Best Youth Soccer Balls (For Training + Games)

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Out of the various soccer balls available today, the best soccer ball for youth should have a good budget, proper size, material, excellent design, and features.

We will look at the three best soccer balls for youth players and coaches. Each soccer ball has pros and cons, and we will break them down for you.

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soccer ball for youth

Soccer is the current obsession amongst the youth. It has inspired a huge percentage of them to engage in the soccer sport and participate in this adventure.

Yet, many aspiring soccer-loving teenagers are unaware of the importance of having only the best soccer equipment, such as soccer balls or soccer cleats. 

So, in this article, we will help you find the best soccer balls that can make your soccer training one of a kind and increase your efficiency. 

Why The Best Balls For Youth Soccer

You may want to look out for soccer balls that come under a budget. However, simply buying any isn’t exactly the best idea. 

Do you know why? Well, because of the following reasons. 

Save Yourself From the Recurring Costs

Fishing out bucks every time from your pocket money can get pretty tedious. This may happen if you go for low-quality soccer balls rather than good-quality ones. 

Now, you needn’t worry about spending a lot of money as there are good-quality soccer balls you can get at quite an affordable rate. 

No Fake or Useless Features

Another reason to go with a trusted soccer ball is that they do what is mentioned. Plenty of soccer balls have ample features that may make any teenager want to buy them at an unbelievably low rate. 

However, only a few of them may be able to reach up to your expectations. So, rather than wasting your time and money on a low-guarantee soccer ball, why not invest in only the best soccer ball for youth? 

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Youth Soccer Team in a Huddle with their Coach
Youth Soccer Team in a Huddle with their Coach

Use It Wherever and Whenever 

The best thing about a good quality ball is that it is durable, and you can use it anywhere. Carry it on your camping trip or use it in your backyard; it will work the same. 

Low-quality soccer balls may not work as well as high-quality ones in harsh conditions. 

For example, if the soccer field is too rough, your soccer ball may ruin your practice day with inefficiency. On the other hand, the best soccer ball will be able to endure even the roughest weather and kicks. 

Return Policy 

Buying soccer balls from a reputable brand allows you to return them in a month or so.  If you don’t like the ball, you can simply exchange or return it. This return policy is now applicable to various good brands. 

Yet, if you go for a low-quality one, you may not get the same customer support and help facilities. 

Youth Soccer Players - Two players battling for the ball
Youth Soccer Players – Two players battling for the ball

Three Best Soccer Balls for Youth 

You don’t have to search through thousands of soccer balls as given below are the three best soccer balls just for you. 

1. Franklin Sports Official Futsal Ball

Brand: Franklin Sports

Where to Buy: Amazon

Price: Below $25

Franklin Sports Futsal ball meets the standards for junior players. The material, design, and durability are premium. It does not disappoint. 

It comes in sizes three and four, that are perfect for young players. 

Franklin Sports Futsal Ball - Low Bounce Futsal...
  • COMPLETE CONTROL: Crafted with a soft abrasion, resistant...
  • HIGH VISIBILITY: Dynamic colorful graphics for a ball that...
  • LOW BOUNCE: Our stuffed and wound low bounce bladder keeps...
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Product: Updated 2024-05-21 | Images: Amazon Product Advertising API | #ad - is an Amazon Associate

Here are some of the key features: 

  • Great Feel 

This soccer ball has a soft abrasion cover that is well crafted. It feels soft in your hand and gives you a premium touch and feel.

  • Low Bounce 

The ball is stuffed to keep it low on the ground. You do not have to worry about it bouncing high, which makes it safe for both indoor or outdoor activities. 

  • Dynamic Design 

The design is well-suited for young players. It has dynamic and saturated colors that are very eye-catching. The colors also make the ball visible when playing on the grass, turf, playground, or any surface. 

  • Purchase Flexibility 
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You can choose to purchase it as an inflated ball or you can buy a bundle of 6 deflated balls with an air pump. The deflated bundle gives you a nice discount. 


  1. Very dynamic and colorful
  2. Affordable price
  3. Low bounce
  4. Highly Durable 
  5. Suitable for any surface 


  1. The air and shape retention might not stay for a long time.

2. Under Armour Desafio 395 Soccer Ball

Brand: Under Armour

Where to Buy: Amazon

Price: Below $60

If you want a perfect overall soccer ball that is suitable for all kinds of training, the Desafio 395 is an amazing option for you. It surpasses expectations regarding every aspect. 

It comes in size four, which is the standard size for youth players. 

Product: Updated 2024-05-15 | Images: Amazon Product Advertising API | #ad - is an Amazon Associate

Here are some of the key features: 

  • Premium Material 

The cover of the Desafio 395 is made out of thermoplastic polyurethane. This material is proof against abrasion, oil, grease, etc. It gives an excellent power transfer as well. 

  • Excellent Feel

The Desafio 395 simply feels great in your hands. It is designed with UA Touchskin Technology that provides you with that premium soft touch. It makes it worth the price. 

  • Softness 

This soccer ball is provided with a layer of EVA foam, which provides the ball with an extra layer of softness. This makes it easy to play with on any surface available with no issue. 

  • Durability 

This is one of the most durable soccer balls available in the market. The panels are machine-stitched and the cover is made of TPU, making the ball highly durable and strong. 


  1. Vivid colors 
  2. High durability 
  3. High-quality material 
  4. Very soft 
  5. Prolonged air and shape retention 
  6. Perfect for any kind of training 


  1. Relatively high price compared to other similar soccer balls 

3. Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

Brand: Wilson

Where to Buy: Amazon

Price: Below $20

This beloved soccer ball is one of the best options for youth players. It has the iconic black and white design which is very satisfying to look at. It is very durable and strong to handle everyday use. 

It comes in sizes three, four, and five. Size three and four are optimal for young players.  

WILSON Traditional Soccer Ball
  • May Ship Deflated
  • Synthetic leather cover for increased durability
  • Butyl rubber bladder for excellent air and shape retention
  • Traditional panel graphics with silver accents
  • Recreational use

Product: Updated 2024-05-21 | Images: Amazon Product Advertising API | #ad - is an Amazon Associate

Here are some of the key features:

  • Simplistic Design
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This ball is designed with the famous black and white soccer ball pattern. It is very simple yet gives your ball a professional touch. 

  • Lightweight

Young players usually want a soccer ball that is light in weight to play with. Other balls of this price range are mostly heavy as if they are made of concrete. On the contrary, this ball is very lightweight and optimal for young players.

  • Inexpensive

The Wilson soccer ball is a great bargain. For less than 20$, you get a durable, high-quality, lightweight, and elegant ball. 

  • Durable

Youth players often have more rough playing and training sessions, so a durable and strong ball is required. The Wilson soccer ball can do the job. It is machine-stitched and covered with strong synthetic leather. 


  1. Classic design 
  2. Prolonged air and shape retention 
  3. High durability 
  4. It suits youth players perfectly 
  5. Very cheap price


  1. It is not made out of the best materials, but it provides a great value for the cheap price. 
  2. A few users have stated that the quality varies between batches. 

Final Words From Us 

With its growing popularity, the youth today is undoubtedly attracted to soccer. This soccer craze has given rise to plenty of soccer equipment. 

Yet, soccer often requires the best ball to endure all the strong kicks and rough exercises. The ball should also have a sleek and well-thought design for the best efficiency and real-match experience. 

So, you may consider our suggestions for the best youth soccer balls out there! 

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Soccer Products FAQ

Can I Use Running Shoes for Soccer? 

You can play soccer in running shoes, but you won’t have the best performance unless you wear cleats or soccer boots.

Why are soccer balls black and white?

Soccer balls are traditionally black and white because when soccer was first shown on TV it was in black and white, so the mix of black and white on the balls helped viewers see the ball easier. 

How hard and what pressure should a soccer ball be?

The FIFA regulations say that the soccer balls should have a pressure between 8.81757 psi (0.6 atm) and 16.1655 psi (1.1 atm). If you’re playing soccer with friends, then opt for a pressure amount from the lower range.

What is the size of goals in soccer?

5-A-Side has dimensions that are 12-ft wide by 6-ft high. Such soccer goals are for under-7 and under-8 soccer games
7-A-Side has dimensions that are 12-ft wide by 6-ft high again. Such soccer goals are for under-9 and under-10 soccer games
9-A-Side has dimensions that are 16-ft wide by 7-ft high. Such soccer goals are for under-11 and under-12 soccer game
11-A-Side or full-size soccer goal has dimensions that are 24-ft wide by 8-ft high for the under-15 and over. Whereas, for the under-13 and under-14, it is 21 ft wide by 7-ft high

What is the soccer ball size and weight for each age group?

Size 1 - 3 years or under - 18 to 20 inches - 195 to 205 grams
Size 2 - 3 to 5 years - 20 to 22 inches - U4 - 250 to 280 grams
Size 3 - 5 to 8 years - 23 to 24 inches - U5 to U8 - 300 to 320 grams
Size 4 - 8 to 12 years - 25 to 26 inches - U8 to U12 - 350 to 390 grams
Size 5 - More than 12 years - 27 to 28 inches - U12 to Pro - 410 to 450 grams

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