Are soccer games canceled for rain? Shocking Conditions

Nature shows its beauty in many ways and rain is one of them but sometimes the beauty causes disruption in our lives but what happens with soccer when it comes to heavy rain? Are soccer games canceled for rain?

Soccer is mainly an outdoor game and like all other outdoor games it can be affected but that does not always lead to the game being canceled or called off like other outdoor games such as baseball, golf, tennis, and cricket.

Are soccer games canceled for rain?

Soccer games will first be stopped if rainfall is so heavy that it restricts the vision of the player, making it dangerous or the pitch becomes waterlogged due to the heavy rain. After a period of stoppage, the officials will determine the conditions with tests using the ball while the players wait off the field.

Just like rain, there are many other natural calamities like heavy snowfall, extreme heat, and extreme rainfalls but there are certain conditions of these weathers when a game can be called off by the officials.

Kids playing soccer on rain soaked mud (are soccer games canceled for rain?)
Kids having fun playing soccer in the rain.

Soccer Weather Rules

Normally soccer which is also known as football is an outdoor game though there are some small formats of this game that are played indoors but mostly it is an outdoor open field game. In this game the weather conditions, most of the time do not hamper the game to be canceled off.

In most bizarre weather like heavy rain, extreme heat, or bad weather this game is continued to be played but there are some exceptions in the game when there are unavoidable situations.

What happens if it rains during a soccer game?

To stop a match for a period of time with the intention of eventually restarting play e.g. fog, heavy rain, thunderstorm, serious injury. Games can be stopped periodically to see if the rain lessens. A game has been delayed for over 3 hours to allow for the rainfall to reduce in the MLS. It is up to the judgment of the match official to decide if the conditions are suitable for a game of soccer.

The ball will be rolled along the turf to see if it is moving freely without being restricted by a waterlogged field. The rain will normally affect the turf before anything else. If the rainfall is heavy and going in the player’s eyes, they are expected to play on.

Are soccer games canceled for rain?

It is only in extreme conditions that a game is canceled for the rain. After the official has tested the field of play to determine the playability of the surface, they will decide to cancel the game if the ball cannot roll freely on the ground.

For youth levels and non-professional teams, the games are more likely to be called off because of the rain. The professional fields are designed to take large amounts of rainfall and the field is normally protected somewhat with the stadium, which will reduce the wind.

The rain on this turf would have stopped any pro game.

Soccer Field Problems and Rain

In association football which is also known as football or soccer, if you consider the conditions of rain where there are possibilities of the game being called off because of when the pitch gets severely waterlogged which makes the game playing scenario quite impossible.

In these kinds of severe situations, there is also a high risk of injury and completely damage the pitch. Scenarios like this most often happen when there has been raining going on for a couple of days or sometimes maybe because of a bad drainage system.

Secondly, if there is a chance of thunderstorm and lightning in the area then the game is called off because it concerns the security of both players and spectators of the game.

In North America there is a nonprofit organization which is known as NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) which has a law of if any pitch official detects lightning then 30 – min delay can be called and if the situation does not improve for a considerable amount of time then rainout or the game is stopped for the weather can be called out.

Wembley stadium with heavy rain
Wembley stadium with heavy rain

Weather Problems in Soccer

In many cases of we have seen soccer games been played in rainfall or in other weather conditions in international and domestic soccer league matches but if you look through the history of soccer we can see some of the big matches with high voltage matches were also called off due to extreme weather conditions.

If we investigate the history of these sorts of games one game can be highlighted which is during the 1999-00 season, when Juventus played against Perugia despite the playing conditions of the field was bad. Juventus lost the game on an own goal by Steve Slutz and in the end, lost the Scudetto to Lazio.

Cancelled Games

Even in modern-day football, we have seen matches being postponed such as in 2012 both in SFL and Seria A, high voltage football matches were canceled and postponed due to bad weather situations due to heavy snowfall which made the pitch unplayable. In 2011 Juventus and Naples match was also canceled off due to flood.

Even in France, an important match between PSG and Brest was canceled due to bad weather conditions. We mentioned earlier the lightning and thunderstorm is a vital reason in soccer for a match to be canceled off.

One main example was the A-league match in Australia where Brett Emerton’s much-anticipated match against Perth Glory was postponed after his home-town side was unable to travel to Sydney in December 2011.

Thunder and Lightening

Thunder and lightning storms in Australia’s west prevented flights from taking off in Perth. There are also incidents of an international match being canceled of and one of the examples is the match between Poland and England.

It was a world cup qualifier match and it was canceled for the unplayable conditions of the pitch. In a very rare condition of a match to be canceled due to extreme heat was the match between Perth Glory and Melbourne FC.

There is also another surprising natural phenomenon which is the volcano eruption played a hand on a football match which was in between Barcelona and Inter Milan.

The Catalans were favorite to win the match but were forced to travel by bus when the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland grounded flights throughout Europe. This sudden event took a toll on the Barcelona team which led them to lose the match 3-1 at San Siro.

Rain and Training

Many managers, coaches, and players have a different type of rules for practicing soccer in different conditions such as when we see that a team plays an away team such as in champions league the team takes some time to understand what to practice to get the best out of that away match conditions and among those conditions weather is also an impact.

We have seen that when a team goes to play an away match in Russia, they always have to consider the Russian cold and also in middle east soccer games weather play a vital role for the player fitness so the manager asks the players to train to be in the best shape.

Sometimes practices also are called off just like the regular soccer games if the conditions are not favorable especially when it comes to outdoor practice.

soccer game with heavy rain
A soccer game with heavy rain.

Playing Soccer in Heavy Weather

We have seen that some cases of Soccer matches, even practice, and friendly matches can be canceled off due to the weather impacts but till now Soccer is still one of the games which are even played in heavy weather conditions if the officials think it is playable.

That’s why we have seen all over the world soccer being played on from snowy weather to rainy muddy weather conditions. But to my opinion, it is always safe for both players and spectators for the match being played in a better condition because you have the weather forecast for you long before the match happens.

Last but not the least, soccer is a heavy-duty physical game and it tests the players how much can you always adapt to the game condition. A player’s psychology and game plan have to differ from time to time considering the pitch condition like when it is a wet pitch you have to push a little differently.

Even to make a pass or in muddy field, your shot has to be lifted from the ground slightly so that the ball has the perfect momentum. But no matter what condition it is the game is always exciting. For more useful guides, see the articles below or visit our home page.

When to cancel soccer practice?

Cancel soccer practice if the conditions make it dangerous for the players. This can be due to the rain restricting vision or the field becoming waterlogged. Try and play if possible as it will prepare the players and strengthen them mentally.

What happens if it rains during a soccer game?

Normal rain will not affect the game apart from the passing types due to the ball sliding. Sometimes the ball crossed with a fast pace into the box can cause the opposition problems.
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