Soccer Players Who Wear Adidas Mundial (Are They Good?)

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Many superb professional soccer players have won them throughout the years. The Adidas Copa Mundial is a soccer cleat manufactured by the multinational corporation Adidas. They first came on the market in 1979. In 1982, the Adidas soccer cleats were designed for the FIFA World Cup held in Spain.

The Adidas Copa Mundial is flexible, has a folding tongue, and uses 100% Kangaroo leather. Coupled with its powerful branding of the three-band pattern, it did not take long to penetrate and stir the market. 

Progressively, it evolved into a better model, and since 2001, it has become the world’s best-selling soccer cleat. In addition, it became the official boot for football referees in professional leagues.

This article will tell you what makes the Adidas Mundial stand out for over four decades. We shall discuss its features and the best positions the cleat is suited for. In addition, we shall teach you how to wash, dry, and take care of your Adidas Mundial cleat so that it can last you longer.


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Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Cleats
Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Cleats

Why Are Adidas Mundial Good?

The Adidas Mundial has existed for more than 42 years and is still one of the best soccer cleats in the market. We shall analyze why they are treasured gems and why they have lasted the test of time.

Two of the best manufacturers of soccer cleats are Adidas and Nike – they make high-quality products and are difficult to separate. Let’s take a close look at one of the classic cleats, Adidas Mundial.


These are the advantages of having an Adidas Mundial cleat.


The Adidas Mundial shoe is one of few cleats designed to fit everybody. Once you break your fit in them, they mold into your feet’s shape and fit your feet comfortably. The leather used in the cleat is super soft right out of the box and gets softer as you play more with the shoe.

Also, the central lacing system and leather tongue enable a player to tighten the boots to the desired tightness, eliminating the risk of discomfort.


The Adidas Mundial’s traction is excellent and rarely does it disappoint. The soleplate and stud pattern used on the Adidas Mundial is phenomenal. It features a 12 stud design, which offers a nice blend and plenty of space to maneuver the foot.

It has four studs on the outside, three on the inside, the heel featuring four standard studs, and another support stud in the middle. The studs are moderately long, making the soccer cleat ideal when playing on firm grounds.

The studs are also the same size and length apart from the heel studs, which are slightly larger. The uniformity of the studs makes the shoe very stable and offers a smooth ride when running.


The Adidas Mundial offers the greatest and softest kangaroo leather feel. The soft leather provides a great touch because the entire upper, midfoot, heel, and tongue is high-quality leather.

The upper provides great touch on the ball.


The Adidas Copa Mundial has outdone itself in terms of quality. It is one boot that can last till one retires when used moderately. Moreover, they are manufactured in Germany, where quality is essential and has high standards.

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Despite its good qualities, it falls short in the following.

Heavy when wet

It’s good to note that the Adidas soccer cleat maintains its original build and only adds minimal changes. The latest version has not much evolution since its introduction in 1972.

This makes them thick, heavy, and lumber-some under the foot, hence not designed for explosive movements.

The Adidas Mundial cleat sizing is too large.

They can be expensive

They are one of the most expensive cleats on the market because of the high cost of imported leather.

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What Positions Are Adidas Mundial Suitable For?

Every player can comfortably play with the Mundial, but the shoe works differently for different positions.


The Adidas Mundial has a protective feel because the boots feel sturdy and well built. However, it retains good lockdown and fit. Additionally, it has foam pods in a strategic area that add the protection feel, which allows a player to hit massive clearances.


The Adidas Copa Mundial is a fantastic option for midfield positions. For central midfielders, nothing beats the control they get from these cleats.

The use of rounded studs offers excellent traction on the field.


Adidas Mundial boots also work well for attackers. Their traction allows the attacker to run in any direction, turn and strike efficiently. In addition, the boots have a clear, striking surface and are very stable, allowing for dribbling and accelerating past the defenders.

Soccer Players, Who Wear Adidas Mundial? 

Some of the most legendary players in the world have worn the Adidas Copa Mundial.

Franz Beckenbauer

Franz Aton Beckenbauer is a former German professional soccer player and manager. Earlier in playing history, he was nicknamed Der Kaiser (The Emperor) because of the elegant style, dominance, and leadership he displayed on the field.

He has won the Ballon D’Or two times, and won the UEFA Cup winners in 1967, and three consecutive European leagues from 1974-1976.

Franz Beckenbauer lifting up La Copa Del Mundo
Franz Beckenbauer lifting up La Copa Del Mundo

Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala is an Argentine professional soccer player. He plays for Serie A club, Juventus, and the Argentina national team. Dybala’s nickname is ‘the jewel’ because of his magnificent style of play. Currently, he wears the Adidas Mundial soccer cleat.

In 2019 he debuted the Copa 19+. He is a dynamic attacker that made his way to the top of the Adidas table, where he was the lead face of the COPA 19 collection.

He launched the shoe in between two high-profile Championship League games. This boot featured a lace-less leather upper and an anatomical design.

Types of Adidas Copa Mundial 

Adidas has stayed close to its original version for more than 36 years. It features the iconic black/white design with premium leather and a fold-over tongue.

It retained the core Copa DNA even after years of evolution. As a result, it remains the most popular and bestselling cleat in soccer cleats history.

We shall look briefly at how the Adidas Copa Mundial soccer cleat has evolved from 1979 to date.

What Types of Adidas Copa Mundial Are There? 

Since the introduction of the cleats in 1979, they have kept evolving to keep up with the times while retaining their original impress.

1979-Copa Mundial

Adidas released the Adidas Copa Mundial in 1979. The Cleats had been made before the 1982 World Cup that was to take place in Spain.

The Adidas Copa Mundial was also introduced as the SG version and TF and IC edition.

The 2007 Copa Mundial 25th Anniversary

The Adidas 2007 Copa Mundial, having been in the market for 25 years, this shoe was made in commemoration. A new kit was launched, including a new blue logo on the tongue, a shoe conditioner, a towel, and a key chain. Adidas made it in Germany like the original Mundial soccer cleat.

The boot is slightly varied from the original version. The side had gold rather than silver letters and had tweaks on the tongue and heel collar, which resembled the 1982 original.

2013 – Copa Mundial White Edition

On 30th September 2013, Adidas released for the first time in its history a non-black Adidas Copa Mundial. The soccer cleat had a white upper with black stripes.

The white and black Adidas Copa cleats became popular among soccer fans, prompting future updates on the soccer cleat.

2014-Copa Mundial Samba Pack

Adidas launched the Samba Pack soccer cleat in Brazil’s 2014 FIFA World Cup. Adidas brought the vibrant soccer cleats to celebrate the World Cup.

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The Samba pack of five colors matched the four major Adidas silos with F50 represented twice because of its two Samba colorways. The multi-color version set included green, blue, red, and orange.

The fans did not embrace this soccer cleat because it was completely redesigned.

Copa SL

The Adidas Copa SL kept an element of the original soccer cleat. It featured a synthetic upper.

2016-Copa 17.1

At the end of 2016, Adidas released the new Copa 17.1.

It featured innovations, which included a compression fit tongue. It also had a modern Sprint Frame outsole and kangaroo leather for maximum comfort and silky touch.

2017- Copa 18.1

This version had only a slight adjustment compared to the previous generation.

2018 Adidas Copa Mundial Referee World Cup

In the 2018 World Cup, Adidas supplied referees with a special and unique Copa Mundial version. This gesture was meant to celebrate the silo’s 10th World Cup appearance.

adidas soccer cleats for arch pain

2018- Adidas Copa 19.1

The Adidas Copa 19.1 was Adidas’ first lace-less soccer cleat and featured an anatomical design.

Juventus Fc player Paulo Dybala debuted them.

2021 Copa Sense

After Copa 19.1, Adidas further innovated the soccer cleat to deliver a better experience for your feet. In addition, the 2021 Copa sense was built for a better anatomical fit that used strategically placed sense pods.

These foam elements helped lock in and cushion the feet and ankles. It also had updated upper features blended leather and prime knit for improved touch. This feature also offered protection against wet conditions.

The outsole also features softer studs on the forefront that help a player control.

What Are the Best Adidas Copa Mundial?

I would go for the 2017 18.1 version. Adidas upgraded it to modern leather, and additionally, the tongue fits like a one-piece upper. It also blends the leather forefoot with the compression area around the ankle.

The new leather also featured a new internal cage underneath the leather toe-box area that offered more structure and support.

This slight adjustment made the Adidas 18.1 one of the best-performing leather cleats in the modern market.

Good Features of Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Cleats 

The Adidas Copa Mundial soccer cleat uses high-quality K-leather, giving the cleat a supple touch on the ball yet remaining comfortable on the feet.

Its cushioned skin allows the soccer cleat to remain lightweight and durable. These foam elements helped lock in and cushion the feet and ankles.

It also had updated upper features blended leather and prime knit for improved touch. This feature also offered protection against wet conditions.

Do Adidas Copa Mundial Cleats Cushion?

Yes. Adidas Mundial cleats have cushioned cleats with metallic detailing.

They feature a durable mesh and a lightweight cushioning midsole, ensuring comfort throughout the game.

Are Adidas Copa Mundial Leather? 

YesThe Adidas Mundial is crafted of leather in the forefront and upper, which oozes class. In addition, the forefront and upper are made up of Premium Kangaroo Leather, giving the cleat a comfortable and silky touch with the ball.

Are Adidas Copa Mundials Waterproof? 

NoToo much water will make the soccer cleat wet due to the leather’s permeable nature. The water makes the leather stiff and rigid and may start to crack. Additionally, if the upper part made of leather does not dry quickly, it may rot.

How Much Do Adidas Copa Mundial Weigh?

These soccer cleats weigh around 320 grams. As a result, these soccer cleats are notably heavier than other soccer cleats on the market today.

Where Are Adidas Copa Mundial Made? 

The Adidas Mundial was made in Scheinfeld, near Frankfurt in Germany.

How Adidas Mundial Fit

Fit is one of the essential aspects of a boot. The Adidas Copa Mundial hugs your feet and feels like an extension of the body. A good snug fit is vital to ensure great contact with the ball without air between the toes and the cleat.

If the Adidas soccer cleats are too tight or loose, they may cause injury to a player’s feet. Therefore, it’s paramount to get the correct feet.

We shall briefly analyze how Adidas Copa Mundial fits and which size you should go for, stick around and find out.

How Do Adidas Copa Mundial Fit? 

On average, they have a normal fit. Notably, the Adidas Copa Mundial fit longer than regular soccer cleats.

How Do You Wear Adidas Copa Mundial?

  • Loosen the laces.
  • Use both hands to stretch the back of the shoe all the way and the upper collar extension so that the foot can slide in with ease. Don’t jam your foot on the soccer cleat.
  • Once they are inside, adjust the collar and tie the laces well.

Are Adidas Copa Mundial Comfortable? 

The Adidas Copa Mundial is very comfortable. It has very soft leather that provides a comfy feel.

Are Adidas Copa Mundials True to Size? 

YesHowever, players with a narrow fit should get half or one size down.

Do Adidas Copa Mundial Stretch?

Yes. The shoe will stretch and run big after a couple of games. Adidas Mundial uses Kangaroo leather that stretches to mold your feet and give them a comfortable fit.

What Size Adidas Copa Mundial Should I Get?

If you want a snug fit go for half a size down or one size smaller down your normal fit. Since the Copa Mundial cleats use Kangaroo leather, they stretch around the feet.

How to Break in Adidas Copa Mundial?

Getting a new pair of soccer cleats is usually exciting and great. Most players want to wear them and go straight to the field with them. First, however, you will need to break in the Adidas Copa Mundial so that they can get comfortable enough to wear.

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It may take a few days to break in, but the risk of getting rashes and blisters reduces significantly when done.

We shall look at basic procedures to break in the soccer cleats effectively and efficiently.

  • Get the right size of the Adidas Mundial soccer cleats.

The wrong size of the soccer cleat will have difficulties breaking, and they usually end up so uncomfortable when playing in them.

  • Wear a pair of soccer socks

Wear soccer socks or grip socks with sticky bottoms when breaking in. They are usually thicker and keep feet protected from discomfort and chaffing. Do not use regular socks as you might experience tightness when wearing soccer socks.

  • In case you have old insoles, use them.

The insoles give the Adidas Copa Mundial cleat an impression of the foot, allowing the cleat to mold itself to the foot’s shape. Using an insole that already fits your foot cuts down the break-in process-

  • Apply gently small amounts of petroleum jelly to reduce friction

New soccer cleats may feel tight and rigid on the feet. The materials rub against the feet, causing painful blisters.

Applying jelly creates a barrier and offers a protective layer against friction and dry rubbing. It also softens the Adidas Mundial leather.

If you are prone to blisters, you can alternatively use moleskin patches on the toes and heels of the soccer cleats. They significantly reduce the surface area on which friction occurs.

  • Loosen the laces

When you wear the Adidas soccer cleat, keep the lacing loosely tied.

Wear the Adidas Copa Mundial for three consecutive days, helping your feet gradually adapt to the soccer cleat and ensuring they are comfortable and flexible enough.

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Nike and Adidas Cleats Inter Milan vs CSKA Zanetti Left
Nike and Adidas Cleats Inter Milan vs CSKA Zanetti Left

How to Clean Adidas Copa Mundial?

Knowing how to clean the Adidas Mundial soccer cleats helps keep the cleats in good shape. However, the best way to extend their durability and life span is to clean them immediately after a game.

The dirt and grime on the upper, the studs, soleplates, and bottom sole frame hold can damage the cleat’s performance.

The following is the proper cleaning procedure.

Can You Wash Adidas Copa Mundial?

Yes. You can wash the Adidas Copa Mundial following these steps.

Step 1

Immediately after the game ends, start the cleaning process. Bang, the Adidas Copa Mundial, cleats against each other sole on the sole to help dislodge dirt, grass, and mud.

With a soft brush, remove the remaining dirt in between the studs.

Step 2

 Dampen a soft cloth in warm water. Next, wipe down the leather upper of the Adidas Mundial cleats. Soap is not ideal when cleaning the leather upper as it dries out the leather.

Step 3

Put warm water in a small bucket, add a small amount of soap, dip a soft-bristled brush into the cleaning solution.

Rub the soapy water into the cleat of the shoe.

Step 4

Air dry at room temperature. You can stuff the cleats with old newspapers or paper towels. They help in retaining the shape of the cleats and absorbing excess moisture.

Step 5

You should remove insoles and laces and wash them separately through a hand wash or washing machine.

Using a washing machine, use a small amount of soap and place them within a pillowcase to get the best results.

Step 6

Dip a clean, soft cloth into transparent leather Adidas neutral leather balsam. In case of any excess balsam, use a dry cloth to wipe.

The leather balsam nourishes Adidas Mundial soccer and gives it a lasting shine and protection.

Can You Put Adidas Copa Mundial in the Washing Machine?

No. Do not put your boots into a washing machine. First, check the manufacturer’s instructions about cleaning the shoe. It weakens the shoe and will void the warranty.

How Do You Dry Adidas Copa Mundial?

  • Remove the insoles and hang them separately.
  • Stuff them with old newspaper gently inside, which helps absorb excess moisture and maintain the shoe’s shape.
  • Dry them in a shaded area with natural light. Direct sunlight may dry the kangaroo leather on the upper outside, which leads to cracking that eventually shortens the cleat’s life span.
  • Once fully dry, add a gentle amount of leather restorer to extend their shelf life and maintain the shiny look.

Can You Put Adidas Copa Mundial in the Dryer?

No. Do not put your Adidas Copa Mundial in a dryer. While in a hurry, it can be tempting to put your boots in the dryer.

Drying them using a dryer weakens the structure of the boot, shortening their life cycle. Also, the leather dries up and may form cracks.

If you’re still not sure if Adidas Mundials are right for you, check out our Nike Mercurial and Nike Tiempo articles.

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