Soccer Team Bonding Activities (Games/Ideas)

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Team bonding ensures excellent and strong relationships within a team. Teamwork and communication among the players are essential for a team to win a soccer season.

Activities involved in team bonding focus on a team’s interactive aspect rather than the group’s business aspect. Therefore, team bonding is a process whereby teams build trust and ensure accessible communication with each member.

There are four types of team bonding activities;
• Communication activities
• Decision-making activities
• Planning activities
• Trust-building activities

This post gives you various options for creating great team spirit, and you’ll have fun too! First is unity, and then it’s games!

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Bond with your soccer teammates – Movie Session

Watching movies is a passive activity that does not require more energy to participate. Even though it is very uncommon for teams to meet in cinemas, it gives a unique experience to the team members, making the cinema a suitable venue for the groups to bond.

In this case, the team members can share their views about the movie they are watching, share snacks, and laugh together at exciting parts of the movie.

Watching movies in a cinema will achieve a unique experience for the team members since not all cinemas are alike. VIP treatment during screening may as well make the team members have a memorable experience.

By watching movies, you will know more about your team by the kind of movies each team member loves and prefers when they are in their leisure time.

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Asking your teammates about their taste in movies helps to create a rapport between team members.

Knowing all these will help you understand what to serve or order when the next team bonding opportunity arises and make team members feel loved.

Exchanging thoughts and ideas is why watching movies with your teammates is important.

Asking your teammates about what they have learned from the movies and applying the lessons learned is the best conversation starter to bond the team.

Setting expectations and responsibilities for each player

In Soccer, there may be similar positions and intersecting roles, but each team player functions independently and has a particular role on the field.

As the coach, you should ensure that each player understands their role and what they are expected to do.

Doing this, they will understand how their particular roles and positions interact with other players on the field.

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How Do You Improve Team Morale Of A Soccer Team?

Emphasizing learning over winning

Being positive and putting your focus on improvement always keep team morale high. Teaching soccer players how to play will boost their confidence compared to asking them to win a match.

Some players may be new to the team, and thus learning is an essential step for them before playing a game.

Identify and Celebrate Little Victories

Team players must be appreciated when a job is well done, no matter how minor. Appreciating them builds morale even to face the bigger job ahead of them.

A team goes through a lot and may forget little wins without the recognition they deserve. But celebrating the little achievements helps to build morale among team players.

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What Are Good Team Bonding Activities For Sports?

Egg Drop

The teams participating in this game should develop devices that keep a raw egg intact. One of the teammates in each team should use the device to place the raw egg and run with it ensuring it does not fall to the ground.

The winner is determined by the one who will be the first to reach the finishing point with their egg intact.

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The egg drop is fun and can help you know which teammates can develop reliable solutions even in inexplicable problems.

Barter puzzle

This is probably the most exciting decision-making game.

The team should be divided into small groups, and each group should be provided with a different jigsaw puzzle to crack.

The main and only twist in this game is that each group will have a few missing pieces of the puzzle, that the opposing teams will have.

Group members must then negotiate to get the missing pieces from their opponents. In this case, team members must have negotiating and decision-making skills, ensuring team bonding.

Escape Room

How Does Escape Room Help in Decision-Making?
An escape room tests your teammates on how well they can manage resources, work together as a team, or even reason under pressure.

This can be a bit expensive since it requires thorough planning. Finding a local room as an escape room can be hectic.

In this game, team members are grouped and each group is placed in a room that will be locked!

It is, therefore, upon the team members to find a way to escape the room using the resources provided and their reasoning power. In most cases, this game is done as a surprise without the team members knowing or suspecting it.

Playing this game will help the team members share ideas, which in the long run ensures team bonding.

Blind Retriever

How Does Blind Retriever Works?
One of the team players is blindfolded, and they are required to get to a certain point or a hidden object. The team should be split into small groups to play this game, whereby each group volunteers one person to be blindfolded.

The blindfolded person is given instructions by their colleagues on the way to go. The winner is determined by the one who will take little time to get to the hidden object.

The game helps you know how much team members trust each other and respond to instructions when under pressure during a soccer match.

Perfect Square

How Perfect Square Works
A perfect square game requires a rope that is five meters long, and the end is tied together. You are required to place the rope on the ground and have a minimum of four people and a maximum of eight people standing in a circle.

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The selected people are then blindfolded and ordered to take five steps backward. Finally, everyone is called to turn the rope into a perfect square.

The major aim of this game is to test the collaboration abilities between team members.

Pair Up

How Pair Up Works
Pair-up works when pairs of sheets of paper are written (e.g., pepper and salt) and taped at the teammates’ backs. Therefore, the teammates must walk around, figure out who they are, and find their opposite partners.

Despite this being a fun way for team members to bond, it can also be efficient in the case of new team members, ensuring they are comfortable in the team.

In conclusion, team bonding cannot happen without effort. By reinforcing the relationships among team members, you can be assured that you will end up with a team that supports one another and cares for each other.

Therefore, these ideas come into play to ensure you have a good team.

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