field of play must be cautioned for unsporting behaviour. If the referee notices this being done during the match, the player is cautioned when the ball next goes out of play.

11 vs 11 Soccer Field Dimensions

Length – Touch Line90-120100-130
Width – Goal Line45-9050-100

International Soccer Field Dimension

For matches played at the World Cup and all national games.

Length – Touch Line100-110110-120
Width – Goal Line64-7570-80

Goal Area Size

The goal area, sometimes known as the 6-yard box is measured from the goalposts, 6 yards or 5.5 meters parallel to the goal line.

Penalty Area Size and Position

The penalty mark is measured from the back of the goal line.

  • From inside of the post the penalty area is measured to 18 yards/16.5 meters
  • The penalty mark is measured from the middle of the goalposts to 12 yards/11 meters
  • Ark – Measured from the penalty mark at 10 yards/9.15 meters

FIFA Soccer Field Dimensions

Soccer field Dimensions - International Match
International soccer field dimensions – IFAB

Corner Flag

The corner flag is a quarter circle and 1 yard from the goal line and touchline. The flagpost should not be shorter than 5 feet/1.5 meters.

Corner flag area - soccer field dimensions
Corner flag post area dimensions – IFAB

Technical Areas

The technical is for the coaches to give instructions. The measurement must be no wider than 1 yard/1 meter from the seating area and no closer than 1 yard/meter from the touchline.

Only one person is allowed to give instructions from the area at a given time.

Soccer Goal Post Dimensions

The height of a soccer goal is 8 feet/2.44 meters and the width is 8 yards/7.32 meters.

Soccer goal dimensions
Soccer goal dimensions – IFAB

The shape of the posts can vary from a square, rectangle, round or elliptical – professionals use round posts.

The width of the goalposts must be the same thickness as the lines – no more than 12 cm/5 inches. Check out these portable goals on Amazon, it only takes 3 minutes to set up!

Soccer goal dimensions - Goal post shapes
Soccer goal post shapes and measurements – IFAB

If you’re looking for full-sized soccer goals that have wheels, so that you easily move them for training sessions, matches or so that they can be easily put to one side, read our article here.

US Youth Soccer Field Size

Details for all US youth soccer, from under 6’s to under 19’s: US Youth Soccer

AgeGame MinutesBall SizePlayersGoal feetWidth yardsLength
u17-u192 x 45#511 vs 118 x 2450-100100-130
u15-u162 x 40#511 vs 11 8 x 24 50-100100-130
u13-u142 x 35#511 vs 11 8 x 24 50-100100-130
u11-u122 x 30#49 vs 97 x 2145-7070-80
u9-u102 x 25#47 vs 76 x 18.535-4555-65
u6-u84 x 10#34 vs 44 x 615-2525-35

High School Soccer Field Dimensions

The dimensions for a soccer field for the United States high schools are the same as above for the center circle, penalty area, goal area, penalty spot, and corner arks.

The only difference is the length of the touchline and the goal line.

Minimum YardsMaximum Yards
Length – Touchline100120
Width – Goal line5580

Indoor Soccer Field Dimensions

The recommended size of a US indoor soccer field is 67 yards long and 28 yards wide. The penalty mark is 8 yards from the goal.

The goals are 8 feet by 14 feet. This is from the Ohio High School Soccer Association.

The goal area is not a standard international shape, so check against your local competition regulations.

Minimum YardsMaximum Yards
Length – Touchline5870
Width – Goal line2533

Futsal Field Dimensions

Futsal field dimensions for the United States from U.S. Futsal;

Minimum Maximum
Width – yards1627
Length – yards2745

International futsal field dimensions from Wikipedia;

Minimum Maximum
Width – yards21.927.3
Length – yards41.545.9

Soccer field vs NFL Football Field: Comparison

Soccer Field Football Field
Width – yards50-10053.33
Length – yards100-130100 (120 apexes)

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How many acres are in the soccer field?

1.76 acres.

What is the difference between a soccer field and a soccer pitch?

In the United States, the playing areas are called a field, whereas in the UK they call it a pitch.

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