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Soccer players have a large fan base all over the world. And naturally, their fans want to know where their favorite players reside. However, while some famous players reveal their living location others don’t and keep things private which isn’t that unusual for celebrities.

In today’s article, I will discuss how players pick their living place because while most established players own a home in the same place as their club team, younger players and those temporarily with new teams usually rent a home close to the training facility.

I will also explain why some players buy or rent homes as well as answer some of your questions about soccer players and their decisions when it comes to picking a residence place. Without any further ado, let’s learn where soccer players live worldwide.

Large house soccer players home

Do Soccer Players Buy Or Rent Houses?

The job of soccer players is to play soccer, and it just happens that this job pays quite well at the moment due to commercial sponsorship deals, high-price tickets, and vast media coverage.

That’s why soccer teams can actually afford to share a very large slice of the pie with those that make it all happen at the match. And because soccer players do this for a living, they will tend to purchase either houses or apartments near their current club. Or near their loved ones.

Meaning, they kind of buy homes out of necessity. And while most end up with a larger expensive space where they lead a lavish lifestyle, the main reason is the necessity of being close to their workplace.

And their properties just happen to cost much more than other properties for regular folks.

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As I researched this topic, I also noticed that some soccer players have preferences when choosing their residence. For instance, some of them, including David Beckham, reside in Cheshire UK.

Little Moreton Hall is a fine example of a Tudor manor House in Cheshire England. ○ Soccer Blade
Little Moreton Hall is a fine example of a Tudor manor House in Cheshire, England.

Where Do Soccer Players Live?

Usually, as soon as someone enters the academy and displays clear signs of being a professional soccer player, they have their housing taken care of for the most part.

The most popular academies have spots for their younger players to live. But they also help with housing for professional players without any family or friends nearby.

Newbies usually don’t make a lot of money. And they don’t need much space either, so living near their training ground in a house or apartment they own or rent is the way to go.

Take a look at where Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford lives;

Inside Marcus Rashford's House: Take a Tour of Manchester United Forward’s Pad
Inside Marcus Rashford’s House: Take a Tour of Manchester United Forward’s Pad

It helps young players stay disciplined since they’re nearby and experience new places. However, most soccer players decide to stay with their parents or friends for the first couple of years.

It’s important to mention that some of these young players aren’t older than 20. This means, living with family isn’t that strange. On the contrary, it’s quite normal for that age group.

Luxury country house with swimming pool in Italy. Pool and old farm house during sunset central Italy. ○ Soccer Blade
Luxury country house with swimming pool in Italy. Pool and old farm house during sunset central Italy

Where Do Older And Established Players Live?

Older and established players usually think long-term when it comes to housing because of a few reasons. For instance, they’ve already made some decent profit and started saving to the point that they can be a little more open with different ideas and explore different housing options.

Also, many older players have already settled down with a partner and perhaps kids. Meaning, there’s a higher chance of purchasing a permanent home instead of renting luxury homes.

Further, those who might not reside in the same place they play will usually have their whole family home for the season.

Inside Lionel Messi's $2 Million Soccer Ball Shaped Home

Perhaps they have kids who attend school and they want to provide some type of normality. Sometimes, they go back during the season but they might have another spot to stay nearby that’s rental.

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As you can see, there’s no universal housing solution. It mostly depends on the financial situation.

A very large panorama of Monaco Monte Carlo.. ○ Soccer Blade

Why Do Some Players Live Away From Their Soccer Clubs?

Most players earn a lot of money, so they can easily afford to live anywhere in the world. What’s most confusing is players who live in a place without a connection to playing in or growing up.

What’s the reason behind this type of move? Well, some players live far away from their hometowns and club. They really want to live in a specific place because they love it.

For instance, residing on the beach in Miami might not be so easy for a soccer player in Europe, but they enjoy the area’s look.

The other reason has something to do with tax. Since soccer players earn a lot of money, they also have to pay taxes depending on where they live. Some will try Monte Carlo, one of Europe’s best tax places. States like Texas and Florida don’t have a state income tax in the US.

They still end up paying a bunch of taxes because they must pay in every area they earn income. But it’s better to reside in a place that’s lighter on taxes and save money, even if it’s harder to get to!

Do Soccer Players Live In The City They Play For?

Sometimes, in sports, players can move from one team to another in a second. And when that happens, they’re expected to be settled and ready to play within days.

Meaning, finding a place to stay plays a key part in the process. Most teams have at least one person who serves as Player Liaison Officer.

However, some soccer teams have multiple people who serve as Player Liaison Officers who’re in charge of finding a property to rent or a hotel to reside in while things get settled.

However, every soccer player is different. And some getting on a new soccer team may only be there for a few months.

In that case, it doesn’t really make any sense to purchase a home as it becomes a problem to sell it later on. Therefore, some players don’t have any issue temporarily residing in a hotel for a couple of months.

As you can notice, different players pick different housing solutions for different reasons. I would also like to mention that some players don’t want to reveal their living location because of their public profile.

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Meaning, they need a safe place where they can just relax and enjoy their day away from all the attention. Furthermore, they also keep their location private due to robbers and burglars.

Earning so much money and being famous makes sports stars’ homes a target for people who steal for a living. This is why most players and other celebrities reside in only exclusive parts of cities to have some type of security for their properties.

In the end, they’re just ordinary people like you.

Meaning, they want to have a normal life and relax without worrying about paparazzi, burglars, or crazy fans stalking their houses.

In interviews, some players discovered that they want their normal life back so they can freely hang out with their friends and family members without being constantly harassed.

Final Thoughts

Soccer players earn a lot of money. However, that doesn’t mean that they all buy luxury homes. Some of them rent homes for a few months depending on their playing and financial situation.

As you can notice from this article, there’s no universal housing solution for all players. And picking their living place depends on many factors.

Some decide to rent at the start of their career while most established players focus on finding a permanent home in exclusive parts of the city they play in.

Most Expensive Houses of Football Players


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