66 Creative End Of Season Soccer Award Ideas (Fantastic Fun)

Now that a long soccer season has passed, with its ups and downs, failures, and successes, it’s always great to look back over the year and recognize and honor the team players for all of their hard work and dedication once the soccer season is over.

Some of the best ways to recognize them are by giving little rewards, trophies, or certificates to them for their individual successes, whether it was scoring many goals, being helpful to everyone, putting a smile on the team members’ faces, or attending every training session.

End of season soccer player awards

Players differ in where they shine during the season, so it’s important to recognize each and every one for the thing that sets them apart from other players in the team. Otherwise, how would they feel special?

This is particularly great for younger players who get more motivated by feeling valued and appreciated by everyone. It’s also a nice push for them to rock the next season.  

To help you end the soccer season in the best way possible, we brought to you a lengthy list full of fun and creative end-of-season soccer award ideas.

These will leave each and every team member, as well as the team manager, beaming in joy! Plus, two other articles you need to read.

Andres Iniesta Leo Messi and Xavi Hernandez offering the FIFA World Player Award to the Barcelona soccer supporters. January 12 2011 in Nou Camp stadium Barcelona Spain. ○ Soccer Blade

Fun & Creative End of Season Soccer Award Ideas

Want to add some spice to the event? Below is a big list packed with fun and creative season soccer award ideas. First a detailed look at 17 of the most popular ideas;

  1. Clutch gene: give this to the player who you can count on to hit the game-winning shot under heated circumstances. They truly have ice running through their veins!
  2. Last to leave: this one is dedicated to the player who puts all the effort at the end of the game.
  3. Cheer buddy: you know this person too well: the player who always brings the loudest cheer.
  4. Game love: awarded to the player who demonstrates the greatest amount of enthusiasm for the game, the player who puts everything on the line and shows great respect for the game.
  5. Best listener: this player is a good friend and listener, you can rely on this athlete to hear all of your problems both on and off the field.
  6. Food dealer: this one is dedicated to this one player who dishes out delicious snacks. We should all appreciate these players, they’re literally the best. 
  7. Bolt: the team’s fastest player. The team can always count on this player to run fast for long distances on the field without effort.
  8. DJ buddy: awarded to the player who has the best song references on the bus outings and away trips.
  9. Best dancer: do you recall one player in the team who always performs the best celebration dances? Give this one to them. 
  10. Most positive: this is for someone who can always be counted on to smile. They don’t get discouraged when they lose since they’re continuously encouraging their teammates.
  11. Most Improved: this award is given to the player who’s improved the most during the season. If you keep statistics for each season, it’s a great idea to use them as examples at the awards presentation.
  12. In it to win it: this one should go for the player who feels the team will win no matter how close the game gets.
  13. Most undistracted: no matter how distracting the game environment gets, this player is always focused on the game and only the game.
  14. The coach-to-be: this player is always keen on giving their teammates the best advice they have. They are enthusiastic about the game and are continually looking for ways to improve the performance of the team as a whole.
  15. Most helpful: this is for the player who is always the first to help their teammates when they fall. This player will always run to them and help them get back on their feet, whether they’re 5 feet away or across the field.
  16. Most energetic: this award is given to the player who has the highest energy at all times. Though physical energy is important, this medal can also be given to a player who has a lot of mental energy.
  17. Best sleeper: This player can always be seen napping, whether in the hotel lobby or on the bus.
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Pep rally students with teacher

Of course, there are some standard season soccer award ideas, like the ones below:

  1. Best player
  2. Best coach
  3. Best goalkeeper 
  4. Best teammate 
  5. Best midfielder
  6. Best defender
  7. Best striker
  8. Best save 
  9. Best goal 
  10. Best attitude
  11. Best throws 
  12. Best assist 
  13. Best skill 
  14. Best ball control
  15. Best free kick
  16. Best pass
  17. Best dribble  
  18. Best attendance 
  19. Best dribbler 
  20. Best tackle 
  21. Best practicer
  22. Best teamwork
  23. Best fair play
  24. Best effort
  25. Best leader
  26. Best communicator
  27. Best defense against goal kick
  28. Best defense against a corner kick
  29. Most improved player
  30. Most improved midfielder
  31. Most improved defender
  32. Most improved striker
  33. Most improved goalkeeper
  34. Most improved dribbler
  35. Most goals
  36. Most saves
  37. Most assists
  38. Most versatile
  39. Most fair play
  40. Most memorable moment
  41. Most consistent
  42. Most dependable
  43. Most responsible
  44. Most fun player
  45. Role model award
  46. Hustle award 
  47. Game attendance award
  48. Team manager award
  49. Couldn’t have done it without this person’s award
soccer players hugging having fun

We bet you already have at least one player in mind for each of these awards. You only have to ensure they’re going to like the name you give to them and take pride in it.

There are tons of different categories that you can honor players within, all of which will make your players proud of themselves and the team they play for.

If none of the options above suit a player on your team, you can make some up! Think deeper about their unique personalities, what they add to the team in general, and what makes them stand out among their teammates.

Every team has its own unique personalities and characters, and everyone contributes in their own unique way.

Be sure to give your players/team members a trophy or medal for their efforts. It’s something they will cherish forever. Here are some quality ones;

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