Best Portable Soccer Goals For Soccer Practice!

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Permanent soccer goals keep you in the same place for a game. In comparison, portable soccer goals give you the flexibility to move the game around the garden or even to the park.

Permanent soccer goals are usually made of solid materials with a metal frame and fixed. Portable soccer goals are flexible for travel and commonly plastic.

The best portable soccer goals are from Franklin Sports. They are easy to set up, are durable, mobile, and lightweight. If you’ve to move constantly and try out different locations, portable soccer goals are the best option. 

Soccer goals are different in size, weight, type, and material. This quick guide will talk about why you should go for portable soccer goals, what to look for, and the best portable soccer goals. 

Portable soccer goals on grass field

Best Portable Soccer Goals

Here’s our quick portable goal selection if you’re in a hurry. The PowerNet is our favorite due to it’s portability, size, and durability.

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If you’ve got a bit more time are not sure which goals to select, we’ve got your questions answered below. So you’ll know the best goal to buy.

Portable Soccer Goal FAQ

What is a good size for a backyard soccer goal?

A good size soccer goal for your yard depends on your available space and your age group. Ideally, you will have the same size goal you face in competitive games. 

Although, it’s advantageous to practice with smaller goals, as this will improve your shooting accuracy. Having a smaller target will make you sharper in front of the goal. 

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What size are mini soccer goals?

Mini soccer goals are a smaller target for you to play soccer. A variety of goal sizes is one of the great things about the game. You can replicate a game with any size goal. 

A mini-goal can be used for target practice when shooting or mini-games with your friends. 

What size are pop-up goals?

Pop-up soccer goals range from 2 yards wide to full-size goals. They will fold flat to their size so that you can slide them into your garage or down the side of your yard when not in use. 

Can you use portable goals?

Sure, you can use mini-goals for playing in your yard, garden, or park. They are a great way to set up a game whenever you feel like having a kick around. 

Be careful not to shoot too hard – older kids are best to have metal frames because their shots can easily break the plastic of the cheaper goals.

Is it better to practice with a small soccer goal?

If you can score against a good goalkeeper when using a mini-goal, you’ll find it so easy to score in a game when the goals are large! 

Ideally, you’ll have a set of small goals for skill games and full-size goals for when you have a large area and few people. The pros practice with both small and large goals to improve their skills. 

Soccer Player Kid Shooting At Goal

Portable Soccer Goal Benefits

If you’re unsatisfied with a permanent soccer goal, you can try out a portable one. It has plenty of benefits at a much lower rate, such as: 

1. Great For Every Ground

You may not be able to find a permanent ground during the soccer season, as every team will be practicing. 

Having a portable soccer goal, even as a backup, is an excellent option in this situation. You can carry it to whichever ground is available and start practicing.

2. You Can Carry It Everywhere

You can pack portable soccer goals in the carry kits (if available) and keep them in the car’s trunk. So, when you’re on a road trip, you can have a soccer game whenever you want to.

3. You Can Practice Indoors

Sometimes, the weather won’t cooperate with your practice sessions. So, there are always chances of heavy downpours or snowfall. 

In this condition, a portable soccer goal can become your savior. You have to carry it indoors and continue your practice without worries. 

4. Move It Wherever You Want

Lastly, you can try multiple positions by moving the soccer goal from one place to another in the field or your backyard. 

Thus, portable soccer goals offer flexibility. 

Indoor soccer training session womens soccer team

Permanent Soccer Goals Problems

Permanent soccer goals have plenty of benefits, such as durability and strength. However, permanent soccer goals can also cause problems in some instances. 

Problems caused due to permanent soccer goals are: 

1. You Cannot Move Them Easily

Permanent soccer goals are made with a heavier and more robust material to increase their stability. 

Due to this reason, you cannot move permanent soccer goals from one place to another without the help of a lot of people. 

2. You Cannot Carry Them

One of the significant limitations of a permanent soccer goal is that you cannot carry it anywhere. 

So, if you’re someone who needs to practice wherever you go with complete dedication, then permanent soccer goals can cause a problem. 

3. You Cannot Install Them Temporarily

Installing permanent soccer goals is difficult if you don’t have space to practice or play your match.

On the other hand, if you go for portable soccer goals, you can easily install them wherever you want temporarily. 

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4. They Are Not Budget Friendly

Permanent soccer goals are not the best idea if you’re under a budget. These soccer goals use materials and netting that may cost way more than portable soccer goals. 

Yet, keep in mind that it doesn’t mean portable soccer goals are low-quality. They’re just inexpensive and use lightweight materials. 

Soccer goalie saving a ball wearing equipment

Portable Soccer Goal Buying Guide

Before buying any portable soccer goal, you must consider certain factors. Keeping in mind the material, portability, and anchoring can help you have an efficient soccer practice session. 


There are two types of portable soccer goal materials available such as: 

Plastic-based: Such portable soccer goals are incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. Additionally, they are also on the cheaper side. However, don’t expect them to last long. They are great for beginners. 

Metal-based: These soccer goals are harder to move around. Yet, there are specific lightweight options available. These soccer goals are more expensive. However, they are more durable and ideal for professionals. 

Portability and Weight

You need to consider the weight and frame of the soccer goal before you buy it, especially if you want a portable one. Heavy soccer goals with sturdy materials may not offer easy portability. 

You can also go for soccer goals that come with carrying or storage bags for easy portability!


No matter how portable your soccer goal is, it won’t last long if it doesn’t have robust anchoring. It would help to consider where you will use the soccer goal. Knowing where you will locate your goal will help you pick the one with suitable anchoring. 

Lastly, if you’ve to carry the soccer goal around frequently, go for soccer goals with easy anchoring and assembly period. 

Aerial view of eight soccer training fields doing soccer drills 2

Should You Buy a Portable Soccer Goal?

If you’re unsure about buying a portable soccer goal, know that they are quite budget-friendly, easy to carry, and lightweight. Some of them also have extra durability. 

So, portable soccer goals are your best bet if you wish to bring your soccer practice anywhere and at any time.

For a selection guide;

  • Age 11+ – Full-Size Goals
  • More than 6 players – Full Size goals
  • Younger than 7 years old – Mini goals
  • 2 to 6 players – Mini goals

Best Portable Soccer Goals

Here are our favorite portable soccer goals. These options are great for big games or friendly kick about with your family and friends. They are easy to set up and just as quick to put away.

The last option can be used for mini-skill games – so they are great for a soccer enthusiast to have a large and a small set of goals.

Franklin Sports Blackhawk Portable Soccer Goal

Brand: Franklin Sports

Where to Buy: Amazon

Price: Below $90

The best portable soccer goal out of many others is the Franklin Sports Blackhawk soccer goal. 

Some of the key features are: 

Product: Updated 2024-07-16 | Images: Amazon Product Advertising API | #ad - is an Amazon Associate

  • Fiberglass and Steel Construction

As this soccer goal is made up of fiberglass and steel, it is quite durable. Additionally, it is also capable of taking the hardest soccer hits without collapsing. 

  • Additional Hooks and Stakes For Support

For additional stability, this soccer goal comes with peg hooks that keep the net in its place. The ground stakes also offer additional support. 

  • Lightweight and Portable
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This soccer goal only weighs around 2.73 pounds. So, it is easy to carry it around. 


  1. Easy assembly and set up
  2. Durable and strong netting 
  3. Quite durable and sturdy
  4. Lightweight and portable


  1. No extra nets are given

PowerNet Soccer Goal

Brand: PowerNet

Where to Buy: Amazon

Price: Below $150

If you’re looking for a net for professional use, then PowerNet Soccer Goal is a great one. Its dimensions are 12-ft by 6-ft. Now, the size may make you think that it’s not that portable. 

Product: Updated 2024-07-16 | Images: Amazon Product Advertising API | #ad - is an Amazon Associate

However, the assembly is quite easy and you can carry it both indoors and outdoors. 

Some of the key features are: 

  • Durable and Flexible Material

This soccer goal is made up of fiberglass. This helps in making it more durable along with flexible, for carrying. 

  • Great Design

The design of this soccer goal may even make you feel like you’re playing in a proper match. 

  • Easy to Carry 

This soccer goal comes with a carry case. You can easily keep it in and carry it everywhere. You can also use it indoors. 


  1. Due to the expansive size, it is great for professional soccer players
  2. Great design that offers durability and robustness
  3. Flexible fiberglass net

  4. One year warranty 


  1. Can get expensive
  2. Not easy to assemble
  3. Low-quality carry case

GOLME Pro Pop Up Soccer Goal

Brand: GOLME 

Where to Buy: Amazon

Price: Below $60

GOLME Pro Pop Up soccer goal is the best portable soccer goal for kids. If your kids are beginners and are trying to practice, then go for this soccer goal. 

Product: Updated 2024-07-16 | Images: Amazon Product Advertising API | #ad - is an Amazon Associate

Some of the key features are:

  • Easy Storage

You can easily fold this goal and store it.

  • Comes in a Set of Two

This soccer goal comes in a pair and offers more at a lesser price

  • Ultra-reflective Net

The net is of a reflective quality and helps in efficient training sessions. 


  1. Best portable soccer goal for kids and other beginners
  2. Inexpensive and easy to assemble
  3. Can be stored within seconds 


  1. Not suitable for professional players
  2. Not suitable for all types of grounds (just soil and grass)

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Product: Updated 2024-07-11 | Images: Amazon Product Advertising API | #ad - is an Amazon Associate

Product: Updated 2024-07-11 | Images: Amazon Product Advertising API | #ad - is an Amazon Associate

Soccer Products FAQ

Can I Use Running Shoes for Soccer? 

You can play soccer in running shoes, but you won’t have the best performance unless you wear cleats or soccer boots.

Why are soccer balls black and white?

Soccer balls are traditionally black and white because when soccer was first shown on TV it was in black and white, so the mix of black and white on the balls helped viewers see the ball easier. 

How hard and what pressure should a soccer ball be?

The FIFA regulations say that the soccer balls should have a pressure between 8.81757 psi (0.6 atm) and 16.1655 psi (1.1 atm). If you’re playing soccer with friends, then opt for a pressure amount from the lower range.

What is the size of goals in soccer?

5-A-Side has dimensions that are 12-ft wide by 6-ft high. Such soccer goals are for under-7 and under-8 soccer games
7-A-Side has dimensions that are 12-ft wide by 6-ft high again. Such soccer goals are for under-9 and under-10 soccer games
9-A-Side has dimensions that are 16-ft wide by 7-ft high. Such soccer goals are for under-11 and under-12 soccer game
11-A-Side or full-size soccer goal has dimensions that are 24-ft wide by 8-ft high for the under-15 and over. Whereas, for the under-13 and under-14, it is 21 ft wide by 7-ft high

What is the soccer ball size and weight for each age group?

Size 1 - 3 years or under - 18 to 20 inches - 195 to 205 grams
Size 2 - 3 to 5 years - 20 to 22 inches - U4 - 250 to 280 grams
Size 3 - 5 to 8 years - 23 to 24 inches - U5 to U8 - 300 to 320 grams
Size 4 - 8 to 12 years - 25 to 26 inches - U8 to U12 - 350 to 390 grams
Size 5 - More than 12 years - 27 to 28 inches - U12 to Pro - 410 to 450 grams

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